10 strongest Hollows in Bleach by power

Hollowa are an important group in Bleach Tite Kubo and played an important role in the first half of history.After the fall of Aizen, their role decreased, but they are still an important element of tradition.Now Hollowa were initially introduced as mindless Monsters and enemies of Shinigami, but in the stories we saw many different Holls, some of them were mindless beasts, while others were more intelligent and therefore more dangerous.And although we know that Vasto Lordes, or Arrancars, can become more powerful Hollowa, in this article we decided to introduce you to a list of the 10 strongest Holls that appeared in the canonical and non -canonical stories of Bleach.They are of course arranged according to their power.

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10. Shrieker

Shrieker was the fourth Hollow, with whom Ichigo Kurosaki faced since he became a substitute Shinigami, and one of the few whose story was revealed.Regardless of the nature of the void, Shrieker was a really bad creature, originating from the soul of a serial killer and, interestingly, still maintaining memories of him from those times, something rare.

As for a simple Hollow, Shrieker was endowed with surprisingly high intelligence.Although he was forced to kill and devour as much as possible souls of both living and the dead, his murderous instincts did not prevent him from using tactics of features and fraud in battle.

He was extremely manipulative and insidious, which shows that he gives little Yūichi Shibata a false hope, telling him that he would resurrect his mother, if he does what he tells him.Compared to most of Ichigo’s normal Hollows in the whole series, Shrieker turned out to be more reasonable and not so original.In fact, instead of blindly attacking his goal, he prefers to do it from a distance and avoid injuries.

9. Metastacia

Metastacia is Hollow created a few years ago by Sōsuke Aizen, when he was still the captain of the fifth branch of Gotei 13. Metastacia was nothing but one of many unsuccessful experiments of Aizen, who was looking for a method to exceed the barrier separating the power of Hollow from Shinigami, but they were still dangerous, but they were still dangerous, butto cause the death of several shinigami from the 13th unit, including lieutenant Kaiene Shiba.

Being a Hollow created by Aizen, he has unique special powers that make him an opponent that should be reckoned with, and the level is certainly higher than the average Hollows that were seen throughout the series.Metastacia is able to possess who he wants, transferring the tentacles of his spiritual body to the body of the target, leaving empty delay.

The only character who clearly suffered from this power in the manga was Kaien Shiba, whose skin took on the same greenish shade as Metastacia’s arms, and on his face he had the same orange markings present on the Hollow mask.According to Metastacia himself, this is irreversible because it is responsible for the combination of two different spiritual entities into one being.

After a short time, Hollow will be able to devour the person he possessed and returns to his previous appearance.If the Shinigami touches Macek on the back of Metastacia, his Zanpakutō will be immediately destroyed.This effect is limited to one night and is probably the only reason why Metastacia was able to easily tame the lieutenant Shinigami.

Aizen created Metastacia in such a way that after his death he could be regenerated in Huco Mundo, where he could be conveniently analyzed by his forces.Thanks to this ability to Metastacia, he remained alive for a while, although he was finally devoured by Aaroniero Arruruerie.

8. Grand Fisher

Grand Fisher was Hollow, who avoided Shinigami for 54 years and was responsible for the death of Ichigo’s mother, Kurosaki Masaki, although only because Yhwach weakened her significantly.He is Ichigo’s strongest Hollow before conquering Zengtsu and not counting Menos Grande.

His nickname comes from the way of hunting for people, he can first put his body in the antenna he has, and the same can receive a human body, with which he can hunt people, although his favorite food is women.

The great Fisher has a moderate spiritual strength, sufficient to stop the attack from Zanpakutō Ichigo with one hand, and is also able to hurt Ichigo with relative ease.Grand Fisher was also seen as a high speed of travel, which he demonstrated during his fight with Ichigo, where he was able to avoid Ichigo attacks many times.

7. White

White was an empty black color, which was the result of the Aizen experiment and was made of Shinigami soul.This Hollow appeared on the outskirts of the city of Karakura in rainy nights to attack Shinigami who patrolled this area.White showed that he has great spiritual power, to such an extent that Masaki and Ryuken managed to see its power, even though they were far from the place where he was.

Despite being a Hollow, Isshin notes that he felt like he was fighting other Shinigami.His Cero is generated between his two horns;He uses him to shoot him from close range against Shinigami, his power is that after he hits Shinigami, Ryuken and Masaks will be able to see the attack.

White demonstrated proficiency in the use of Sonido during the fight with Isshin.At some point in their fight he manages to escape from Isshin to throw himself at the upcoming Shinigami.It has been shown that he is an experienced swordsman because his forearms are like swords;He coped with them with incredible agility, because he easily blocked Isshin’s attacks, and even forced Isshin to retreat and remain defensive because of constant and powerful attacks.

Despite losing his hand after Isshin’s attack, Isshin comments that he is still just as good, even without a hand.If White is seriously injured, the matter in his hole Hollow expands, followed by a powerful explosion that can seriously hurt the captain.According to Kaname Tōsen, using this mechanism indicates that the void is over.

6. Runugang

Runugang is a huge Hollow, made entirely of sand and turned by Sōsuke Aizen into the Huco Mundo desert guard, which surrounds his palace and fortress Las Noches.In the manga, this is the last obstacle between the Ichigo Kurosaki group and the place where her friend, Orihime Inoue, is detained in captivity, although in the anime his defeat leads to the fall of the group to the Menos forest, where they experience new and fight new enemies.

Runuggang works under the orders of AIZEN and is responsible for protecting Las Noches against intruders, by controlling and the ability to move at high speed through the desert surrounding this huge structure.Being entirely made of sand, it is resistant to physical attacks and kidō, because it can regenerate as many times as he wants, from every hit he receives, not even receiving injuries.

In addition, he uses the sand surrounding it to attack, creating a tornado, huge holes in moving sands or simply throwing huge amounts with the strength of his fists.This fact makes Runugang a virtually unstoppable and indestructible opponent in a desert place, such as Huco Mundo, because his only weakness is water and ISE, in any of the possible forms (something that soon demonstrated Rukia Kuchiki, which together withIce from her Shikai, he was able to beat him without major problems).In the anime, it is also said that Runugang has several different bodies and killing one of them is not the same as killing him completely.

5. Battricaaa

Battikaroa is a huge blocks made of sand, similar to Runugang.Appears only in anime.He fought with Renjim Abaram and Yasutora Sado when they defeated Hordy Hollows at the fifth Las Noches tower.At the beginning of the Battle of Renji, he tries to attack the central part of Battikaroa, but it does not work because his sword is almost swallowed by Hollow.Sado helps Renji pull the sword, which got stuck in the body of Battrica.

Finally, he tries to use La Muerte to Hollów, which causes a crack under the hood, but Hollow hits Sado before the crack reaches the mask.Over time, Sado and Renji are aware that Battikaroa’s weakness is his head and after many unsuccessful attempts to break the mask with the technique of Renja’s death manage to use the hikotu Taiho impact, which ends with his overcoming.

4. Bawabawa

Bawabawa is gigantic, reminiscent of a Hollow worm.He is considered the animal of the group created by Arrancar Nell Tu, Pesche Guatiche and Dondochakka Birstanne, who soon join Ichigo Kurosaki and his comrades in their journey to the Palace of Las Noches.Unlike other Hollows that appeared in the whole series, Bawabawa is not an aggressive creature or thirsty for souls.

In fact, he is simply a social being as his three companions during his eternal games in Huco Mundo.In addition, he will cry and whine if he feels ignored by his friends.He really loves Nell, Pesche and Dondochakka, and if none of them remembers him while introducing a group in the style of Sentai, Bawabawa will not stop moaning until he receives a well -deserved consolation and tender patches and hugs from him.

Just like “Three brothers of the desert” (one of the names that Nell, Pesche and Dondochakka usually define themselves), Bawabawa is initially scared and somewhat intimidated, although as soon as he gains confidence, he becomes a travel companion not only friendly, but even sensitive.Like the Three Arrancars, he is afraid of Shinigami, but fearlessness fulfills the orders entrusted to him and does not show any inconvenience in the transfer of several of these beings on each other.

3. Holeer

Holeer was a big being who seems to be in a collusion with Sōsuke Aizene.His true nature remains unknown, but it seems to be related to Gillian Hollows, which suggests that he is actually a Hollow.Holeer’s breaths are powerful enough to quench the prison fire caused by the special ability of Zanpakutō Genryūsai Shigekuni-Yamamoto, Jōkaku Enjō.Kaname Tōsen mentions that he “smells like death.”

It was shown that he is able to throw many Gillian Holls from his mouth.Initially, it appears as a mass of black liquid until the Gillians separate in their individual forms to fight on the battlefield.Summoning Kūmon is a skill attributed to all menos.He used this skill when the treacherous Shinigami was preparing to leave Soul Society.

2. Ayon

Ayon is a creature created using the Quimer Parca technique, performed by Apacti, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun, at the expense of every dedication of his left arms.Although the most widespread version of the name of this being is “Allon”, there are many other variants, such as “Aion”, “Aeon” or “Aon”.

Ayon’s abilities brought him a reputation of an extremely strong monster.He has a titanic appearance, and his destructive personality and unrestrained rage make Ayon an uncontrolled beast, which even its owners cannot control, so that he was obedient or to avoid unnecessary damage.Due to his appearance in the battle for the city of Karakura, we can confirm that Ayon is one of the most destructive enemies that Shinigami from Soul Society were dealing with, because he was the only one who was able to defeat four lieutenants without any effort, requiring Yamamoto interventionto finish it.

Although its level is not comparable to ten espads, the truth is that Ayon seems to be much stronger than a member of Arrancars from Fracciones, including his own creators.This physical force is such that he could tear the body, break bones or break the chains without visible effort.

To this should be added the extraordinary speed with which Matsumoto surprised (although we do not know if it is a Sonedo form or not).Ayon has the ability to enlarge each part of his body, to the extent that it becomes a beast of buildings and overwhelming strength.It also has such flexibility that he can twist the neck without any restrictions and contorts at impossible angles.

1. Icomicidomoe

Icomicidomoe was a name donated by Ichibe Hyōsube to the powerful and ancient Adjucha, which was sealed in Zanpakutō by ōetsu Nimaiya.In a similar way, although not identical to the skills of Espada Arruruerie, Icomicidomoe has the potential to evolve power by consuming the power of other beings, because icomicidomoe is able to accumulate the whole reessu of everyone who deviates.

This skill allowed icomicidomoe to compete with Bargggan in the past, despite the fact that Icomicidomoe was Adjuchas and Bargggan Vasto Lorde.It was thanks to this evolution ability by assimilation of Reiatsu Icomikidomoe could be released from the curse of Ichimonji, because Icomikidomoe would be able to assimilate some fragments of the king of ghosts that were in Hikone’s body.

Due to the large number of souls that Icomicidomoe consumed and assimilated during his life, Icomicidomoe cannot be cleaned by Zanpakutō, just like other Holle, even after Kenpachi Zaraki’s defeat, Icomikidomoe was still alive, it should be that at the beginning he orderedŌetsu sea icomicidomoe in Zanpakutō.

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