11 strangely addictive anime series that makes you want more

Perhaps this is just a phenomenon that only happens to a few.Sometimes, however, you watch an anime series based on curiosity, you get into it and wonder why people really like this series.However, with constantly watching something strange happens – it turns out that you really like it.How, you can’t enjoy it.Suddenly you have six seasons and you are retreating to the internet to demand when the next season of the series will come.Now you are addicted to some kind of subliminal tricks, such as you have just lost several hundred hours playing Candy Crush or something.

If you have this kind of need to become addicted to something, well … First, get help and stay away from selected substances.Secondly, try these addictive anime recommendations!

The bizarre adventure of Jojo

In Phantom Blood it is difficult to understand why there are so many die -hard fans of Jojo.In Battle Tendency it becomes a bit brighter, and each yo -arch becomes more pleasant than the next one.Even without thinking about it, you are completely invested in the wild pedigree of the Joestar family and every bizarre adventure that will come further.

What really brings to mind the addictive nature of yo -yo are characters.They can be trashy, and sometimes on music, but they are one of the most creative works in anime.What’s more, while the program is based on the formula simply going to the next battle, sometimes the next battle is not a battle at all, sometimes it is a tense card game or video game.Standing powers mean that many situations are possible, not all of them are overwhelming, dragging fist fights.

They stoves

Let’s be real, from all the great series of anime Shounen, they stoves are the most difficult to get.Not only because it has an intimidating number of episodes, but because a few initial arches are one of the weakest in the series.On this basis, it is difficult to sell over 900 episodes.

However, just like yo -yo, when the charm of One Piece grows in you, 900 episodes seem too little.The battles are becoming bigger, and the seemingly infinite world is still explored and transformed into something that is closer to the real adventure in the anime.

Death Note

Not every addictive anime must be based on shounen battles.What makes Death Note dependent is his tendency to the plot and twists and turns.You like to watch the main character uses his intellect to outsmart people who are actually good people because he is eventually broken by his own power.His plot are becoming more and more complicated every time, and when they are successful, it is a rush for you, the audience.

It really becomes a matter of the need to see what will happen next.What’s more, Death Note copes well with injecting stupid and very remembering moments and treating them with absolute seriousness, like intense eating potato chips or joyful shouting “remove” when you kill people.

Hunter X Hunter

All Shounen series have something that makes them addicted.(You will see a lot on this list.) You must be addicted if you want to run as long as they do.Hunter X Hunter is not about sprinting to the next Ninja mission or dealing with another problem with the Soul Reaper.Instead, it is more similar to One Piece, because the mission of the series is often simply a search for adventures and binding to local problems.

While Hunter X Hunter feels quite young at the beginning, even for Shounen anime., his arch Hunter Trials shows his cleverness enough to watch you.Then you find arches such as Chimera Ant, where he suddenly becomes the most brutal Shounen of them.

This is what is addicted to Hunter X Hunter.Ultimately, it is an adventure that you do not expect what will happen next, but you will completely invest in seeing it with your own eyes.

Titana attack

I am of the opinion that Attack on Titan interested the audience early, giving the impression that he killed the main character in the first few episodes.Although it was a lie, it still gave the impression that the characters were always in danger.

This sense of danger was certainly a hook, but which ultimately makes Attack on Titan dependent – so addictive that the new Seasons Crash Crunchyroll – is the feeling that I don’t know what will happen next and you have to see it.The attack on Titan turns well.If you are already a fan, think about how the program began and where it ended.It is definitely in a completely different place.


If you like anime too numerous and mature stories, you probably won’t fall in love with too many addictive anime series.However, if you like a large, bright action that can only be described as “anime AF”, Symphogears have been designed to interest you in the way Gach’s game is designed to make you spend money.

It has a campy “music can save the universe”, which clearly attracted many to Macross, an endless paradeabsurdity.In every respect, it is an ideal recipe for attracting a large mass of anime fans and hooking them hard.

Code geass

In the old days, Code Geass was called “Death Note with Mechs” and it was never really not true.For the same reason that Death Note is addictive, Code Geass is the same.It is a chess game in which the main character manipulates his pawns to get the perfect result, which is even easier thanks to the strength of the eye, which forces absolute obedience.

As the series develops, the diagrams become more and more complex, because it passes from being a school boy and a terrorist to basically govern the kingdom.Climbing is disordered and brilliant, and the series from time to time takes turns that you did not expect to come.

From the New World

There are many wonderful mysterious anime series, and all of them have addictive sense, because they invite you to answer the questions they ask.From the New World is a series that loads a lot of questions about the world shown after people begin to develop telekinetic abilities, and then quickly move this world to a thousand years to the future, where civilization is much different.

While the addictive thing at the beginning is discovering the world.Finally, you keep watching because the series begins to answer all the questions that the world posed to you.The biggest thing that anime can do to lure addiction is to make you need to know what will happen next, and this is very important from the new world.

Wars for food

Creating an exciting, addictive Shounen anime requires talent, not a fight.Food wars still often concerns competition, but they don’t fight.They cook.

In the case of as many competitive culinary programs as it is, it makes sense that the anime about cooking in the competition also depends.You will see great food, you will feel the same exciting sense of competition and see how people jump out of clothes spontaneously.

Although there is a lack of joy of eating delicious food yourself, one of the most cute things about food wars, unlike similar exciting Shounen culinary series, such as Toriko, consist in the fact that the recipes are really very real and very repetitive.


There is no shortage of anime about the war.However, there is a pathetic lack of war anime in which battles are more than just a place where the hero can do something heroic.86 is the exploration of human cruelty, discrimination and heritage through the prism of war with self -linked machines and fought by minorities forced to military service and intended for genocide on the battlefield.

Perhaps the fight for survival is not necessarily addictive for some, but 86 is also one of those programs in which you still observe another strong blow to your stomach.While the anime “nobody is safe” always has characters that are really safe, 86 sometimes suspends this sense well, pulling you to see what will happen next.


Like Food Wars, Dr. Stone built a series of Shounen actions around the campaign, which does not always have the form of real battles.Instead, the excitement of dr.Stone comes from a sense of advancement.You can feel the same excitement and discovery as the characters, because they basically pass quickly through human scientific history.

Again, like food wars, the series teaches you things about science, but it does so in the way you can be excited about it.Learning is often not funny, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Do you have more anime series that have a strange, addictive nature for you?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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