15 best freaks of villains at My Hero Acadekaren

If you love series about superheroes and anime – you are probably a fan of My Hero Acadekaren.

In addition to flashy fights and noisy music, the series has such an interesting staffing of the character that you never know what will happen next.Especially when it comes to villains.

And for this list we will look at all the villains in the series, and then arise among them the most powerful quirks.


The strangeness of Sormitsu is quite situational.

He immediately fights most of the defensive quirks.We saw his teeth pierce the body and bones like butter – so repelling him is rather difficult.

Even in the case of someone like Kirishima or Fatgum, I can’t say, able to ignore his attacks.And even something like Todoroki ice can simply be absorbed before it causes any serious damage.

And if we turn off the PG grade for a second, we can agree on one thing – if Sormitsu bite you on the shoulder off, you probably bleed or run immediately.

However, because he is really weak against anyone who sticks to their distance (like Bakugo), I can’t put it too high.

14. Kendo Rappa – Strongarm

Rappa has a similar win as Sormitsu – approach and shoot the enemy with one shot.

We have already seen how many injuries he can deal.And if you do not have mobility or a way to slow it down – most of the characters will fall dead after one fire.

In addition, although far from indestructible, it has much greater perseverance than Sormitsu.I mean, the guy is built like a tank for a reason.

However, he is not particularly fast on his legs, so a cautious distance warrior could probably simply fly with it until he fell.

13. Danjuro Tobita – flexibility

A gentle criminal is interesting old.

His gift does not seem so powerful at first glance, but he can create absolute numbers if he is properly used.

First of all, the absolute confusion that you can cause is quite huge.From the transformation of the battlefield into an inflatable castle by changing the area to the use of air as a shield – in the face of this guest you must be clever.

And if Gentle really wanted to kill the heroes, I am almost sure that he can do it.

Just get a weapon and/or a few grenades, and then use your gift so that their journey is unpredictable, Gentle could beat most of the lower rank of heroes.

And the air elasticity just before someone’s face will certainly die if he uses any type of bullet.

In general, both the use of this gift and the fight with it requires intelligence.So he can simply check the statistics of IQ a large number of characters in the series.

12. Sllam villain – a weirdness of sludge body

Okay, it may seem a bit stupid, but hear me.

Although it was one of the first villains we saw in the series, and he doesn’t even have a name – I think he is in higher levels of power.

This is mainly due to the fact that a guy would be a killer of class S.

He could just get into a bottle of a green drink (and we know that it can fit), and then immediately kill anyone who goes to a drink.The program told him to pour the sediment into the Deku and Bakugo for five minutes, not doing any damage, but I think it was simply a performance as PG.

Not only could he drown you quite quickly, but he could simply force his sludge to your lungs/head and would kill you immediately.

And if you do not have enough pure power to blow it completely, it can simply break to your mouth/nose and take you.

That’s why he was just unlucky that he faced the most powerful guy in the area.

11. Goto imasuji – overclock

Muscular is just a wall through which you can’t go without a certain amount of power.

All his statistics are quite good, especially power and strength when he is crazy.In the end, he managed to produce the same (if not more) strength than 100% one for all Deku.

Not to mention that his muscle fibers can serve as defense, and even as tools to immobilize his enemy!

He is basically the opposite of a gentle criminal, because the brains have little to do with this fight.You can either break through his muscle armor/survive his blows or not.No intermediate.

And if we consider the manga (which is not), he would also be a few places higher on this list.

10. Moonfish-Blade-Toth

This guy has no interest as powerful as he does.

But he remains the fact that he can defeat most of the standard heroes.

First of all, his combat style is really difficult to control.He can attack you with dozens of teeth blades at once, and each of them can easily cut the body.

The teeth are also very fast and do not give much time for a strategy or retreat.In fact, if Todoroki were not there to create a cover, I think Moonfish would get Bakugo quite quickly.

And let’s not forget that it can do all this in the air – which means that you would have to pull out all his teeth before you had a chance to attack him.

The only serious disadvantage of this gift is that you rely on being undefeated.Because when someone smashes all your teeth – you are almost unsatisfied without intervention.

9. ATSUHIRO SAKO – Compression

Let’s be honest, a compress is a one -time skill.

And if the program had a R rating, you already know that MR Compress would be an absolute terror on the battlefield.

Let’s focus first on what we saw.

He can take off the whole limbs, just squeezing them.And you don’t have to be a genius to assume that the compression of someone’s head is both possible and fatal.

But if he really wanted to kill someone, he could use a regular formula – compressing it completely.From that moment, everything he had to do was drop the ball into the center of the ocean or into the volcano.

The only real downside is that he must touch his opponent to activate him.His quirks.And of all the quirks at one touch = one killing on this list, its feature is the least versatile.

8. GETEN – ice manipulation

Gethen is largely in its surroundings.If for some reason he fights you in the desert, he is basically useless.If he fights you in the city, he is extremely powerful.

And if he fights you on the open sea, he is probably one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Finally, we saw how it turns water into ice, and then controls it on a massive scale (the whole city).And at this point he even outweighs someone like Todoroki (which maximizes at a high level of the building).

Not to mention the fact that, unlike Todoroki, GETEN can act as ice for a long time.There is no direct contact with your skin.

He could easily be the main villain.

7. Kurogiri – Warp Gate

If you fight kurogiri and you don’t have any flying gift, you’ll probably lose.After all, he can simply teleport you 100 feet into the air, and gravity will do the rest.

But even if you can fly, Kurogiri can overcome many enemies if he is more creative (and sadistic) with his gift.

He could simply teleport you to prison with a high rigor and make you to either guards or prisoners to make a few attacks on you.And if this guy ever goes into space and discovers that he could teleport people there, basically the end of the heroes.

With all this, you can still completely avoid his fog and be right.Where you are – so I can’t call him the strongest villain in the area.

6. Rikiya Yotsubashi – stress

Let’s be real for the second-in 2022 Re-Destro will again destroy the whole world with the amount of stress it will be in.

Do you think that the lack of autonomy over your gift is bad?Try to go through the recession!

Jokes aside, a guy is one of the most powerful characters in the series in terms of pure strength.We know this because it can literally destroy the entire buildings with one movement of the hand.

And if it comes out 100% right away, there is no way you are prepared for the upcoming pain – because all his statistics are fired from the stratosphere.

The only way to really oppose him is to either hire him a therapist, or setting on the grass directly under his nose – and even then you can’t be sure you’ll win!

5. Kai Chisaki – renovation

At the most basic level, the modification is simply a one -time skill.So if chisaki can be within reach, then the body of almost any other character in the series.

However, it is the quirk that also provides a lot of versatility.

For example, you can affect the area and make the spikes out of the ground – effectively turning the enemy into a shashlik.

But more importantly, you can treat and/or create a giant meat meat, disintegrating people.

So if Chisaki really wanted to fully use his power (and replace the performance in Sejny), he can use huge groups of civilians as a weapon.

Not only could.He is still treated, but he can create an even greater mech from the body and simply overpower everyone he is dealing with.

4. Dabi – Blueflame

The only better than a short Range One-Shot is a uniform shot from a long distance.And if we take into account the scientifically hot blue flames, Dabi would shoot one shot at each hero in My Hero Acadekaren.

Not to mention that he would do it from a safe distance and overcoming a wide attack area.So, even if you saw the upcoming attack, you probably didn’t manage to get off the way on time.

And the beauty of the gift lies in its simplicity.You don’t need 300 IQ movements – just indicate the person you want to kill and then unleash hell.

Even when it comes to perseverance, we didn’t see that he ran out of energy so quickly.He would probably have more than one chance to kill you.

3. Jin Bubaigawara – double

Only recently this sleeping OP Quirk finally gained the recognition he deserved.

Even before strengthening it was a very strong skill.After all, you can simply clone the strongest guest and direct him towards the enemy (considering that Twice knows their dimensions).

But since the Parade of Sad Man appeared on the stage, he has just been caught.

We saw him throwing hundreds of clones in just a few seconds and although they are not so durable, most of the heroes can overwhelm.

And once again (not to be this guy), but clone a few weapons next to the clones, and you will receive a whole army that is not afraid of death.

In general, the guy deserves to be in the top three.I would even like to think that he is the most powerful if I am honest.

2. Tomura Shigraki – breakdown

At the beginning of the series, this guy was simply not so intimidating.Not only did he have to fully grab you to deal damage, but also was slow (as you can see when he caught the elbow of the elastic head).

He had less power than the modification, and at the same time he had no versatility.

But then he gained power and became worthy of the greatest villain.After all, everything he has to do now is to be nearby and touch the ground.

In addition, because he actually trained, he is able to avoid your attacks and keep pace with more mobile opponents.

And the best part is that this is not even its final form!

1. Everything for one – everything for one

If all for one really wanted to take over the world and treat this goal seriously, My Hero Acadekaren would be a very short performance.

In the end he could literally take all the other fourteen quirks on this list and connected them.

But no, for some reason he wanted to have a really strong hand.

Nevertheless, all for one as a quirk is simply the peak of power.

You can make your enemies powerless, use their abilities against them or contradict their many of your powers.

Nothing even approaches this kind of versatility and coverage.No wonder this is the main feature that drives the whole series!