15 iconic Overpowered MC from ISEKAI anime

Few species of anime scratch this fantasy power, as well as the ISEKAI show.

Finally, nine times out of ten, the protagonist passes from scratch to the hero in one episode and has a harem before the finale of the season.

So we are looking at the power scale to see which Mc Isekai is really the most hit.

15. Lugh Tuatha Dé


The best killer of the world is reborn in a different world as an aristocrat

We will start with Lugh – the best killer in the world.The reason why it will be at the bottom of the list is that his real power in the new world is not so exaggerated.

In fact, most of his presence in the series comes from a simple fact that he had a set of skills.

Yes, magic is at stake.But suddenly he doesn’t know how to call the rulers of demons or drop meteorites on the forces of the enemy.

Having said everything, it is still power.

And you know that this is happening.Be quite flexible anime when MC is calm, cool and controlled as Lugh.

14. Sora and Shiro


No game, lifeless

Sora and Shiro belong to the same category as the previous choice.They do not receive any new rights (or any rights at all, as far as that is the point), but rather rely on their previous experience.

It may not sound like a good example of “OP MC”, but look at this way – these two literally fought with God, and then were called to the world of the mentioned God.

So they immediately compete with the most powerful being in a given universe.

And he only takes a few months to obtain the title of King and Queen.Not to mention that if the series had ever the second season – they would probably become the most powerful rulers in the world.

In general, on paper they may not seem overwhelmed – but this is the equivalent of a pretender player who was thrown into the iron queue.

13. Sadao Maou


The devil works part -time!

Most of the time in the anime a person from the “real world” is transferred to the fantasy/RPG world.Sometimes, however, the opposite.

And I don’t think I have to explain that having unearthly powers is quite broken in the face of ordinary people.Especially if you are literally Satan.

So Sadao is one step ahead of all other people in the real world.He can hypnotize them, destroy entire buildings and make an infernal burger.

The only downside is that he cannot use his power freely.After all, there is a limited amount of energy in the real world, so Sadao must be clever and manage its resources.

Despite this, he is a literal God, so he still meets the criteria of OP.



Uncle from another world

On the other hand, Mr. Ojisan has no such restrictions.

In the real world he can use his powers, as he likes without real consequences.In most cases, this means freezing nothing that does not use waifus, flying around or changing the shape.

But we saw what he is fully capable of, from his many flashbacks to his previous life.

We know that with one blow he can overcome whole hordes of enemies and communicate with ghosts to throw destructive magic.

I doubt if we will ever see its full power (especially in the human world), but I am almost sure that he could take over the world if he really wanted.

On the other hand, his YouTube career is gaining momentum, and the puncture force is probably more powerful than some accidental demon sword.

11. Seiya Ryuuguuin


A careful hero: the hero is overwhelmed, but overly careful

Even when the title of the program clearly says that MC is overpowered – my work becomes much easier.

However, the huge power of Seiya does not come from any special ability.There is no prison card or HAX – but rather a huge grindet.

The guy is fully prepared to grind his ass until he exceeds everything nearby.And even if he is apparently the most powerful guy in the area – he will not show mercy to his enemies.

Be careful, not because it is ruthless, but rather with pure caution.And this mentality means that surprise attacks are practically impossible against Seiya.

In general, the guy never participates in the battle, unless he is sure he can win.And although he can basically win any fight, regardless of this, he will always play safely and stay at the top.

10. Azus


I have been killing for 300 years and I have reached the maximum level

This is a well -known principle that the larger the witch’s hat, the more power you have.And if the title somehow did not reveal it anymore, Azus has all the power.

In fact, Azus quickly reaches the power point in which he doesn’t really have to take anything seriously.He can calmly talk during the battle and go to the top without real problems.

Literally the only way you can hurt her is to make it productive in some way.

That’s right, giant explosions are not as effective as doing homework in a clash with Asuza.

All this, the show itself is rather stupid – so Azus cannot bend so often and usually just stunning people.

9. Tanya Deguurechaff


Saga about Tanya bad

Tanya has a fairly unique history because he gains all his power simply annoying God.That’s right, her main weapon are malice and atheism.

And yet he said that God made Tanya a force to be taken into account.With greater agility and firepower than literally anyone nearby – Tanya becomes a terror on the battlefield.

He can overcome entire platoons himself and this is usually the only reason for losing the main victories.Not to mention that he also wears most of the brains in the series – using his experience from the previous world to outsmart everyone.

Of course, it does not destroy the entire planet exactly.But you can definitely feel how much it is above all.He is considered a real demon for a reason!

8. Rudeus Greyrat


Mushoku Tersei: unemployed reincarnation

This program has one of my favorite approaches to overwhelming MC – Rudeus simply fully used its still developing brain.

By learning and practicing from the moment of his birth, Rudeus became a SA magician before he even reached puberty.

Not only can he throw extremely complex spells, but it can do so even without having to use spells, which is the main advantage in combat.

If this is not enough, he also gets Sharingan, who allows him to look into the future.This is very useful, considering that Rudeus is also expert in using the sword.

And as if he was not overwhelmed enough, Rudeus also retained his scientific knowledge from his previous life – allowing him to be more destructive spells.

7. Diablo


How not to call the Lord of Demons

The words of the Lord of Demons are basically synonymous with the word “powerful”.I don’t set the rules, it just is.

And Diablo definitely deserves its name.

In a world where the “most powerful” call is level 30, level 150 basically guarantees that each conflict will end before it starts.

In fact, one of his most powerful strategies in the battle is permission to the enemy to hit him with his most powerful skill.Not because he has some full counterattack skill, but rather crushing their spirit.

I don’t know about you, but this strategy will definitely crush my soul.

6. Clone


Bofuri: I don’t want to be hurt, so I will strengthen my defense.

Let’s immediately admit that Maple can’t really get injured.My girlfriend used points for her defense statistics, as if it was nobody’s matter and it definitely paid off.

However, she has more than just defense for her.

First of all, there is great happiness – to such an extent that legendary items just fall to her knees.For example, her new shield is not only impossible to puncture, but she can kill you with one shot with a simple bone!

In addition, she achieved real magic!He can either paralyze or poison people in a large area of action, and this itself usually inflicts her opponents with one shot.

But the most broken thing in Maple is its scaling.You see, it can simply fall asleep in the middle of the battlefield and wake up with increased statistics and two additional levels to her name.And he can just eat a crowd to get his powers.

So yes – this tank has hands.

5. Kumoko


So I’m a spider, so so what?

Like Maples, Kumoko’s most powerful skill is its scaling.Not only is healed at every level (which happens quite often), but also very quickly can specialize in its construction.

In this way, she manages to go from being beaten by other spiders to kill dragons in ten episodes!

And the further you move, the more its set breaks.

First of all, he has many minds working in tandem to both develop strategies and learn new spells at any time the second.This led to many grips and tactics that no one predicted.

And her magical repertoire is constantly growing.

From the simple explosions of venom to teleportation and taboo magic, the sky is the limit for Kumoko.

4. Kazuto Kirigaya


Sword Art Online

Over the years, Kirito was a poster for OP MC around the world.And although the newer seasons slightly balanced the situation – the original series was simply crazy.

Kirito was so powerful that he could simply stand, while many guys attacked him and did not receive a single point of injury.

In fact, even literally hacking the game was not enough to defeat the black swordsman!And you know that you are caught if a literal programmer cannot beat you.

With absurd statistics, reinforcement of Nakama’s power and a large dose of plot armor – you can safely say that Kirito was the most powerful guy in his universe.

However, even he didn’t match my three.

3. Momonga



Facing Momong is like fighting a millionar whale as a F2P player – you just have no chance.

This guy has a skill or spell for any situation.He can summon whole army of skeletons, teleport to will, control miniature black holes – and everything that comes to your mind.

Not to mention that he can Metagame in every fight.He has extensive knowledge about the game systems in the game and can use them in its favor.

Is it directly opposing the enemy or using tactics that no one has ever heard of – you can’t predict this guy.

And considering that the 100 most powerful characters in this series are also his subordinates – you can see how easily he could take power over the world if he really wanted.

2. Altair


Re: Creators

ALTAIR is another example of a figure from the fantasy world that is transferred to the world of norms.

And I will tell you that you can easily argue for her by being the most powerful figure in the whole anime.

This is because its power is literally unlimited.As an open source code, he gains any power that a person describes him through social media.

So, if someone jokingly says that “Altair can overcome Goku”, and then invents several reasons why it is officially a canon.

The only reason I didn’t put her first is that her exploits in the series were not as crazy as the next character.

1. Rimuru storm


When I was reborn as a mucus

If you’ve ever watched this program, you’ve probably seen how it was coming.

Like Kumoko, Rimuru basically has infinite scaling – because it gains the power of what he consumed.And let’s say that they literally ate the dragon to the second episode.

In addition, like Momonga, Rimuru is at the top of the food chain – and any other particularly powerful character is either their subordinates or their ally.

And just like Altair, Rimuru simply has HAX skills.

They can mix and match magic, as they like, and even mess in time and space (especially at later stages of the manga).

They can kill you with one look, bring you back to life and scale indefinitely.Although the anime barely outlined the surface of Rimur’s unlimited power, it is already the most powerful MC Isekai I’ve ever seen.