15 the hottest characters with anime with a necklace


Anime characters

wears attractive

Fashionable items

which complement their appearance.We all appreciate them

Fashionable accessories

, such as


, bracelets, rings, crowns,


etc. because they offer them






world of anime

Each character could wear any kind


regardless of whether they were





limited number

Anime boys who also wear


.In this article you will find some

The hottest characters with anime with necklaces


Their necklaces fluctuated from the basic chains after


, gold jewelry and


.Each of these necklaces was like that




that everyone wanted to wear them.

So let’s look without any further delay

15 best anime characters with a necklace.

15. Niki Fushimi

Anime K Project

Anime: project k

Niki Fushimi

He is the main character in

K Project


And one of the most

fashionable anime


.He is a young, handsome man and wears a lot


, such as


, bracelets and



Niki has no respect for his own


And he likes to irritate him.He always did

evil things

to his son and led him to cry and


.His black disheveled hair and perfect

sense of fashion

it makes him one of the

the hottest characters with anime with a necklace.

14. Sofya Obertas

Anime Lord Marxman and Vanadis

Anime: Lord Marxman and Vanadis

Sofya obertas

is the main female figure in the series

Lord Marxman and Vanadis

.Is one of

the strongest warriors,

second after


and has amazing powers that can compete with



Sofya is very

beautiful woman

About attractive,

round figure

and beautiful hair.Her

Heart -shaped necklace

And the bracelet looked so good on it.Because of her

the sexiest body

and a beautiful necklace, is considered one of the

the hottest characters with anime with a necklace.

13. Akane Hyakuya

Seraph of the End: Vampire Anime

Anime: Seraph of the End: Vampire rule

Akane Hyakuya

is one of the most important characters in the series

Seraph of the End


cute girl

which always wears

dark necklace

on neck.

Akane is


and lives in

Hyakuya orphanage

along with other orphans.She was very concerned about her


and looked after all of them as their

older sisters.

Despite his young age, he behaves very much

> mature

And he never gives up, no matter how difficult the situation is.

12. Latifa Fleuranza

Anime amagi brilliant park

Anime: Amagi Brilliant Park

Latifa Fleuranza

He is the boss

Amagi Brilliant Park

, an amusement park where customers come to enjoy and have fun.Is

Great young girl

and wears two

beautiful necklaces


Latifa is very

charming person

And her park cares about her.He is still thinking about ways

park protection

, before he is forced to close due to deterioration

customer visits


11. Takashi Mitsuya

Tokyo Revengers anime

Anime: Tokyo Revengers

Takashi Mitsuya

is one of the main supporting characters in

Tokyo Revengers series

.He is one of the founders

Tokyo manji gang

and your closest friend





Mitsuya has slim and

attractive body

and usually wears

Medallion with the Cross of Jesus Christ

.His personality is very


and most often he is seen with


on the face.

He also had amazing physical strength and

Driving skills

which he demonstrated in the series.He took a few in the whole series

amazing glances

And each of them looked good on him.

10. The Great Witcher Dekaren

Międzygatunk anime reviewers

Anime: Międzygatunk reviewers

The great witch Dekaren

is the most qualified magician in the section

Międzygatunk reviewers

.She is a wonderful young lady with long, beautiful hair and

An attractive, busty figure.

Dekaren has excellent control over


and has



About all types of magic.Her blue witch outfit and beautiful

gold necklace

make her one of the

the sexiest characters with anime with a necklace.

9. Epsilon solution

Anime Overlord

Anime: overlord

Epsilon solution

is one of the strongest and the most popular

combat maids




.Has beautiful blond hair and attractive

slippery body.

Epsilon usually wears beautiful

black maid outfit

and sometimes wears amazing



containing several

colorful pearls

.It seems to be a very nice and calm person, but in fact he is


and bad.

Except his

attractive appearance

, is quite powerful and has

Amazing powers.

8. Chuya Nakahara

Anime Bungo Stray Dogs

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs

Chuya Nakahara

is one of the main characters in

Bungou Stray Dogs

, well -known anime series Criminal thriller.Is an attractive young man with low height and

beautiful hairstyle.

Nakahara is a very important member

port mafia

, a bad criminal organization.Usually wears

black necklace

around the neck and his

Fashionable costumes

consist of long black coats and

black hat.

Except yours

attractive appearance

, is a talented

Fight artist

And he has a special ability to manipulate gravity.

7. Megumin

Konosuba anime

Anime: Konosuba


is one of the main characters in

anime Konosuba i manga. Jest członkinią

Klanu Karmazynowej Magii,

jednego z najsilniejszych


i posiada kilka magicznych mocy.

Megumin is

Energy girl

who loves to wear full

Colorful costumes

.She also wore black leather

Choker necklace

which was bound by a belt.Her beautiful costumes suit her best and make it very

A fashionable girl from anime.

6. Dio Brando

Anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio Brando

He is the best villain in

Bizarre Adventure Jojo series

.He has a muscular body with incredibly long blond hair.

Due to its own

power -hungry

Personality, Brando has no respect for someone’s life.He also wears

unique necklace

to cover the scar on the neck.His perfect

Manipulative skills

They provide him with full control over others



Later in the series he changed into


and acquired new




5. Mok Akashiya

Rosario + Vampire anime

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

Mok Akashiya

is the main female figure in

Rosario + Vampire

, one of the most popular anime vampires of all time.Studying in

Yokai Academy

as a vampire and it is also

The most beautiful girl

at his academy.

Moka also wears

stunning necklace

with a lot

A cross -shaped pendant

and dazzling

red stone

tied to black leather choker.It makes her even more


and distinguishes her at the Academy.

4. Amano Hina

Anime weathering with you

Anime: weathering with you

Amano Hina

is the main female figure in

Weathering with you,

One of the most popular anime romantic films.She is also known as

“100% Sunshine Girl”

Due to her ability to manipulate



Hina leads ordinary life with typical young

girlish fashion

.But on your birthday


(heroine of the film) gives her

beautiful necklace

.This necklace is beautiful



which was established in

black band

And it has a locking system at the end.

3. Raphtalia

Anime The Rising of the Shield Hero

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero


He is the main female figure in anime and manga

Rising of the Shield Hero



a young girl and has various animal characteristics such as





Raftalia has a lot

beautiful appearance

and wears a lot


which is made of gold.Her jewelry includes

beautiful long necklace

, wrist bracelets, rings and


on the head.She is also known as

The heroine of the katana

After conquering the spirit of the katana.

Due to the fact that he is the main character and bears

gold necklace

, is considered one of the most popular

Anime character with a necklace.

2. Marin Kitagawa

My anime in changing, honey

Anime: My dress up, honey

Marin Kitagawa

is the main lead

My dress-up darling

, one of the most



series of 2022.

A charming teen girl

with a slim figure and beautiful blond hair.

Marin is an avid fan

anime and manga

And he loves


He loves the characters the most.As


He has great

sense of fashion

, and each of her cosplay looks great on her.

He wears in his original appearance

beautiful necklace

containing a green pearl, while in its cosplay forms he wears several types



1. Amane bowl

Death Note anime

Anime: Death Note

Amane bowl

is the second main antagonist in

Death Note anime

and manga.It is also popular under the name

Second Kira.

Amarne is a great admirer


and then she stays to her


.He loves to look beautiful and stylish.That’s why he wears

beautiful outfits

with jewels on the ears and neck.

Always wears

Necklace with a long sword

, which has one large blade in the middle and two small blades on both sides.In addition to attractive costumes, he can kill anyone using his own

death notebook


Shinigami eyes.

We will summarize this article, saying about it


On the list that wears


.We combined

this amazing list

based on their popularity and

beautiful necklaces

.They also play

important roles

in their series and they leave an unforgettable impression

in the hearts of fans.

Do small things with great love.

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