15 the smartest characters in the bizarre adventure of Jojo

The work that goes to every character in yo -yo is simply crazy.From visual design to voices and writing – they always produce some hits.

In addition, focusing the battles more around intelligence and strategies, and less destructive blows, every start is pleasant to watch.

So today we will look at the whole roaster and determine which characters are the smartest!

15. J. Geil – Stardust Crusaders

He may not be the prettiest guest in the area, but Geil has a good head on his shoulders.

If nothing more, just because he is a killer and remains undetectable for such a long time, he must come up with something.

But more importantly, he never seemed to fight his stand.Because it moves from one reflecting surface to the other at fast intervals during a pursuit of someone – you must be fast on the legs.

And having a permanent list of surfaces through which a hanger can get to a specific point is not a simple task.Especially since he managed to surprise the entire crusader crew several times.

In general, he may not be a great genius (that’s why he is in the last place), but he is far from fool.

14. Mariah – Stardust Crusaders

Mariah’s Stand, Bastet, is one of those powers that is as good as the user.

After all, you must first get someone to touch the electrical outlet (which is not too difficult), but then you have to stay from him a short distance for many hours, so as not to get caught.

Now the second part is quite impressive.

You must be very good in tracking people and have at least four emergency plans in case they enter the private area.

Not to mention that even when she was found, Mariah had a few tricks in his sleeve, how to slow down the persecutors without going beyond reach.

She is the queen of kitesurfing, and this requires serious skills and thoughts.

13. Guido Mista – golden wind

In a world where 99% of the characters can catch bullets, you need to show creativity to make the weapon a real option.

And I think that Mista does a great job in this.

Because its stand consists of six smaller entities, he must think much more than someone who just kills you to death.

That is why he usually uses very clever attacks by surprise.He repeatedly redirects his missiles, and even fires his own shells from the air – all to surprise the enemy.

And let’s be real, his stand is basically worthless, unless you are consistently able to outsmart the enemy to some extent.

Of course, this is not a science of rockets – but you still have to have several episodes of Rick and Morty at the waist.

12. weather report – stone ocean

Although this character did not have much time to shine (at least not yet), I am impressed.

This is mainly due to the fact that it is amazing in thinking on your own legs.For example, when he created cloud overalls to fight being in a vacuum.

I doubt if he had ever been in a similar situation, but he immediately knew how to counteract it.

And when Jolyne needed help, he immediately thought about creating a frog.Not only that, but he also had a reason to dry the lake with venomous frogs.It may not sound impressive, but both of these situations were extremely niche – and yet he realized very quickly.

Not to mention that there are no memories at the moment.So who knows what schemes he can come up with when he reaches full power?

11. Sale – Golden Wind

Sales are a great example of a guy whose stand is not so powerful, but it makes up for his intelligence.

It uses his power in a very unpredictable way – for example, he creates a pebble bridge and uses Misty’s own missiles against him.

A smaller user of the stand could just use Kraft Work to immobilize the enemy, but the rooms uses kinetic energy to blow your head.

And even outside the fight itself is a clever cookie.He deduced where Polpo’s money was and was so anticipated that he did not reveal his identity when the gang drove to Capri.

Therefore, although he lost to Mista, I place him a little higher.I think Sale’s position was simply weaker by nature, but his five was definitely stronger.

10. Daniel J. D’Aby – Stardust Crusaders

Regardless of your gambling attitude, you must admit that you need more than happiness.

If you want to have a good disc (in the case of d’Arby it was flawless for a long time), you must be able to read every person like a book.

Catching every micro-scale, knowledge of the opportunities of each hand and the use of mental struggle tactics, which even Sun Tzu would approve.

Of course, you can simply call it happiness – but I think it’s a bit unreal.

9. Bruno Bucciarati – golden wind

Bucciarati is definitely my favorite figure from outside Jojo.In addition to his impeccable sense of fashion and butter Vo, I just love the creativity he does with his stand.

In the end, its power literally consists in creating zippers on everything he touches.

And yet he manages to outsmart a lot of people.Davin Blaine would be jealous from dismemberment to avoid attacks to the escape path – the guest is difficult to predict.

In addition, his social intelligence is extremely high.He knows how to motivate his crew, how to get her trust and how to climb the corporate ladder.

This guy is simply extremely smart in almost every area of life.

8. Ghiaccio – golden wind

It was the guy who literally felt like the head of the rally.

And of course, it was partly caused by the enormous power of his stand.However, you must also be a genius to fight many strong opponents at the same time.

Although Stand boils down only to “freezing things”, Ghiaccio found so many ways to make him seem more powerful.Is it freezing of literal air to slow down bullets or create a complicated suit that can block any damage – he felt invincible.

And if we are to be honest, he played 90% of other characters in the series.

7. Jolyne Cujoh – Stone Ocean

You really all knew that several Jojo characters would appear on this list.And although I don’t think Jolyne is the best dog in her family, she is definitely very intelligent.

As with several other characters on this list, its stand is not so unique.

Yes, this is a really good warrior for a close distance, but besides, it only gives you a lot of string to work.And yet Jolyne makes him feel like this Almighty Stand who can do anything!

In almost every fight in which he participates, it looks like he is losing.But then she always invented some 300 IQ tactics, how to use one unnoticed string to reverse the fate of the battle.

But because Stone Ocean has not yet finished at the time of writing (I hate you, Netflix), we have not yet noticed its full potential.

6. Enrico Pucci – stone ocean

Not everyone can be a puppet champion.But man, Pucci has a whole prison dancing at his fingertips.

Thanks to the possibility of receiving and redistributing stands at your own discretion, Pucci is the main driving force of any thing that is happening in Stone Ocean.

And I really mean every thing.

Achieving this level is one thing – but the fact that nobody knows your identity also is simply a completely different level.

Even the way he is fighting is quite clever – you never even leave to get any injuries.He just falls to seal the contract and then disappears back at night.

But as in the case of Jolyne, we have not seen the full range of its capabilities yet.

5. Rohan Kishibe – door to heaven

This guy has always been an amazing pleasure to watch.Every time he appeared on the screen, you knew that something good was happening.

And I don’t know if it was because his stand was so unique (he literally wrote someone’s story), or because Rohan himself was so interesting.

But I know that he was one wise cookie.

In addition to the obvious fact that he managed to succeed as the author, there were many cases in which Rohan stretched the brain muscles.

He has always taken precautions to ensure that no letters L would be sent towards him (from a friend or enemy).Therefore, he never seemed too concerned or surprised, regardless of what was happening in history.

And probably because he got his own spin-off program.

4. Giorno Giovanna – golden wind

I feel that the scriptwriters just went crazy with Giorno.Considering how his stand allows infinite possibilities and how Giorno was considered incredibly clever – no plan has never been too stretched.

In this way, the plot, such as “Giorno kills the boss of the mafia with a dressed banana”, makes a full meaning in the series.

And this is not an isolated incident.The strategies of the guy are so incorrect that 99% of them forces me to take a double approach and rewind my explanation.

Of course, his stand is simply incredibly powerful in itself, but I think it would be a medium level without Giorno gigamozyg, who driven him.

3. YOSHIKAGE Kira – Diamond is indestructible

You will notice that every other villain in Jojo always has the whole system under it.Is it a mafia, religious followers or prisoners.But Kira took on the crew of Jojo himself.

Not only that, but he managed to be a serial killer without a single finger directed towards him.

And considering that he literally wore his hands cut off – he had to think about 100 steps before everyone else to make it work.

But even if the band jumps on his tail, it’s not easy.

The guy simply has a plan to back up after back up.For example, if I didn’t know it was an anime, I would swore that Kira would eventually win!

He literally played them all like fools!

2. Dio Brando – repetitive

Although Dio is now a meme more than anything else, we must also admit that the guy was a genius.

After all, it was not only the authorities that made hundreds (if not thousands) people flowed into him, as if he were a literal God.It was also his superhuman charisma and the ability to read most people like an open book.

And I know that I just praised Kira for so many plans to create backups – but Dio is at a completely different level.The guy has more than one emergency plan for literal death!

If we look at the first part of Jojo, we will also see that he is a master of manipulation – he raises in ranks, as if it were nothing.

In the third part, we see how skillfully he hid both his location and his stand for a long time (which is also more difficult than it seems).And in the sixth part we will simply have to wait and see what madness he releases.

1. Jotaro Kujo – Returning

In addition to having an excellent Dio stand, Jotaro also has an excellent Dio intellect.In the end, this guy became a legal scientist with world fame!

And the best part is that his biggest intellectual exploits were earlier!

As an incredibly tall and nervous teenager, Jotaro played more than 300 IQ games than you can count.

It came to the fact that Star Platinum (which simply has the strength of the ooga Booga) seems to be the most versatile stand in the whole series.

Is it by hitting water bullets or literally squeezing his own heart for resuscitation, Jotaro managed to find the answer to every question that his life was posted.

That is why I honestly don’t think any other character can compare in terms of intellect.