15 the strongest characters of Hunter X Hunter, place

Hunter X Hunter is one of those programs that brings to viewers constant pain.Every year we pray for the continuation of the anime – but the best we get are several new panels with a manga.

But we can’t lose hope!

So let’s keep the spirit alive, look back and arise the strongest characters that we have seen in the series so far.

15. Knuckle Bine

I will be honest here – there are 14 extremely powerful characters in the series that were immediately on this list.

This fifteenth selection, however, was a bit more open.

But I decided to give a place to Knuck for one simple reason – its potential.

When you think about it, his skill Nen is completely destroyed in the concept.

And there was a show to give him a little more time for training, he would probably be one of the largest dogs at the exhibition.After all, most warriors become completely helpless when you close their Nena.

Even in his current state, Knuckle can take serious hits from Gon and maneuver around the Royal Guard, so he is not weak under any circumstances.imagination.Not to mention that he is also smarter than most warriors.

So if he manages to get an impressive aura, he will probably crush the opponent quite easily.

14. Morel Mackernasey

Morel is undoubtedly the most powerful support in the whole show.His set is so versatile that he can pull his team (and himself) out of the most difficult situations.

He can basically create everything with your smoke – from puppets that can attack the enemy to everyday objects.We also saw that these clones are not a joke either.

Not to mention that she can create a smoke cage that is strong enough to even hold the royal guard when it is active.

However, the measurement of apricot injuries is a bit more difficult.

We know that he is an absolute myoma, but we also know that he was sweating like bullets at the thought of eating a gon full power.

Nevertheless, with his versatility and battle knowledge – I think he deserves to be placed on this list.

13. Killa Zoldick

Killa is a very difficult guy to fight.

If you are weaker than him – you won’t really have a chance to figure it out.Because God knows that he does not play and takes the first opportunity to turn your neck/break your heart.

And if you are more powerful than him – a crazy ride awaits you.Because his God Speed strengthens him, it is extremely difficult to catch this guy.So he can just jump around and deal chip injuries while you spin like an idiot.

Of course, if you actually hit, it may be in trouble.But considering that its speed is above the Royal Guard level (at least when the good speed is active), it is difficult.

Either way, there are very few characters that would have a easy victory before him.

12. Hisoka Morow

As for this murderous clown, people either admit too much or too little.

And this is because his power is so difficult to estimate.For God’s sake, its bungee rubber has the properties of both rubber and rubber – and that’s all!

The previous three types had an immortal debt collector, smoke clones and sound speed!

But Hisoki’s harsh physical strength combined with extreme levels of battle knowledge makes it stronger than all three.

However, he has its limitations (at least this is how it is in anime).So, although in most cases he uses style, his statistics are not high enough to really fight the higher levels of power.

11. Illumi Zoldick

First, let’s answer the burning question – why did I put Illumi over Hisoka?

Well, although it is only an anime list, I have to relax to the manga for a moment.

We know this in the near future Hisok will find out that flooding by enemies is not something that he is able to deal with.We saw in the program that Illumi could easily create a whole army of warriors.

And seeing how all their previous interactions indicated that both of them have similar power in terms of statistics – I think Illumi would win thanks to this gentle contribution.

But that’s all I can say – because we didn’t even see how Illumi goes out and even fights someone seriously.

10. Shaiapouf

Pouf is another example of versatility over the authorities.

He can use mind control on a huge number of people (even Illumi scale), so the enemy is always an option.

In addition, it can also create hundreds of small poufs to escape or get information in a large area.Potentially useful to throw yourself on the enemy – but I wouldn’t give money for it.

Finally, he can assess the personality of the enemy, the level of power and even thoughts through his scale.This information may be necessary in battle, because very few opponents can surprise him.

However, his real injuries are slightly more vague.

Just being part of the royal guard, we can safely assume that he is more powerful than any of the characters that have appeared so far.

But on the other hand, the fact that he did not shot apricot with one shot in the view makes scaling a little more difficult.Nevertheless, I think that tenth place should be a relatively safe place for him.

9. Kuper

To make it clear-I am strictly about post-nen-vow the porch here.So I evaluate his power on the basis of “if he took an oath to X if he could defeat them.”

And for most cast, the answer is: yes.

In his fight with Uvogin, we saw that the scarlet -eyed Kurapika is an absolute monster.In fact, he was so powerful that he brought a shovel to a duel to death and death.

We can conclude from this that he did not really cross his borders.

So he even had amazing exploits.From the attachment of an extremely powerful amplifier to immediate healing of his shoulder and hitting with the fury of a thousand sons.

Not to mention that his blow is the murder with one shot.And this is quite a big thing when your opponent can shoot a bazook, as if it was nothing.

However, I still wouldn’t say that he is invincible – because he still lacks speed.And if this blow hit his face, not on his shoulder, I don’t know if he would have time to cure himself.

8. Silva Zoldick

I intend to put Silva in eighth place, but in my opinion he shares this position with Zenon.

After all, these two usually act as a couple and seem to have a similar strength (with Silva is probably stronger, but Zenon has more experience).

They both conducted an attack on Chimera ants and saying that their presence was known would be an understatement.

Without effort, they are able to eliminate high -ranking ants, as if it were nothing.

And in their short fight with Chrollo, we saw that both are excellent warriors who have enough blows to kill most enemies with one shot.

In addition, we know that at least they exceed Killua much – so sooner or later they had to get here.

7. Chrollo Lucifer

I think that Chrollo is primarily leagues with other members of Phantom Trope.While they used their heavy movements to overcome medium -range ants, Chrollo went side by side with both Silva and Zeno.

This itself makes him a strong claimant to the top ten the strongest – not to mention that he was fighting well.Not to mention that he didn’t even have time to prepare.

And Chrollo is the type of warrior in which time to prepare is everything.

If you catch him by surprise, he will go a few places lower on this list.

But give him enough time and information, and he will advance several places.

So it seemed a good solution.

Finally, with his ability, which is – the possibilities are unlimited and its power is almost immeasurable.

6. Neferpitou

To be honest, Pito had one of the most poor/terrifying intro of every anime villains.

In the end, it included jumping through the whole forest and taking the hand of the hunter, as if it were nothing.

And this level of speed and power remain coherent through the entire program.

He can detect enemies from a distance of many kilometers and hit with enough force to kill most opponents with one shot.Not to mention the fact that he can also use his skill Nen to treat himself from wounds (although it is a bit slow) or create puppets to attack the enemy.

In fact, the question is whether the most powerful royal guard is quite discussed.

The only reason I did not decide is that her Nen is rather useless in the fight for a high rate.However, we ensure that the power difference is not that great.

5. Menthuthuyoupi

Apart from the fact that I have the most difficult name to remember, I think YouPi is the second strongest ant in the whole series (though not much).

It looks like the most -oriented royal guard and although there are not many combat feats – I think there is still a nice beast.

First of all, the guy’s tenacity is not an option.

Opponents can attack him one after the other, doing everything in their power, but YouPi never suffers serious injuries.In fact, it only becomes stronger as the battle duration.

In addition, his transformations make him very difficult to deal with him.

We can create a tentacle to get you out with a distance or become a centau and come closer and personally.

Of course, maybe he is not the smartest guy in the area – but I do not think that it would be too important.When you are as powerful and durable as YouPi – you have the privilege of making as many mistakes as you want.

4. Gon Freecss

As I think Pito and YouPi are more or less equal, it makes sense to put a gon above them both.

In the end, the patient wiped the floor in every way, shape and form.


And this is not due to his battle intelligence or HAX skills, but rather amazing statistics.The very fact that he was able to attack Pitto says a lot about how fast an adult gon is.

But when you combine it with the fact that its strengthened blows will probably make holes in 99% cast – you get a powerful strength into your own hands.

It is true that he cannot keep this form for a long time and later pays the highest price – but I would call it W.

In addition, to make it clear – I do not think that Gon is matching Merum.I think it was more paranoid for Pito than anything else.

3. Isaac Netero

To beat Netero, you must be unbelievably durable – there is no other choice.

Even Merum (although he did not take it seriously) was hit by almost every assassination.And we know that it is much faster than any other ant.

So the only real option is to be durable enough to eat hundreds of attacks plus a laser radius.And maybe an atomic bomb – in case you somehow arrived so far.

Not to mention that Netero did these feats after his flourishing.You can only imagine what he was capable of before he began to receive a discount for seniors, wherever he went.

In general, this is a classic situation of the speed difference.And God knows that this is one of the strongest arguments that can be extended in the anime versus the community – because how do you intend to defeat someone, if he always hits you first?

2. Meruem

It seemed obvious.

After all, he didn’t even have to do everything to surpass Netero in every respect that you can imagine (except a part of the bomb, I think).

Not only is it faster, better and stronger than everyone else – but also has a giga brain that supports it all.So, even if you were able to match him at the beginning, he would quickly find a way to oppose you.

And that’s all that is really there.

He almost never injured and never had to fight anyone seriously.It is so above every other character in the series that we have no idea where his power ceiling is.

1. Allka Zoldick

There is only one thing that exceeds statistics best like Merum – HAX skills.

And Nanika is one of the most hax characters in the whole anime.That is why it is the most powerful.After all, there was no indication that any wish was beyond its power.

So theoretically, one could simply wish Merum death, and she would reject him in the blink of an eye.

It is true that fulfilling this wish would probably also destroy half the world – but this is not really a problem of Nanika.

And because it can affect the nature of Nen itself (as when he broke the oath of the gon), it is obvious that in this world it does not have any rules.

Is this an excuse?Yes.But this is also true – so I don’t feel bad about it.