20 best anime characters with the worst childhood

A person’s childhood can often explain a lot about the people they later became.And unfortunately it is not always a happy story.

In the anime community it is double, because every good hero needs a properly tragic story.

And in this ranking we will delve into the best examples (or rather the worst) tragic childhood.

20. Shoya Ishida


Quiet voice

This is definitely the least morbid approach on this list – so it’s a good way to alleviate depression.

It is true that Shoya was a nice dick.He abused Shoko and thought he was a bee knee in his life.But this only hindered the matter when the script was thrown at him.

Not only was he threatened now, but also had to endure the hatred of all his former friends.And this kind of betrayal certainly leads to problems with trust.

It even comes to the fact that Shoya doesn’t want to live anymore.

The fact that it was the least morbid choice should be a clue, as the others will go.

19. Gohan


Dragon Ball Z

It may be a bit controversial, but I will talk about it anyway.

Although I look back at the first attempt Piccolo being a babysitter is now nostalgic, from Gohan’s perspective it was a bit mixed up.

His parents are gone, and his father’s enemy is now here, throwing him into the mountains and shouting at him.

Not to mention that all this led to a great fight in which young Gohan was to be a carrier.This is not a kind of pressure you would like to exert on a small child.

In general, I blame this trauma during his days of wearing costumes.

18. Johan Liebert



As an adult, calling Johan would be an understatement.This guy would certainly be the best dog in the Minionków universe.

This is because his childhood was simply mixed up.

From various rich psychopaths manipulating him to good old parental neglect – Johan saw several things.In fact, he becomes a psychopath himself before he qualifies to high school.

I don’t want to reveal too much (because his story is the main driving force of the series), but just know it’s terrible.

17. Szymon


Gurren Lagann

Without spoilers, Simon’s childhood was hard.Like every person at that time, he had to live underground and constantly be afraid for his life.

With earthquakes and random remains signing obituaries, when you least expect it – I imagine that it was not the ideal of upbringing.

But it gets worse if we venture into spoilers.

In the end, Simon had to see Kamina (his only family in the world) dies before his eyes.And then he also had to enter and lead the whole war.

This is quite a great pressure on a guest who can’t even reach most shelves.

16. Killa Zoldick


Hunter X Hunter (2011)

As an outstanding, feisty figure in Hunter X Hunter, you already know that Killa had a lot of participation in the struggle.

I already know that the Zolduck family has no scruples with torture and it looks like Killa was a frequent training sack.In fact, it seems that he doesn’t even care when the series is rolling.

And this is not only the physical torture that his family gives him.His brothers repeatedly criticize him mentally (or even control him).In addition, he must watch the rest of the family treats his younger sister as an object.

In general, it makes sense that Killa approaches the murder so nonchalantly – because suffering seems to be the cornerstone of all his childhood.

15. Ray


Promised Neverland

People always say that ignorance is bliss, and Ray could probably vouch for it.

None of those in the promised Neverland grew up in perfect conditions (as they are all eaten and so on), but at least they did not predict that it was coming.

On the other hand, Ray knew what was going on.This means that he just had to sit down and watch his family members are sent to death one after the other.

And he doesn’t even mention the fact that his own mother was the one who sent the children far away.

Therefore, as in the second season of the series, things would be much easier if we could simply erase our memories.

14. Erza Scarlet


Fairy Tail

Since it is the 21st century, I think we can all agree, that slavery is quite bad (I’m very brave, I know).And the slavery of children is even worse.

Well, Erza definitely knew this fully because she was forced to work from an incredibly early age.And then soon forced to fight.

And it always hits a little differently when it turns out that such a strong character has such a tragic story.

As hell, you really were not.carrying the whole performance, having such a childhood?

13. Zora Ideale


Black clover

You do not need to have a psychology diploma to look at the guest of this guest and deduce that he has gone through some things.

To be more precise, a lot of classicism.

He spent all his childhood not only listening that he was not worth anything because of his pedigree, but also saw his dad treated the same.

And as if that was not enough, his father is also murdered.Remember that even after his death, everyone openly cursed his father, while Zora only had to sit and listen.

In general, his childhood followed Yota for “how to make a villain”, but somehow made him a hero.

12. Alphonse Elric


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Here, letters, the sight of your parent’s death does not even make you special.However, there are some additional factors that worsen the situation.

First of all, the Elric brothers had to see this disgust when they tried to bring their mother back to life.

Secondly, Alphonse literally lost his whole body and had to be connected to the armor.

I don’t know about you, but literally losing your body sounds like quite bad experience.Especially when you are still a child.

Add to this all the messy things that Elric brothers saw during their adventure (a terrible father comes to mind) and you will see why alphonse childhood is a confirmed tragedy.

11. ERI


My hero acadekaren

If we talk about physical violence in early childhood, Eri is even worse.

Due to the fact that Overhaul can both dismantle and fix everything, Eri quite often experienced the devastating life of pain.

Not only that, but she was also mentally abused and she was told that if she escapes, innocent people would die.Not the best approach to parenting.

Add to this the fact that she was also afraid of her own power and you experience trauma.

Honestly, most of the characters in this series had quite mixed upbringing, but Eri was distinguished by severe pain.

10. Morgiana


Magicians: Magic Labyrinth

The story of Morgiana is honestly too similar to some events from the real world.

So you already know it will be tragic.

First of all, she was a slave.She was forced to perform physical work with shackles around the ankles without hope to free herself.

And if that was not enough, it was also subordinated to racism.Because fanalis are chased all over the world, Morgiana did not take place that she could call the home.

In general, she felt one of the worst practices in human history on her skin.The fact that she managed to get out of it with optimism and joy is nothing but a miracle.

9. Violet Evergarden


Violet Evergarden

Although we don’t know much about Violet’s life before joining the army, we can conclude that it was not perfect.

After all, it was treated like an animal or tool, never granting her basic human rights.And although Gilbert really wanted to help her, he could do so much.

She was still exposed to danger and had to see the death of many people.In fact, she had to kill a lot – ultimately depriving her of emotions and cold.

So when even Gilbert (the only good guy in all her upbringing) was taken away from her, the tragedy reaches Crescendo.

Oh, and also lost her hands during this passion.

Why not add insult to injury at this point?

8. Kakashi Hatake


Naruto: Shippuden

This program contains many twisted stories.

To be honest, Naruto as an orphan and being ostracism is not even one of the first tens of the worst childhood in this series.

On the other hand, Kakashi had really difficult moments.

First of all, he went through a similar situation like Zora, seeing his father ridiculed and ultimately dies.But this is not a situation in which things went better for Kakashi.

He saw one friend dying in front of his eyes, then he had to kill the other himself, and finally he even lost his teacher.

In the meantime, he goes to the front line and fights for life every day.

Yes, he deserves lonely swing and violin music, not Naruto!

7. Shinra Kusakabe


Fire Force

Shinry’s story does not contain as many nuances as the previous one, but it is still quite painful.

He saw both his parents dying and was then accused of killing them.This accusation stretched for some time, and many believed that he was basically a devil.

The loss of parents is bad enough in itself, but when the world points to the child – it is at a completely different level.

And because his “terrifying smile” remained even at a young age, making friends was a hard fight for a long time.

6. Thorfinn


Vinland Saga

Father’s loss is one thing.But it’s much worse if it happens in your eyes.

On the other hand, he is not the first on this list to go through it.

However, what distinguishes him that he was spinning around the assassin of his father for several years.And when they met, he also took part in the battle and killed countless people.

All this leads to the fact that he finally developed in him twisted, healthy feelings for a man who murdered his father.Like Stockholm syndrome, but somehow even stranger.

Watch out for the spoiler:

Then he watches his new dad also brutally murdered.My guy just can’t take a break.

5. Levi Ackerman


Attack on Titan

Although the program did not deal with it for too long, we saw that Levi had quite a childhood.

I mean that he was so poor and malnourished that he almost died of hunger in his mother’s bed.

You know it is macabre when the situation is improving, that is, fighting anyone who looks at you funny.But this is what Levi had to do to survive in slums.

It really shows how he could ignore the huge tragedies before the upcoming season.He saw the worst of humanity and can not affect him now.

4. Tomura Shigraki


My hero acadekaren

I know that I said that Eri’s childhood was the most brutal in terms of physical pain, but I think Tomura had more mental problems.

Finally, he literally killed his whole family by accident.

And the guilt associated with it must have been huge.Finally, the guy literally wears his hands cut off to never forget that day.

But you also need to consider what happened later – because he basically became homeless.In fact, if all for one did not appear, Tomura would probably die on the street.

3. Lucy


Elfen lied

Lucy was simply tortured for a long time.It alone (slightly) does not make her life so perfect.

However, before she got to the laboratory, she went through a lot.

At the beginning it was an ordinary intimidation routine.And although it is also quite sick, nothing compared to what happened later.

The kids in this program were so cruel that they literally killed Lucy’s puppy before her eyes.

This then leads to the fact that Lucy kills everyone who has ever hurt her.

And because this series is old -fashioned and brutal, it’s best to believe that it has many reasons to be angry with the world.

2. Hyakkimaru



Birth with some physical defect or illness can always make life seem a bit more depressing.But Hyakkimaru really had the worst possible start in his life.

After all, he was literally a fracture of meat.He couldn’t see, hear, speak, feel … he didn’t even have the right body, but he had to make his best impression Pinocchio!

And let’s not forget that he was also left to death.So it’s not like he had any parents’ support in his childhood.

Later he learns that his parents (and more precisely his dad) made it happen.


In general, I definitely understand why problems with anger/trust appeared in the central part of the series.




If you know anything about Berserk, you know that he wins every macabre competition on this planet.

In the end, Guts could not get in even birth – he is already dead with his mother, and everyone thinks he is a demon.

After this moment, things got worse.

Of course, only anime observers will probably never find out.Full range of terrible upbringing of Gut.But I think they could guess.

Finally, the 1998 version perfectly showed how cruel the world towards Guts can be.And I will tell you, his early childhood is equally violent.