20 best quotes from anime and manga blue lock

Blue Lock is a football manga and anime, which has attracted the attention of Otaku fans since their debut.Anime is currently underway, which increases the popularity of the series and certainly makes it one of the most popular titles in its genre.Now, as usual in the manga and anime, they are filled with great dialog lines and these lines will be the subject of this article.

This list will contain a total of 20 best blue lock quotes that you need to know from various chapters and episodes.Quotes come from various contexts and situations, and we decided to group them on the basis of the message they carry.

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1. “Football is a sport in which 11 people play.So one person cannot win by itself.Football is not just for one … One for everyone … I wanted to win! “- Yoichi Isagi

2. “nonsense?It’s really nonsense.But that’s the world.Either you win or lose.While you were excited about your average successes, real attackers walk along the way to win or lose everything.Every day to survive. “- Jinpachi ego

3. “I will win if it kills me !!Since I came to Blue Lock … I don’t want to lose everything I found here!I would really be happy if I could continue playing football with Isagim alongside.I don’t want to lose my first friend I have ever met.I don’t want to go back to these days of loneliness !!That’s why I’m looking for someone’s voice instead of mine.Win, even if it kills me and steal Isagi!That’s what my voice tells me !! “- Meguru Bachira

4. “If you are surrounded by all special buddies, you can be able to synergize, through your loneliness, your coordination is simply average.I think that watching all these VTR movies brought results.I will crush you and your team.- Tabito Karasu

5. “Happiness is not a result of a chance.This is the basic element of the field that only reaches those who move their own will.If you can’t understand it, you don’t have the right to live in a competitive world. “- Rin Itoshi

6. “Well, to be honest, I could really catch you, Isagi-san.I am sorry if that sounds naughty, but … Rin-kun and Shidou-san movements seemed to be in a different dimension.So I couldn’t figure them out.But in your case I felt that I could understand what you are going to.- Nijiro Nanase

7. “I will fulfill my dream and I will fight for it with the world, honestly and honestly.I don’t think there is something embarrassing about it.- rensuke kunigami

8. “I’m a big player myself.Do you know these games in matching tiles (Tetris and Puyo Puyo)?You start in these games slowly, so you have time to plan your movements, right?But at the end they are much too fast, so you don’t have time to think about it, right?- Yo Hiori

9. “Ah …!It’s bad.We will lose … I mean, they always intimidate people like him (Baro) who rule this world … People without a spine like me, we just do what they tell us … it just is.I knew I was not suitable for it. “- Aoshi Tokimitsu

9. “What is this word?”Sports competition”, however you call it outdated nonsense about love for Kumbay?You see, for me football is not only fun and games.It can be said that this is the act of experiencing an explosion of life.Let’s do it, the hero.You will not find anyone as just as as in love with football as I do, you know?- Ryusei Shido

11. “Congratulations, unwashed jewels.All U-18 attackers were selected only on the basis of my criteria and prejudices to be here.All 300 of you.I am Jinpachi ego.My task is to make Japan a team capable of winning the World Cup.(…) I will say it in simple words.Japan only needs one thing to become the strongest power in football.And this is the creation of a revolutionary striker.From your 300 players, collected here today, I will show the best striker in the world through a project.(…) Everyone is a revolutionary striking !!Their unusual egoism is the only thing that Japanese football is missing.You will not become the best strikers in the world if you do not have the right ego.My goal here is to create such a player in Japan. “- Jinpachi ego

12. “As long as I can win with Naked, I don’t care … I will make me say that I need me.”- Reo Mikage

13. – Oh, hell yes.Fight fight.I love this kind of fight.It’s like a fight club.- Eita Otaya

14. “I will not let my teammates take me again!”- Wataru Kuon

15. “With an opponent who is a developing country (Japan) when it comes to football, I thought it would be like taking sweets for a child.But it looks like we’ll have to try a little.- Adam Blake

16. “It is a pity that you are fighting the opponent’s strength … If you aim at his weak points, your chances of winning will increase significantly.Yoichi Isagi, you are a weak point of this band.- Tabito Karasu

17. “The most basic form of football is a 1 to 1. match. If I can drag this situation, I can proudly say that I am the strongest in Japan.- Kenyu Yukimiya

18. “The attacker who suffocates in front of the goal is simply no what you need to be.”- Shoei Baro

19. “Returning, when becoming one with the ball was everything that counted.It used to be the only reason I had to play football!For me there is nothing more funny than in this world !!Fight, get lost !!This fire is in me !!I will become a monster, even if nobody is waiting for me anymore !! “- Meguru Bachira

20. “The difference between me and Rin lies in our determination to accept.I’m bad.I thought I finally got to Rin.No, I even thought I won him.I lost to him and was chosen to go on!I have to accept this reality !!Otherwise it will not be next time.I have to include this piece called “happiness” in my thought process.I have to update my understanding at a basic level !!To win with Rin, I have to become a newer version of myself! “- Yoichi Isagi

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