20 best white -haired characters from the anime of all time!

The world of anime is filled with various forms of different hair colors, which makes them more exciting and catchy.Each hair color not only differentiates heroes, but also has many features.White -haired characters are logical, perceptive, modest and selfless.

They like to solve their own problems and have special abilities and are highly qualified because

White also means nobility

.Hair colors stand out because this color is not often seen, but there are many characters with white hair in the anime.Below is 20

the best anime characters with white hair


The best list of anime character with white hair!

Satoru Gojo (jujutsu kaisen)

Gojo is

Blue -eyed wizard of a special class jujutsu

from jujutsu kaisen.Gojo was on the first pages of newspapers with his huge intellect, healthy judgment, comic element and handsome face.

He thinks he is invincible and he often boasts.With many fans of Gojo is one of the favorite anime senseis.


Dogs demon from anime

Inuyasha is part of the demon and partly a man

.He was often childish, but when trouble arose, he went out.

Viewers can remember his Katana Tessaiga and his twisted relationship with Kagome.The series shows his character development when it becomes more trusting towards others.

Zen Wistaria (Snow White with red hair)

Zen, the main character with Akagami No Shirayuki-Hime, is the prince of the Kingdom of Clarine.Zen often goes beyond his palace thirsty for adventure, followed by his friends Mitsuhide Rouen and Kiki Seiran.He is responsible and looks after service and maids.

Zen has almost become

Prisoner resistant from childhood

.A literal prince caught the eye of many through the anime.

Mirajane Strauss (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane, Mag Class S Z

Fairy Tail,

He is one of the most kindness and concern for characters.Don’t be fooled by thinking that the girl is less powerful because she is a literal demon.Her soul Satan allows her to take over the appearance and powers of the demon.

In her youth she was a boy and everyone was afraid of her;But it changed after the death of younger siblings.She is also a model for Sorcerer Magazine.

Garou (One-Punch Man)


One of the strongest villains from One-Punch Man

, he is also called the hero hunter.He is a master of martial arts with whom he overcomes his opponents.After eating the cell of the monster, Garou changes and becomes more powerful.

Jiraiya (Naruto)


The most beloved ero Sennin from the series


, is another in the series.Was

Like Father Naruto

, helping him training and teaching him Rasengan and the sage mode.

Jiraiyi’s favorite hobby is spying women while bathing, claiming that he is collecting data.He is also the author of the tactics of Icha Icha and many other novels.His death is one of the most painful, leaving all the viewers very sad and depressed.

Nate River (Death Note)

On this,

better known as Near, he is the main antagonist in the second half of the series

Death Note

.Near is very calm and loves to solve complex problems.

He has great respect for L, which can be seen after using methods L to solve crimes.He almost defeated Light and

became the successor of L

, showing how much intellect and knowledge it has.

TENGEN UZUI (Demon Sammer)


Hashira sound

, is one of the main supporting characters in

Demon conqueror

.One of the most flashy characters calls himself God, a facade when he cares for loved ones.

Tengen is a fencing master who uses sound breathing, the technique he has developed himself.These and many other skills may appear in intensive battles in the Entertainment District arcade.

Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Acadekaren)

Shoto, although his hair is half and half of the color, we will not discriminate against it and include it in the list.He is the famous character from

My hero acadekaren

which has many fans.Todoroki has a large scar after burn on the left side of the face.

On the right side of the body, it can freeze everything he touches and create waves of ice and other objects.Todoroki can create heat waves on the left, although he does not like to use them, because it reminds him of his father’s wickedness towards him and his mother.

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki, the main character of the Tokyo Ghoul series, is a one -eyed ghul who became more powerful after his transformation.Kaneki initially had black hair, which after Yamori’s torture turned the color to white.He gave viewers various unusual fighting scenes, inscribed in our memories.

Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Our beloved Sensei Kakashi, or

Copy ninja from Naruto

, is next on the list.He decorates the mask that covers most of his face, while his forehead protector covers his left eye.Although most of his face is covered, Kakashi is considered handsome.

He usually reads Icha Icha tactics, his only weakness.The death of his friends Obito and Rin had a huge impact on him, although he learns to deal with them over time.Kakashi is helpful, relaxed and modest in his attitude.Everyone who met Kakashi heard about him and mentioned him as a powerful opponent.

Ash Landers (black butler)


Carech of Queen Victoria

, is the male equivalent of an angel from the series

Black Butler.ASH considers himself better than others because he is a fallen angel.In his real form, Sebastian tears Ash into pieces, which constantly screams “dirty”.

Korai Hoshumi (Haikyuu !!)

Hoshuumi is

highly qualified player

invited to an intensive training camp All Japan Youth from the Haikyuu series !!.Hoshumi is generally loud and enthusiastic, but during matches he becomes calm and composed.He has excellent volleyball skills, which usually surprise people because of its low height.

U-1146 and U -196 (Cells at Work)

U-1146 and U -196 to

white blood cells or neutrophils


Cells at Work!White and cells at work!BLACK

appropriately.It is refreshing to see cells in our bodies transformed into characters and their uniqueness.

Both are restrained, but when the germ appears, they become aggressive and brutally eliminate germs on their way.Both have light skin, white hair and matte black eyes.As neutrophins, they patrol blood vessels and eliminate microorganisms or viruses that can harm the human body.

Rabo (Noragami)


Main antagonist with Noragami

, he is the god of Calamita, who apparently fought alongside Yato.Rabo is a cautious figure who likes to judge his enemies before starting the fight.

He is ruthless because he likes to kill people, ghosts and gods, regardless of the intention of murder.The form of the Rabo Reiki vessel is tachi with numerous water -related abilities.

Takayuki Furuichi (Beelzebub)

Takayuki, one of the main characters of the anime, is

comic figure

, which changes its attitude when women are involved.He reacts best when the character does something unusual, which surprises others around him.

Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)


The main character of Gintama

, also known as Siroyasha is a highly qualified samurai.Due to his past, Gintoki misses his family, which leads him to the strong will to protect his friends.

He is lazy and often seen with a blunt expression.Gintoki is a comic figure, and the series will pull you into the elements of the comic and his perfect skill in fencing.

Tomoe (Kamisama Kiss)



From the popular Anime series Kamisama Kiss, it’s Lis Yokai, which serves Nani Momozo.Like a fox,

Tomoe is cunning and cunning

, has a short temperament and straightforwardness.

Thanks to the ability to control the enchanted flames called Kitsunebi, Tomoe can burn anything.He can also transform himself and others into something or someone.

Seitense (black missile)

Seitense is

Governor of the Tokyo area

in the Anime series “Black bullet”.She is a serious person who performs his tasks entrusted without hesitation and can remain calm in confrontation with others.Although it may seem cold, Seinteshi is a good person.

Toge Inumaki (jujutsu kaisen)



A quiet boy from jujutsu kaisen is remembered mainly from his dialogues, such as tuna, mustard leaves, bonito flakes.


has a curse of “snakes and fangs”

From the Inumaki clan, which forces everyone who hear it, to obedience when it is filled with cursed energy.To prevent this, Toge uses specific words to communicate and express himself.

Final thoughts

While white hair is considered to be associated with old age, in the anime world this hair color is considered normal.White symbolizes cleanliness with a hint of magic.

We hope that thanks to this list readers will remember many characters and that at least some were new to them.So what do you think about the letter?Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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