20 of the strongest chain saw (in the ranking)

A man with a chain saw is currently one of the most famous series, which is not a surprise, knowing how wonderful and popular Manga was when she appeared.The adaptation of the anime was one of the most anticipated events of the season, along with Bleach’s return, and that’s why we are talking about the series at the moment.In this article, we will analyze the characters from the series and present the ranking list of the 20 strongest Chainsaw Man characters, including devils and non-diablas.Have fun!

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20. Himeno

The devil Hunter from the special section 4, Himeno is a young woman with a loincloth on the eye.He secretly in love with Aki, will never stop trying to convince him to give up the profession of devil hunter and a peaceful life.The ghost of the devil lives in her right hand and allows her to immobilize someone or eat part of the goal for which she aims.He will devote himself to his devil completely to save the section members.

19. Galgali/Devil of Violence

Galgali, the devil of violence, is another figure on our list of the most powerful Chainsaw Man.Despite the nickname, the devil of violence is extremely polite and direct.He apologized to Beam after he beat him in self -defense and told the spider devil to evacuate from the area when he took her as a human lady.

The devil of violence attributes to him that he still has a significant part of his human brain, which is unusual in the devil.He claims that he loves peace and love and remembers many details from his previous life as a man.He claims that he cannot eat because of his mask, but he likes to treat others, because he can enjoy food through his reaction to them.

18. Aki Hayakawa

Aki has a contract with the curse of the devil, which gives him a sword reminiscent of a nail.To use it, Aki would have to shorten her life significantly.Aki sticks a nail into a random place on the opponent’s body.Then he says the word “fire”, and the hand of the curse devil appears and hits the back end of the nail to deal damage.

Through a three -time stabbing of the enemy with a nail, Aki is able to recall the devil of the escape, which grabs the enemy and deals with him great damage, killing him in this process.After losing the grace of Lisie Devil, Aki was taken to the hell of the future, which is kept by the Security Service and managed to gain a contract to use his ability if he allows the devil of the future to live in his right eye.

17. Power

In her original form of the devil, Power claimed that she was afraid that other devils would escape her smell, but it is probably only a staggering with power.Power can freely manipulate blood in her body to create a weapon.He can also manipulate other people’s blood through direct contact and prevent bleeding, although he admits that it is difficult.

Power can also distort the regenerative abilities of the target by mixing with its own blood.As a devil, power can restore her health by consuming blood.As a bloody devil, after death, he can regenerate from small amounts of blood, consuming the blood of a stronger devil.After defeating Chainsaw Man by Makima, Podkita used this skill, pouring her blood into Denji’s body to absorb herself.Although he is not as tall as another protagonist, Power definitely deserves a place on this list.

16. Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari was a civilian devil’s civilian working with Gun Devil and had a contract with Snake Devil.Little is known about her and her powers except what we saw in the series, but it was enough to put her on this list.Her snake devil is quite powerful and dangerous, which makes Akane an extremely strong and powerful opponent.

15. Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida is a private devil hunter.Together with Kusakabe and Tamaoki, he is considered by Makima to be a high -class bodyguard specialist.He is also a member of an organization that commissioned him to ensure Denji’s safety during the first part of the manga.It was revealed that he had a contract with the octopus devil, which allows him to call tentacles at will.In addition, he is a melee specialist, which provided him with a place on this list.

14. The curse of the devil

When the summoned curse devil manifests itself as a large two -headed skeleton with horns, his skull’s rights seems human, while the left skull has three gaps for his eyes and longer teeth.The curse of the devil has clawed hands and a large, tied chest.The curse of the devil appears as a pair of dark lips floating in the dark or as a terribly large lips when it appeals to someone.When its contractor repeatedly stabs the target with his nail, the curse of the devil will appear, grab the arms of the target in a crossed position and deadly hurts him, biting his arms and neck, while crushing his arms.

13. Cosmo/Cosmos Devil

Cosmo, the incarnation of the cosmic devil, does not show much emotion except her ordinary smile and seemingly calm behavior.The devil of the cosmos does not say, except for repeating the word “Halloween” and, like the rest of the Girls Quanxi, follows Quanxi and seems to be a crush in her and is under her command.

When Cosmo uses his powers in the master, a different version of himself appears during the conversation, which probably happened in the master’s mind or in her mind, which suggests that this is her true personality.While he retains his happy behavior, it turns out that he is calmer and can speak normally, talking to the master about what is happening.Nevertheless, he is one of the most powerful Chainsaw Man characters.

12. Katana Man

The unnamed grandson of the leader Yakuza, who hired Denji, is also on our list, because this dangerous character is better known as Katana Man, one of the most dangerous and most dangerous antagonists of the first part of the manga.In order to avenge his grandfather’s death, he is employed by Akane Sawatari to regain the heart of the devil of the mechanical saw.He hides the blade in one hand and turns into Katana Man.In this form he is a deadly and powerful swordsman, as well as a talented shooter, which is why he deserved the place among the strongest characters of Chainsaw Man.

11. Reze/Bomb Devil

By pulling out a pin into a collar, like a grenade, Reze can explode and transform into a hybrid form.He can also use the same technique, but instead of just transforming, he is shooting his head and leaves a lure to divert the attention of enemies.This lure can hold and throw his own head, and then explode like a bomb, as well as the whole body, before the rea is revealed.

Reze can detonate its own skin from the shoulders to explode and strengthen your physical attacks.By pulling them out, Reze can detonate them to explode.He can also launch them by pulling them out of their hands.Bomb Devil can transform its exploding limbs into torpedoes, thanks to which its blows and kicks will be more destructive.Reze can freely cause explosions around him, increasing its explosive mobility.He can also travel in the sky through continuous, successful explosions.

10. Angel Devil

Angel Devil is considered the second strongest division agent 4 after captain Kishiba, but he is stopped by his laziness.The wings of the devil’s angel are strong enough to reflect fire and can serve as improvised shields.Angel Devil can absorb human life through physical contact.

If they affect long enough, the affected person will eventually be killed painlessly.After Aki took his hand for a short time, the Angel Devil estimated that Aki lost two months of his life.Angel Devil can transform exhausted life into weapons with supernatural properties, such as Katana Aki, which can cut the normally intangible spirit of the devil.

9. Santa Claus

Santa Claus is one of the killers sent to Denji and is one of the more intriguing characters from Chainsaw Man, as well as one of the most powerful.Presented as a German old man, later it turns out that Santa Claus is a designation for different people, and the real body is a Russian woman, called by his student Tolka “a teacher”, whom she also turns into a body for her.The teacher has a contract with the devil’s doll and has the opportunity to turn people into dolls under her control, which becomes part of the mind of Santa’s hive.

Santa Claus announces a conspiracy to send Denji and a few hunters to hell as a victim for the devil of darkness in exchange for the power of killing Makmy.The burning Denji defeats her, and her mind is destroyed by one of the lovers of Quanxi, the cosmic devil.

8. Quanxi

Quanxi has a level of strength that was described by Hirofumi Yoshida as going beyond human possibilities.Having swords, he can cut dozens of people and dolls without slowing down, stopping only when her weapon is destroyed by the strength of her own attacks.

Even one blocked blow was enough to overpower both Aki Hayakawa and the Angel of the Devil.Even in its human form, Quanxi has superhuman speed.She managed to disappear from the field of view of five devil hunters, sneaking next to them at the speed of lightning, crossing the army of puppets created by the devil of puppets, before the original five of the devil hunters realized that she had already been killed.

Quanxi is a qualified warrior in melee, and Kishibe considers her one of the best in the world.It is highly specialized in using kicks.In a few moments she was able to turn off Denji, Tamaoki and Kusakabe with the help of kicks.Quanxi is a very intriguing hybrid, and the fact that it is in the upper half of our list of the strongest Chainsaw Man characters speaks enough about its strengths.


According to Makmy, Kishibe is the strongest member of Tokyo Special Division 4, followed by Angel Devil.Kishibe described himself as the strongest devil hunter.Kishibe has contracts with at least three devils, which have been described as “quite dangerous”.Although they initially rejected by them as nothing special, Kishibe turned out to be strong enough to beat two devils working for Quanxi alone.

Kishibe is very talented in using knives in battle.After avoiding Denji’s attack, he stabbed Denji in the back many times, then stuck the knife into the jaw into the brain and slid the Power’s throat.He also has excellent shooting skills because he was able to precisely throw a knife through the passage to hit Denji’s head.

6. Gun Devil

The next character on this list of the strongest Chainsaw Man is Gun Devil, one of the main antagonists of the first part.Gun Devil is incredibly fast, he can kill 1.2 million people in different countries around the world in five minutes.His speed is so great that his body pieces burned when he moved.Gun Devil can shoot bullets from various weapons, which are part of your body, with great precision and speed.

He can shoot the bullet in the head of every adult man within a radius of about 1000 meters from him, shoot the bullet in the head of every child up to 12 years in a radius of about 1500 meters from him and shoot a ball into the heart of every living being born in January, February, March, March,May, June, August, September, November or December within a radius of about 1000 meters from him.

The devil’s pistol can reject its own body, which resembles bullets because of its speed and power.When all kinds of devils consume Gun Devil’s pieces, the Gun Devil power increases significantly.These parts of the bullets attract and connect with each other after touching and will try to connect with the main body of Gun Devil to regenerate.

5. Hell devil

Like hell, the devil can manifest as a gigantic hand with six fingers, which emerges from the gate in heaven, which connects with one of the many gates of hell.This allows the infernal devil to send some people to hell.The hellish devil can also transfer sacrifices from hell back to the human world.

Hell devil can restore health by consuming blood like a devil.After cutting his head by the devil of the chain saw, the devil’s hunter fed him with his blood, allowing him to send the devil of the chain saw to hell.The hellish devil can be reborn in hell after killing, effectively making him immortal.These are all the general power of the devil, but at the moment we really don’t know much about it.


War Devil is a new addition to the series and it turns out that he is very powerful.Namely, a moment before the death of Aces Mitaki, the war devils concluded a contract with her, in which they jointly control the body of Mitaki.To make this possible, the war devil left only half the brain of the ace, which, however, does not cause the girl any special problems.Apparently, passing control over the body can only take place at the request of the war devil.

The war devil also has the ability to read Mitaki’s mind, but it does not seem that the girl can do the same for the devil.When one of them controls the body, the other remains to observe what is happening as an external observer and is felt only by the control side, without being able to physically interact with the environment.

The war devil is able to easily create all kinds of weapons from the people she “had”.In order for a person to belong to the war devil, he must apparently experience some sexual or romantic train.To create a weapon, War Devil must give the type of desired device and the name of the selected person.

3. Makima/Department of Control

As expected, the main antagonist of the first part of the manga will be Makima, or Control Devi.Makima is a girl with a serious, but at the same time calm personality, which is manifested by the fact that she explains the current situation in a slow and orderly way, without exciting.You can always see that he maintains a nice atmosphere, at least with Denji, when he acclimatizes.On the other hand, it is also very cunning and manipulating.

He controls Denji, promising a romantic and sexual relationship, threatening him with extermination, if he doesn’t listen to her.Apparently Control Devil wants more power and will do everything to get it.She is ruthless and ready to sacrifice the lives of others and hurt innocent people if it helps her.

Makima is an extreme fan of Chainsaw Man, “hero of hell.”Fascinated by his ability to remove the embodiment of the devil when she eats it, she said that her goal was to take control of a man of a mechanical saw, using his power to create a “perfect” world without fears, and if he does not do so, she would be eaten by ChainsawMAN, because she thinks it is an honor for her to be part of Chainsaw Devil.

However, the real indefinite goal of Makim was to be together forever with a pit and lead a happy life with him, because she always missed something like a family, because she was not able to establish equal relationships with others like him, e.g. her own devil’s control.After the death of Makmy, the Devil of Control is reborn in Part 2, but it is not known whether the new iteration will be so powerful.

2. Devil of darkness

The devil of darkness one of the most grotesque and disturbing performances seen so far in a man with a mechanical saw.That’s why we put it so high on our list and that’s why he is such a terrifying figure, even among the devils.

The appearance of the darkness of the darkness consists of several connected human bodies, with two bodies act as his legs and four other human bodies acting as his torso, each with a unique face: this is directly under the neck, there is no eyes, nose and vertical mouths, the otherThe head has open eyes and the lips are sewn, the third has no nose, the lips remain open, and the eyes are sewn, and the fourth has no eyes and maintains a gloomy expression.

His head resembles the shape of Pterodactyla with curved horns.The first human body has stretched arms holding something that seems to be a mantle of darkness.Little is known about this devil of darkness, except that he will attack everyone he perceives as a threat and that it can easily make the limbs of his victim disappear from the whim.

1. Denji/Chainsaw Man/Chainsaw Devil

As expected, the most terrifying character in the series, whose motorbike is the only thing that all devils remember from hell, is the devil Chainsaw, who currently lives in Denji, known as Chainsaw Man.Denji is insolent and naive because he lives in extreme poverty and has no proper education and upbringing as a child, which seems to be rude and raw in a childish way.However, he has a good sense of empathy towards other people, wanting to save those who are in danger as much as he can, showing that despite his flaws he is a kind person.

Although the devil with a mechanical saw does not necessarily have the highest intelligence, he is able to come up with clever strategies to overcome the devils, as when he set fire to and used the light to weaken Santa Claus enough to kill her.After becoming a hunter of public security devils and satisfying basic needs, Denji is not sure what he wants in life and lamenting that his dreams are fleeting, afraid that he will lose empathy and attachment, and even emotions.

As time passes, it becomes more and more obvious that Denji is emotionally damaged and desperate to love and be loved, which makes her emotionally dependent on Makim as a mechanism of coping, and even tells her that she wants to be a dog without sense.This mental disorder led Denji to the decision that he would not kill Makie, but he would become one with her to afford to defeat her, so he ate her at the end of Part 1.

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