22 anime romance series, in which a popular kid falls in love with an outcast

Although romance can literally flourish from anywhere, the romantic anime has only the number of settings to create a fascinating romantic story.One of such configurations is the situation in which a popular person goes against all adversities and begins to be interested in his local outcast.

Although it may seem a bit offensive that an unpopular person can often find a value only when someone more valuable is interested in them, it is better to think about it, because every introvert sometimes needs extroverted to get him out of their crust, you know?

If this cute romantic is set between a popular person and an unpopular person is your jam when it comes to romantic anime, and then try these anime recommendations.

Say “I love you”

After a bad story of betrayal by her classmates, Mei remains quiet and unavailable at school to protect himself.One day, however, a misunderstanding appears on her path with the popular Yamato.Considering her intriguing, she tries to get closer to her, even though she constantly pushes him away.

This series is the most quintessence of this romantic anime.Do not expect any subversive activities, expect a standard anime affair.However, it is good to give each character some damage that affects their behavior.

Kimi ni Todoke

At this point, Kimi Ni Todoke is distinguished by a rather slow romance.However, the whole series is about a shy and misunderstood girl who one day will be encouraged to leave her shell by a popular boy.

The advantage of the series is that a popular boy inspired her and likes her, but they do not immediately become a couple.He grows up for himself and ultimately grows up to a person who can have normal relationships with a well -adapted person, instead of clinging to him as a first and only friend.

3D girl

As standard, socially inept Otaku, Tsutsui avoids unpopularity in the real world through games and anime.However, forced to punish the pool cleaning, he meets the beautiful and popular Iroha.She thinks that she is only your standard, boring, popular girl with loose reputation, but despite her reputation, she sees her in a completely different light.

While the 3D girl sometimes begins terrible, she turns into a pretty good affair.This is a wonderful adventure in invaluable the book after a cover with both characters.


Hori, pretty and popular at school, has a relatively dead social life because she must look after home and her younger brother while her parents work.Miyamura looks like a disgusting Otaku at school, but he becomes a fashionable guy with lots of earrings outside him.

One day their paths are crossed outside of school.

Horimiya is a performance about the faces of ourselves, which we do not show others, and this builds a fantastic romance.It has a story that we definitely approached earlier, but cuts out all standard romantic dramas from it, which leads to relatively healthy moments.

My first girlfriend is gala

As clearly Ecchi-Romans, My First Girlfriend is a Gal has the whole story summarized in the title.

An unpopular guy accidentally gets his first girlfriend who is a fashionable and popular gyuar, or “gala”.

However, Gyaru has a bit of surprise reputation, but his new girlfriend is a lonely gyuar.It is clean as snow when it comes to romance.However, her friends who press her romantic progress are not.That’s why it becomes ecchi.

My dressing up darling

What is more bond between two people with different statuses than common passions?In my dress-up honey, he is a loner at school because he thinks his passion to do Hina Dolls like his grandfather is not the right passion for a man.However, after a random meeting with a fashionable and popular Marin, he discovers that he wants a cosplay, including a girl from H.

Together, she helps her achieve her goals, while finding her as a friend who really accepts her passion.Her openness as Otaku additionally inspires him to accept himself.

Although the real romance is quite slow, it is a very sweet progress.

Secret Haruki Nogizaki

Like my dress-up, baby, Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret talks about the main heroine, who discovers that the most popular girl at school is secretly giant Otaku.Unlike my dress-up, Darling hides it and he agrees to help keep my secret.

A joint secret is a quick way to establish a bond, and the bond is the first step to the relationship.As an older series, this series is more in line with many ROM-COM clues, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.


Avoiding her family for her ability to read in her thoughts made Kotoura cold.Now he is actively at thoughts so that people do not hurt her again.

However, when she moves to a new school, she discovers that Manabe is not discouraged by her cold and really thinks her powers are amazing.

Although Manabe is not the most popular guy, the status of Kotour’s existent makes it look pretty good in comparison.What’s more, this Rom-com can sometimes be as touching as fun.

Brothers Conflict

Have you ever wanted to see the whole harem of handsome brothers fighting for one girl who is also their new half -sister?

Not?Well, it’s a pity.

Although Ema in Brothers Conflict is not unpopular, it is really nothing.She is a sweet girl with anime for her much more developed 13 new brothers where you can fall in love and fight.It was not shown that she had any other friends or really life except for engaging in the plot of each brothers.

Her brothers, of course, are handsome and have different stages of success in their specific passions.

Yamada-Cun and seven witches

While trying to escape from the reputation of the criminal, Ryuu is bored in his high school and soon gains a reputation of a criminal.One day, however, he meets a beautiful student of Shiraishi and accidentally ends her kiss her, discovering that after a kiss they can change their bodies.

While this program has great harem vibrations when he realizes his conspiracy to discover all witches with powers activated kiss in their school, like any harem, there is clearly the best girl.And, like most harem, this is the first girl.

In addition, it is a harem show in which romance actually develops between the main couple at the end.So no protagonist is rinsed here with his feelings.

Don’t play with me, Miss Nagatoro

Do you know this old saying that children abuse the opposite people because they like them and only in this way can they express it?Well, this is exactly this program.

The main character quietly works on his art in the library before he is tracked by a group of popular girls.One girl is interested in him more than others and suddenly she is besieged every day by her company.

Because no one is honest here with their feelings, love flows slowly.Sometimes teasing may also seem on the criminal side.However, the longer it lasts, and things become softer, in fact it becomes quite touching.

Kiss him, not me

It is often hard to believe that someone popular suddenly suddenly became interested in an unpopular person.This series has a more well -established position in reality, even if this truth stings.

The main heroine is a chubby girl who, after her favorite character dies, stops eating, becomes a thin, a seizure of depression and suddenly becomes charming.Now, of course, the whole harem of handsome classmates suddenly became interested in her, even though she still sends them as couples for boys.

At least this series had a good sense for the main love to interest a boy who liked her before she got hot, so it is.

My romantic comedy for snap

While many romances have stories outside of love that they follow, are not always the most significant things.My romantic comedy for Snafu teenagers is a romantic comedy of another breed.

He focuses on pessimistic, and thus a very unpopular loner, who is forced to join the club, whose only goal is to help other students.This club runs an extremely popular but slightly cool girl.Although at first everything is tense, they both grow up as people, and ultimately become a couple.

What I can say about this series will never give it up fairly.This is really one of the best anime series of all species in developing characters throughout the season.

Rascal does not dream about Bunny Girl Senpai

Like my romantic comedy for Snafu teenagers, Rascal does not dream about Bunny Girl Senpai is an affair, but with the fleshy side of the story.The main character is a quiet guy with a small handful of friends, but he manages to save an extremely popular classmate and actress from disappearing because of the mysterious puberty syndrome.

While they meet as a couple early and have several charming moments, the series is devoted to tracking an interesting and often dramatic secret of puberty syndrome.

Komi-san cannot communicate

At Tadano, it is really unpopular only in this series, especially because of how much he approaches the extremely popular competitors.

This series tends to reverse this special romance on the head.Komi is shy and extremely quiet because of its social anxiety, but extremely popular because of her quiet dignity and beauty.

In another world he can be an unpopular girl, and Tadano, a completely normal and well -adapted guy., he would be a guy who pulls her out of her shell.

Unfortunately, the romance in Komi-san cannot communicate already exists, but it moves at an absolute snail’s pace.

Accel World

Pulchy and often intimidated Haruyuki often finds an escape in online games.One day, however, the popular vice -chairman of the student council, Kurohimyuki, introduces him to a new type of game in augmented reality, which accelerates the brain waves so quickly that time seems to stop.

Now, of course, Accel World devotes a lot of time to track the plot surrounding Brain Burst and win the road to the top.So this is definitely an affair for those who like a solid dose of action with him.

However, the main character is unpopular, his interest in love is very popular and has a few nice romantic moments.It is simply not positioned like a standard ROM-COM, in which their relationship has priority over everything else.


After watching how love tears his family, Eita is never determined to get involved.This means that his life in high school is intended only for learning.

However, noticing his lack of interest, mashasis, a common goal of someone else’s feelings, asks him to become her boyfriend, that everyone would stop inviting her.


Although this one begins as a false romance, you know how it happens.In the end, it turns into a real one when Eita’s eyes open to the joy of love.


Usually, when a popular girl finds out that you are a player, do not take you immediately to their gaming club, but that’s what Gamers is about.

After an accidental meeting with a school idol, the average Keita student is enlisted in a game club, but while this club has a wide range of stereotypes about players, Keita believes that games should not be competitive.

After saying, players, despite the title, have little to do with games.Instead, it is more standard ROM-COM.


Sankarea is a rather strange romance, because technically does not start before the title, popular Sanka Rea dies after she was tired of dealing with problems at home.

However, he returns to life as a zombie and begins a relationship with the main character who is obsessed with Zombie.

This is.It is difficult to combine horror, romance and comedy into one series, but this series does a decent job.


Most romances with this particular configuration are relatively regulated to high school, because as an adult, no one really cares about how popular you are.

However, Wotakoi is an affair for adults, worthy of attention, because the main character Narumi actively hides her hobby Otaku from fear that even more normal people will push her away as a disgusting Otaku.However, he again makes contact with his childhood friend Hirotaka in his new job, a man who is quiet, but openly plays no matter what people think, and begins to meet him.

Wilczyca and the Black Prince

Fighting for new friends, Erika manages to establish a frail friendship of several popular girls.However, trying to impress them, he lies that he has a boyfriend.

As proof, she takes a photo of a handsome stranger and is shocked when a handsome boy goes to her school.By asking him to be her fake boyfriend, he agrees provided he would be his dog.Despite this contract, he really falls in love with him.

My love story

Although no character in My Love Story is necessarily popular or unpopular, he is so similar to this set that he deserves a mention.Takeo is a big, intimidating man gorilla.While his peers admire their strength and heroism, his attitude and face usually repel the girls.

However, after saving a charming girl from the molesting, she falls in love with him.Even then, until she is specified, she thinks that she is in love with his popular and handsome best friend.

This is probably one of the healthiest romances you will ever see.

Do you know more romantic anime recommendations, which a popular person falls in love with an unpopular person?Let the fans know in the comments section below.

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