28 of the strongest Naruto forms in the ranking – 2022

Naruto, a well -known Manga anime series, which we all love, has several intriguing characters.Because we all love Naruto and his innocence the most, there are other characters that are as strong as he.Ninja’s Ninja journey is very interesting, but people who are with him as his allies and villains have extremely good strength.Naruto characters are equally strong, and their competition is brilliant.

Because we are all curious who must be the strongest figure in Naruto, and who is the least strong character, here is the selected list of the strongest characters from Naruto with their skills.

28. Choji akimichi

After his father, Choi Akimichi is the 16th candidate for the leader of the Akimichi clan.He is overweight, he is squat and likes to eat.Each other child at school makes fun of him because he is a low, plump person.He is restrained, shy and naive.He lacks trust in his skills because of other students, but when he switches to Ninja mode, it can be quite powerful.

Choji akimichi

He uses his significant strength in the fourth world war of Shinobi, where he then develops the belief to conduct the Akimachi clan.He acquires Akiimichi’s ability to transform his fats into a chakra when they eat a lot.

27. Shino Aburame

One of Naruto’s main characters is Shino Aburame, a friend of Naruto, who has a strange attitude and love of insects.The Aburame clan, whose member is Shino Aburame, is powerful enough to use beetles, to feed on the strongest enemy chakra.

Shino Aburame

It has the ability to control insects in the fight against the opponent.He is also known for killing Zaku Abhumi, one of Naruto’s key enemies.Shino has a decent heart and is a good man, but sometimes he does not behave in this way because he has a terrible custom of hiding anger towards other people.

26. Rock Lee

Rock Lee has a small, endearing look.Rock Lee is even more powerful when using Taijutsu, although he lacks proficiency in several key techniques, such as ninjutsu and genjutsu.He was able to learn Taijutsu with the help of Might Guy, and even defeated Chen, a qualified practice of this technique.

Rock Lee

In addition to other skills, Ninja, Rock Lee has incredibly powerful fists.He becomes more aggressive and begins to beat people when he consumes alcohol.But if he wants to join the battle, his fists gain strength.

25. Hinata Hyuga

One of the most powerful characters in Naruto is Hinata Hyuga, a member of the Hyuga Clan and wife Naruto Uzumaki.It can be tall, pretty and charming, but when it comes to using your talents, it is hard as nails.

Hinata Hyuga

From the beginning, she was seen as delicate because of her polite and gentle behavior.However, because of Naruto, she improved and mastered the chakra control.The Hyuga clan, to which Hinata belongs, is the source of her greatest strength.He has amazing visual skills and sees everything around him at 360 degrees.

24. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka is a member of the Team Yasuma group.Three friends will be seen together by the whole anime, and she has two more teammates.She is very sure of her skills and very sympathetic.He shows concern for his friends because one of them was persecuted because of the shape of his forehead.

Ino Yamanaka

The strongest genine of the Yamanak clan is Yoko, who is a geninka herself.Her fourth performance in the global war of Shinobi was her strongest, and now serves as an interrogating for the analytical team.She gained the skills of Earth, Water, Yin and Yang during the fourth war of Shinobi.It also has the power of rock and fire.

23. Sasori

Sasori from red sand, Sasori is a member of the Akatsuki clan.Sasori was raised by his grandmother because his parents were dead when he was a child.His grandmother taught him puppetry championship.So now Sasori has great strength to create dolls and handle them according to him.He can create dolls that look exactly like people and behave the same.They can also be used to create a chakra.


Sasori is very strong when it comes to its ability to create puppets and is also quite determined.He has strong control over his concentration, and during the fight he shows his ability to overcome the enemy 100 %.

22. Hidan

Hidan is the latest member of the Akatsuki clan and follower of Jashin.It is also the strongest unit.He treats people with a lot of respect and has poor communication skills.He has a heart of stone and there is no empathy for other people.Its most important ability is immortality, except for malnutrition and the requirement to connect the head with the body.He is the strongest because of his immortality, as a result he was able to bear numerous injuries.


Hidan has developed a scythe with three blades and is also running in Bakijutsu.He uses the same technique to influence people and defend himself.He has the strongest body and the greatest endurance that helps him survive injuries during the fight.In addition, numerous powers make it stronger.

21. Yamato

Because Yamato graduated from the age of 6, he is considered the strongest.Later he improved to be in the best shape.Hokage DNA is also present in it because it was implanted as part of the experiment;Despite this, everyone else died, but Yamato survived himself.


He gets more power from Kekkei Genkai free of wood, because it comes from the DNA of the first hokage and allows him to direct the earth chakra in one hand, and the chakra of water in the other.To fight the enemy, it can release wood from the fan.He also uses the first Hokage necklace to reduce the strength of nine tails creatures.

20. Hamura Otstsuki

The ancestor of the Hyuga clan and son of Kaguya, Hamura Otsutsuki, had the power to manage a chakra.He and his twin brother were born with a chakra.He received the capacity of the chakra from both mother and father.

Twins Otsutsuki

He also has the power to go beyond his death and can connect with people even after his death, if someone tries to manifest his form.It also has a 360 vision and an X -ray vision.He and his twin brother are also able to use the six -figure Jenjutsu.

19. Zetsu

Zetsu is a member of Akatsuki, half of it is white Zetsu, and the other half is black Zetsu.Madara Uchiha injected him the bottom of Hashimar Senju.Zetsu is strongly trained in ninjutsu, and because it connects with black and white zetsu, it can divide into two parts and work as separate people when necessary;Despite this, they can communicate with each other with the help of their thoughts.

Black and white zetsu

White Zetsu also has the ability to create a substitute for other people, and can also exceptionally clone their skills.He also uses Jętka technique to travel to different places as soon as possible.White Zetsu and Black Zetsu have different abilities and they both always use their skills so well that they can compete with the enemy with the greatest strength.

18. A – Fourth Raikage

And this is the offspring of the third Raikage and the fourth Raikage Kumogakure.He is quite rough, as well as a fan of strength.He is mild as a person, but raw when it comes to ninja skills.Despite his aging appearance, he is incredibly strong and has a muscular body that shows it.

A – the fourth raikage

In addition to having a powerful body and amazing strength, and it is also incredibly fast, and its intellect is rapid when it comes to the destruction of the opposition.It has amazing Ninjutsu power releasing light.It also has one of the best natural changes.He also discovered a child who called B, who had the same strength as him.

17. Kisame Hoshigaki

The monster of the hidden fog, Kisame Hoshigaki was a member of the Hoshigaki Clan, and after becoming a missing Ninja joined Akatsuki.With a focused mind during a fight, Kisame Hoshigaki loves to fight.He is a bit impetuous, but it brings him benefits only when fighting in the battle.

Kisame hoshigaki

Kisame is fluent in many chakras, and also reverses the abilities of his enemies.He also has physical strength, which helps him use his chakras most effectively.It is also very talented in various ninjutsu, including nature transformation and recall ability.It can also combine various skills that he must most effectively win the battle.

16. Tobiram Senju

The founder of the first village of Shinobi and a member of the well -known Senju clan, Tobiram Senju is considered one of the strongest figures in Naruto.He is a hard -working when it comes to managing the political stability of his village, and after the death of his brother is a potential second hokage.

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju is considered the fastest shinobi, covering the distance on land under water is nothing for him.With its speed, physical strength and ninja techniques, they make it stronger.Shurikenjutsu is his strongest jutsu.He is also very running in teleporting to different places and times.As Shinobi, he has knowledge about many jutsu and chakras that help him win every battle.

15. Gaara

Gaara is considered a monster by the Sun people, but he can protect the village very well with his skills.He is strong, but impetuous and kills anyone who tries to harass or provoke him.Although Gaara became impetuous in the future, he was quite good when he was a child.


Gaara is running in various chakras and ninjutsu.He is also very expert in the transformation of nature, including in the techniques of releasing wind, soil and water.Thanks to his very strong chakra, he is considered the god of sand.He can easily manipulate sand during a fight.The sand is like a protective shield for him and always wears it when he is outside and is in danger.

14. Nagato

A fans of a room who wants to bring peace in the toxic world of Shinobi, Nagato, also known as pain, can do everything to bring peace to the world.He was shy and polite as a child, and he did not like to kill anyone and do terrifying deeds, but some circumstances changed him, allowing him to take part in the Ninja Academy.


His skills include many jutsu and chakras.It is qualified in various skills, including the skills of nature transformation and all other basic skills.His eyes, also known as Rinnegan, give him the power to use the techniques of six paths, which include the Deva path (gravitational powers), animal path (recalling powers), Preta path (ability to absorb various chakras), a path of man (power control soul),Asura path (possibility to transform one part of the body into many parts of the body) and Narak’s path (access to the king of hell).

13. Onoki

After his father, who was the second Tsuchikage, onoki is the third tsuchikage.Although it looks old and has a long white beard, it is the strongest and has the most skills.He has a bizarre personality, but it also looks quite cute.Onoki is able to defend his village with simple and complex techniques.


The technique of releasing dust, which he uses as his characteristic movement, connects the earth, fire and wind.Depending on the circumstances, he can use his technique of releasing dust with high or low force.He is also quite talented in engaging in fighting, maintaining a strong presence of mind.

12. Killer B

Killer B is a rapper, as well as a defender of his village, as well as Jinchuriki with eight tails.He is confident, and this makes him fight with every situation in which he finds.He is highly analytical and intelligent.Although he is old, in Naruto he seems to be the funniest old man who aspires to become a rapper.

Killer B

Although Killer B is Jinchuriki, he has great control over the eight -ogony beast mode.It has the abilities of various chakras, and his muscular body is proof of how to use your powers more effectively.He is also expert in various jutsu, including nature and kenjutsu transformation.Besides, he is an excellent swordsman.

11. Orochimaru:

With stubbornness in learning all the secrets of the world, Orochimaru can do everything to achieve his goals.As he knows, in one life it is not possible to know world secrets at all, he is looking for immortality, and when experimenting with illegal works to get immortality, Orochimaru is caught.


His characteristic technique is the technique of eight branches into which he transforms into gigantic eight white snakes.Orochimaru is one of the strongest characters in Naruto, because it has so much strength that it can compete with any strongest creature in the world.It also has knowledge about numerous jutsu and chakras.He can modify his body and treat the damage that happened to him.Along with other techniques, he is also known as the king of snakes.

10. Konan:

When her family died in the Shinobi war, Konan lived with her life, fighting for survival.She is shy and introverted, but strong as hell when it comes to experimenting with your characteristics and skills.We can also call it the goddess of paper, and you can also see it wearing paper flowers on the head.


As a fan of Origami since childhood, Konan has a unique relationship with paper.Since her childhood, she learned to use paper as a shield to fight others, which led her to the creation of many sheets of paper, with the help of which she attacked her enemy.It also has knowledge about various jutsu and chakras, such as nature transformation techniques.

9. Kakashi Hatake

One of the most powerful characters in Naruto is Kakashi Hatake, the most talented and attractive shinobi.He is the fierce leader of the team who strongly believes in teamwork.In addition to encouraging his students to develop cooperation skills, he tries to teach everyone the best of what cooperation is.Even as Genin Kakashi, he taught Naruto to fight.

Kakashi Hatake

He can deceive everyone thanks to his excellent juice skills and a strong mental presence.It may seem that he can deceive everyone, but he is also an expert in melee combat, and his characteristic movement is the method of multiple -cloning shadow.

8. Minato Namikaze

One of the most powerful characters in Naruto is Minato Namizakw, the fourth Hokage and father Naruto Uzumaki.Naruto was born for Kushina, Jinjuriki from the nine -friendly fox, who was also his mother.It is believed that one of the fastest and strongest hokage he has ever lived is Minato Namikaze.

Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki – father and mother Naruto

Due to the colossal strength and skills of Ninja Minoto Namizake, no one can easily overcome him.To really involve him in the fight, you need more strength and intelligence, because all previous opponents lost.

7. Itachi uchiha

Shinobi from the Uchiha clan and the international criminal who killed the whole clan is also the older brother of Sasuke.Since childhood, his life has passed many fights and violence, which made him do things he could never do.But this is what made him strong and competitive.

Itachi uchiha

Since childhood, ITACHI has gained a lot of knowledge about various ninja techniques.He can easily direct the chakras to defeat the enemy.His strongest jutsu is Taijutsu.Itachi can also summon crows and clone them to cheat the enemy.

6. Hashiram Senju

Hashimar Senju, God Shinobi, is a member of the Senju clan.Even after his death, Hashimar Senju is still remembered from his amazing abilities and willingness to give his life to ensure the safety of the Senju community and clan.

Hashirama Senju

Due to his championship in the plays, Ninja is known as God Shinobi.He had the greatest calling skills, as well as the strongest and most sophisticated jutsu.To defend himself against the attack, he could easily recall Raszomon’s gates.He had a high level of fun in July and could wear a lot of weapons.He was also extremely expert in natural transformation and medical Ninjutsu.

5. Might Guy

Might Guy is Jonin Konohagakure and Taijutsu expert.Although at first he was not a talented Ninja, he practiced.He focused on Taijutsu, even though he was running in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.It can even modify his hit depending on the circumstances and has a powerful fist.

Mighty guy

He can even break the wall with bare hands, thanks to his skill Tai Jutsu.In addition, his father taught him eight goals.Mighty Guy opens each of his gates, each of which has the strongest growth of the chakra when it is necessary to attack the opponent.Might Guy can also recall the turtle.

4. Sasuke Uchiha

Tactful, determined and focused, whose only goal is to acquire the skills and kill his brother Itachi, who killed the entire Uchiha Clan.He is a friend from the Naruto Uzumaki class and competes with him;He is still Sasuke’s best friend.In addition, Sasuke is admired by many girls in his class.

Sasuke Uchiha

From the beginning of her career, Ninja Sasuke has become one of the strongest ninja in the future.His dark chakra is one of the best, and is also very running in melee.Taijutsu and the transformation of nature mastered very well.Sasuke also has a damn heavenly seal that makes him stronger and increases his speed to win the battle.

3. Naruto Uzumaki

The main character of Manga Anime Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, belongs to the Uzumaki clan and is the Jinchuriki beast with nine tails.Since childhood, he is a naughty boy who wants to do it all alone, but he continues to develop and becomes the strongest clone of Jutsu.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto later acquires knowledge about many jutsu and can manage the strongest chakras.His abilities become huge from day to day and can compete with any strongest creature and person.When he loses his right hand in the fight against Sasuke, Tsunade provides him with an artificial prosthesis with Hashimar Senju cells and can combine and replace his hands when using chakras.Together with normal jutsu and chakras, Naruto, as Junchuriki from nine -ogonous foxes, can transform Jinchuriki.

2. A beast with ten tails

Ten tails beasts are the main antagonist in the Aunt Manga Naruto.Its huge strength can destroy the whole world.He is a beast -like being and everyone on Earth is war with him.Creatures with ten tails are created from the combination of Kaguya Otsuksuki and the divine tree.

A beast with ten tails

Ten tails beasts have the same features as Kaguya Otsuksuki, which became the goddess of all chakras after eating God’s fruit.It has the power of the strongest chakras, thanks to which it is able to destroy the whole country.

Due to the speed and strength of the cavalry balls, which it can conjure up, they are able to destroy everything on their way.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsuksuki, a member of the Otsuksuki clan, was the first person who consumed the fruit producing the chakra and became the first owner of the chakra.People can be hypnotized, sleeping, and their memories erased by Kaguya.She was so powerful before the fruit of the deity was eaten.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

After eating the fruit, she obtained the ability to control her chakras, which doubled her power.Simply releasing the chakra, it is also able to produce powerful shock waves.Kaguya is endowed with unique abilities.He can make a weapon from his bones, and when the opponent hits, this opponent turns into ash.It also has an x -ray and 360 degree vision.It is also very powerful to generate a ball of searching for truth, which allows for natural release and is considered the strongest ball.

The clear idea of the strengths of each Naruto form makes them strong in their area of competence, because everyone is the strongest to compete with each other.Because there are many other Naruto characters that present the strong nature of their skills, 28 characters listed here feel the strongest of all.