29 of the strongest one -piece characters in the ranking – 2022

Before execution, the legendary pirate king of Gold Roger revealed that he had hidden a one -piece treasure somewhere on the Grand Line.Today, many pirates are looking for the title of pirate king in search of this legendary treasure.Pirate Monkey D. Luffy is a boy who won the power of rubber by eating devilish fruit.Now he and his crew are going to search for One Piece, fighting enemies and winning new friends.

One Piece is a Japanese manga by Eiichiro Ody.The story tells about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who accidentally ate devilish fruit and gained the properties of rubber.To become the next king of pirates, Luffy traverses the Grand Line with the pirates of a straw hat in search of the world’s greatest treasury, “One Piece”.

One Piece is an anime series produced by Toei Animation, which was broadcast in Japan in 1999 and was appreciated for the craftsmanship of telling stories, characterization and humor.In addition, they developed 14 full -length animated films, OVA and 13 television programs.Several companies develop different types of merchandising and media.

Because this anime series has been operating for many years and many powerful characters have been introduced, we met both villains and heroes, and the sea is full of different pirates, marines and adventures.That’s why you may wonder who presented the strongest characters this year.In 2022, we collected the strongest characters in One Piece.

29. Magellan

Magellan, the strongest character in Impel Down, is 29th.As the director of Impel Down, he was the most difficult enemy through which he had to pass Luffy to save Ace.Thanks to this, Magellan could freely create and manipulate poisons, paralyzing his opponents, and even destroying them with highly corrosive poisons.

Magellan is finally considered a very large man who is about three times higher than a normal person.It also has very sharp teeth with a thick beard.The bat wings are a weapon that Magellan usually wears.He was considered the deputy head almost twenty years ago, and also wears the same outfit as today.

28. Crocodile

Crocodile, a former sea leader, is one of the most dangerous villains that Luffy has ever met.His devilish fruit, the sand, which turned him into the sand, was a problematic force he had to deal with, because almost all his attacks went through him.

Later he became an ally of Luffy in the Impel Down thread and demonstrated his combat strength in the Marineford Paramount war.At the same time, he defeated Donquixote Doflamingo and Dracule Mihawk unscathed, and even defeated Admiral Akain.

27. Jinbei

Another former warlord appears on the list of 30 strongest living characters One Piece.Jinbei, one of the strongest fishermen in a series, terrorizes its enemies with a qualified increase in fishermen.He was also the captain of the sunny pirates, but later joined Luffy in the path of Wano Country.

He is extremely powerful and showed it, taking ASA and sticking to his own, even though his opponent has the power of logia.He easily beat WHO’s Who, the strongest member of Flying Six.

26. Sanji

Sanji is also one of the strongest living characters in One Piece.As a result of repeated use of the rally suit in the thread of Country, his body was remodeled.His body awakened genetic improvements, which resulted in an exponents’ increase in his strength, speed and endurance.

The queen’s sword also shattered Sanji’s neck with one blow.He sent Queen in a hybrid form, gaining extreme physical strength and speed to fly with one kick.Compared to other characters, Sanji is considered a slim and muscular man with long legs, who also has blond hair.

After some time, Sanji was finally seen in a different hairstyle and covered his head on the right.side.Speaking of his eyes, he usually has black eyes, and later it was shown that he has gray -blue eyes.

25. Zoro

As the first member of Luffy, Zoro can boast of the incredible strength and skills of the sword.We saw many amazing achievements of this forgetful figure on the road to becoming the master of the sword.

Although he does not have the power of devilish fruit, it never bother him, because he was able to overcome countless enemies with pure skill and fencing.

In addition, he also has hooks in armor, sword hooks and probably pink hooks, which, combined with his ability to fight with sword, even more dangerous.I have enough power to overcome alone.

24. Yasopp

Usopp’s father, Yasopp, is the first member of the Shank crew who appeared on this list.Being an officer in their crew Shank proves his strength because he is also the main goal of the books of the World Government and the Marine Corps.He was adopted by Shanks of Syrup Village for his sniper skills.

Yasopp, a highly qualified Marines sniper, also received an example of his skills when he defeated Masterson in one -on -one duel.Yasopp generally looks similar to its son, and one of his features is that he will not have the same long nose and blond hair.Later, after a few years, almost 20 years, he had the same curls and black hair as Usopp.

23. Donquixote Doflamingo

Warlords of the Sea dominate this list because Doflamingo ranks 23rd in the leaders’ table.One of his terrifying villains in the series, Doflamingo, sowed havoc in Ito Ito no, devilish fruit that allows him to create and manipulate threads.Thanks to their sharp edge and unbelievable strength, his strings offered various attacks against his opponents.

In addition, he is one of the few characters in a series that can use all three of its types of hooks, which further proves its power.While fighting Luffy, Doflamingo pushes him to extreme, because Luffy must cross all limits to win this battle.

22. Shiryu

The former boss of Impel Down, Shiryu of the Rain takes 22nd place on the list of the 30 strongest living characters One Piece, after Magellan.Later he joined Czarnobroda and is currently one of the ten captains of Titanic from the Pirates of Czarnobród.

He was imprisoned at level 6 Impel Down for the sadistic treatment of prisoners.What’s more, his devilish fruit, bitch, gave him the power of invisibility, and also allowed him to do everything he touched in an invisible way.

21. Silvers Rayleigh

Unlike Luffy, it is not a surprise that the right hand of the pirate king is in 21st place on our list.There is no power of devilish fruit, but it overwhelms his opponent with the power of hooks.This strengthened his extraordinary strength and why Gol D., even in his old form, he was able to fight equally with Kizar.Some fans objected, claiming that he could beat him, but that’s not true.

20. Sengoku

Sengoku Buddha is a former admiral of the Navy.His name is of some meaning because of all the amazing achievements he achieved before retiring.He competed.His mythical animal fruit allows him to transform into a giant golden Buddha, giving him a unique nickname.Speaking of the appearance of Sengoku.

In general, it is tall and has light skin, and also has a muscular man with a long goat and a mustache.Usually Sengoku is seen next to his goat and you can see that he loved his goat very much.He is always seen with glasses in black frames and a white and golden uniform Admiral Marines, which suits him very much.

19. Garp

It will not be an exaggeration that Monkey D. Garp deserves 19 place on this list.We know that he was one of the strongest characters in the prime of age, but he is already old and it would be better if he took a lower position.Garp, grandfather and mentor of Luffy, had great power and a spirit spirit.He was the vice -admire of the Navy and trained Coby and Helmeppo for excellent marines.

In addition to being an excellent teacher for him, he was famous for defeating Roger several times during the fighting.He also received the admiral degree several times.It takes 19th place because it is strong enough to beat Marco with one blow, even in old age.

18. Enel

Many anime fans believe that Enel was defeated on SkyPya and was never seen again.Manga fans believe, however, that after a defeat he set off on a journey to the moon, where he got to know the devil’s fruit.”Raijin” was a huge threat to Luffy and his crew during their adventures in Skypiei.Enel’s crazy power was too high for Luffy.

He showed his threat when he was able to defeat Mantis and Raki.In addition, using the thunder of thunder and Kenbunshoku Haki, he terrorized the inhabitants of SkyPyi.Enel is probably much more powerful than the characters from the above list.He hears the thoughts and deeds of skypiei.In addition, he has extensive knowledge in the field of mechanics and technology.

17. Kizaru

Kizaru is the third admiral of the jacket, next to Aramaki and Fujitory.He was the only one who took a position after the Marineford war.Although he has a relaxed personality, his combat skills significantly outweigh most of the characters in the series.

In addition, his devilish fruit, “Pika Pika NO Mi”, turns his body into light, which can be used in different ways.In terms of skills, Kizal has many advantages.It is also probably one of the strongest living characters One Piece.

16. Aramaki

The current admiral ranks 16th.Araraki has not seen much yet, but the person who filled the hole left by Akain and Aoki has great power.Now he has arrived in Country.Recognizing the power of the forest, he created many plants that absorb nutrients from living beings.

He deprived and eliminated all nutrients from both the king and the queen.Even Doflamingo classified Fujitor and Aramaki as monsters.Compared to other characters, Aramaki is usually a muscular man who has thick and wild dark hair that usually reaches his neck.It looks perfect in this hairstyle because it is quite tall and has a black beard.

He does not wear a shirt because he has a very long and high tattoo, which ultimately flows on the left side of his chest.He is always perceived in a free and indefinite way, which is almost loved by all other characters in this anime series.

15. Aokiji

The former admirals constitute the upper half of this list.After passing on to Sakazuk as an admiral, he withdrew from Marines and joined Czarnobród.During the Admiral Days, everyone was afraid of him because of his cool personality and power.

He can completely manipulate the devilish fruit, hie hie and change his body into ice to manipulate him freely.We placed him 15th on his list based on his ability to freeze anything in a wide range.

14. Fujitora

Fujitora was another admiral appointed next to Green Bull for two vacancies.He is a man of high moral justice who wants to free the world from all evil.He is one of the main antagonists of the Dressros and Fruit Devil of Zushi Zushi No Mi.He turned out to be quite a handful in the fruit.

His parameter fruit gives him the power to manipulate gravity.This is a very rare type of power that has many applications.This power is extremely difficult to overcome for the opponent and gives him an advantage in most fights.In the end, Dressros reveals the real limits of his abilities.At that time, if he wanted, he could destroy all pirates.

13. SABO

Luffy and Ace’s brother -in -law successfully took 13th place in the leaders’ table.Being number two in the Revolutionary Army testifies to its strength and why it is so high on this list.Sabo obtained the power of Logia Fire, eating the devilish fruit of Ace Meer Meer no Mi Fruit.

In this way he continued the heritage of Ace as a terrifying warrior.In addition, the ambition of weapons is as strong as a thorp.In Dressros he fought one in one with Fujitor, which ended in a draw.He showed strength after eating the fruit of the mera mera no.

12. Catakuri

Charlotte Katakuri is one of the three sweet commanders of the Big Mom pirates.His actions as an antagonist at Cake Island Arc brought him a high position on this list.He is a highly qualified owner of his basic weapon in combat, spear-detectant.He also uses the power of the devil’s fruit, the fruit of Moch Mochi, to turn his whole body into rice cookies and manipulate them freely.

11. Yamato

In One Piece Yamato is one of the most powerful characters.He is the latest figure that appeared in the thread of Country and joined the pirates of a straw hat.Biological daughter Kaido.Like her father, she is one of the few characters that can use all three types of her hooks and can use the advanced conqueror hooks.

He also eats inu-inu no, the mythical fruit of the animal devil, the model: Oguchi Majin and transforms into the god of the wolf.In the form of Zoan, her strength increases exponently and can use many skills.Yamato may and is stronger than Marco, but nothing will be pierced by Marco.So she put Marco above her.

10. Marco

The character who recently dominated the latest one Piece is 10th.Marco does not need to be introduced because he is one of the most trusted and qualified warriors of the Białobrode crew.In addition, his devilish fruit Tori Tori is one of the rarest species of mythical animal fruit.Not only does it make Marco become a phoenix, but also has immunity that she needs in the long run.In the track he fought alone against the king and the queen.

9. Benn Beckman

Benn Beckman is one of the strongest living characters in One Piece.E can boast of extensive experience in previous battles and a wide range of tactics.We are not aware of his full capabilities, but we received an example of the threat he posed when Kizaru refused to fight him despite the use of weapons.He also defeated the bandit team from the Brown Bear alone.

8. Eustass Kid

Eustass Kid is the captain of the pirates of Kida of South Blue and becomes the ally of Luffy in the thread of Wano Country.Like LAW, it arouses his devilish fruit like jiki-jiki fruit, giving him the ability to manipulate magnetic forces and attract or repel metal objects at will.

This skill has become even more powerful and can now crush Yonko.Together with Law, he beat Big Mom and led his last attack with the ray.E is also one of the few one -piece characters that can use Hasha Haki.

7. Trafalgar D. Water law

Trafalgar D. Water law, known as the death surgeon, is the captain of the Pirates of the Heart.IS Devil Fruit OPE NO NO gives me the opportunity to create blue balls that allow him to manipulate space.In the final battle in the land of Wano, he awakened his devil’s fruit ability and gained the ability to destroy even Yonko.He defeated Big Mom with the help of Kid and great physical strength, he is also a medical expert and a great tactic.

6. Akainu

The last of the Admiral’s trio has occupied a position far exceeding his compatriots since he became Admiral after the Battle of Marineford.His strength exceeds the strength of Kizar and Aoki, and his strength provided him with the highest rank in the infantry corps.

Thanks to its overwhelming strength, he has an extremely terrifying presence and fully uses Vulcan’s power with the help of the devil’s fruit “Mag Mag no Mi”.Akainu is probably one of the strongest living characters in One Piece.

5. Mihawk

Mihawk, also known as Hawkeye, is the largest swordsman in the world, which is said to be at Yonkou level.In the past, he was Shanks’s rival in the race for the greatest living swordsman.But after this incident, he stated that Mihawk is stronger than red -haired Shanks.He is still a mysterious figure and only revealed a fraction of his powers.However, his efficiency competes with the commanders of Białobrody.

4. Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is probably one of the strongest living characters One Piece.It is not surprising that the leader of the revolutionary army is in the top five on this list.As someone who declares the war to the world government, he must be someone who easily defeats the admiral of the jacket.So he is in a higher position than Akain.His abilities have not yet been revealed, but his status “the most wanted man in the world” speaks for itself.

3. Shanks

Shanks ranks third on this list.He is the first of its four emperors who appears here, moving up the list.Although there is no power of devilish fruit, the fact that it takes such a high position testifies to all its strengths.

He is also a student of Roger’s crew, which makes him valuable experienced.He is not only a fencing master, but he is running in all three types of hooks.Currently, the series does not show the real scope of his rights.

2. Marshall D. Teach

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Czarnobrody, is one of the strongest characters in the One-Piece series.For a long time he was one of his most powerful antagonists, sowing havoc wherever he went.He became one of the four Emperors, gaining even more power thanks to the time jump.His specialty is to have two devilish fruits, yami yami no mi and gura gura no, and now he collects amazing devilish fruit for his crew.

1. Monkey D. Luffy

In One Piece Monkey D. Luffy is currently the strongest figure.Recently, he awakened his mythical fruit of the animal devil Hito Hito Nomi, model: Nika, and transformed into the sun god Nika, and also mastered all three forms of hooks in battles against Katakuri and Kaido.

Luffy became very powerful., and the world government made him an official emperor of the seas, and its cash prizes are now 3 billion.Luffy is one of the few characters that can play a collision, as can be seen in the previous battle between Yonko.