3 reasons to see Candy – murder in Texas on Disney+

Candy – a murder in Texas, miniseries with Jessica Biel emitted in Disney+is a meticulous thriller full of tension, full of blood, false clues and strange crimes.

Candy – Murder in Texas arrives.today in


.Miniseries consisting of

5 episodes

looking at the thriller in which

Jessica Biel

He plays a very disturbing role again.


offers you

3 reasons

to see this program combining crime, pretending and treason.Let’s move!

True story

It is difficult to go back to real events that inspired Candy – Murder in Texas without an excessive spoiler show on the day of the premiere.We will simply say that this is an ordinary chronicle between two pairs with very similar origin.Successful husband, home fairy.A typical pattern in the traditional American family landscape of the 1980s.But something is wrong …

And what if Candy Montgomery was not the mother who, he claims, is unpleasant in everyone’s eyes?

Why does her best friend Betty no longer answer the phone?The candy shows the other side of the perfection a priori


Female Dahmer?

Retro atmosphere, yellowish color, a wig made of American cabbage from the suburbs and the bottom of the bottle glasses … candies flawlessly reminiscent of the Dahmer series in their aesthetics and over time.There is no serial killer here, but a strange crime.

The Disney+ series is less bloody and less viewer than its direct competitor.

Nevertheless, its distilled tension for a dropper and surgical meticulousness cause very noticeable malaise.Regardless of whether Dahmer was an immersion in the psyche of a serial killer, candies are an anatomy of murder in every respect.Forget about

Evanie Petersie

And contact Jessica Biel.

Jessica Forever

revelation of seven people at home in the mid -90s,

Jessica Biel

She had a turbulent career at the time.In recent years, he has been finding a second wind in the series, especially in an excellent, tortured thriller Sinner.



We only see her, literally eats all his little companions of games like a hungry vampire ghul.

The actress sows doubts, blures the traces, in the disguise of this housewife perfectly above suspicions.A very interior, a low profile that hides all the monstrosities of a certain America.Don’t be fooled by his home lemonade …

Candies are not what you think.