37 of the strongest anime characters (according to Japanese anime fans)

Posted on October 20, 2022

Strong anime characters often create or destroy the series.Some have the power to be at the top of everyone, some can settle the battles before they even start, and some even have the power to control people with their skills.However, the question remains which anime figures consider Japanese anime fans to be the strongest?

For this reason, the largest Japanese ranking site, the goo ranking, asked the anime fans from Japan to evaluate the strongest character of the anime in the survey.Almost

9,000 Japanese anime fans

took part in this survey and was collected

36,000 votes

to announce the 37 strongest characters in anime.

Here are the 37 strongest characters from anime selected by Japanese anime fans.

(Note: in Japan anime is a much broader medium, so adults also often use them. For this reason, anime characters from many old series are also listed on the list).

37. Othinus

Anime title: A Magic Index

Othinus is the first antagonist of the A Certain Magical Index series.He is a magical God and has a loincloth on his right eye when she devoted her to drinking wisdom well.He is also a former leader of the Magic Organization of Gremlin.

Othniusz, being God, is an excellent magician who can do everything in the imagination of others.But this power is also its weakness, because others could imagine her “fall”, which can lead to her fall.She is looking for Gungnir, a weapon that will help her change the world.

Othnius also uses a crossbow, which can launch almost 10 shots at once, and also has a bone boat, which helps her travel around the world very quickly.

Because Othinus was the main antagonist, it is not surprising that her personality was quite ruthless and cold.She tried everything in her power to get everything she wanted, and was very cunning.

36. Coji-Coji

Anime Title: Sakura Momoko Gekijou: Coji-Coji

Coji-Coji is the main character of this series and a person whose life we see in every episode.He is a mysterious being who has divine powers and can do anything.In each episode, he is simply seen a eating and non -reflection a lot.

Coji-Coji has divine powers that give him the opportunity to erase the entire universe and even life for hundreds of thousands of years.But despite everything, he prefers to live in peace and spend his daily life lazing, doing nothing but sleeping and eating.

The personality of Coji-Coji is as mentioned earlier.He is carefree and lazy, and he just enjoys everyday life.

35. Yuujirou Hanma (ogle)

Anime title: Grappler Baki (2001)

Yuujirou is the main antagonist and father of the main character, Baki, in the series.It is known that he is the strongest human being that has ever existed.His goal in life is to make his son strong enough to beat him in life (in strength).

What makes Yuujirou one of the strongest in the anime is his inhuman strength and immunity.Once, he meets the elephant of an Italian mammoth the size of a building.But his bare hands were enough to knock this monster in nonsense, and this shows how he deserves this place on the list.Yuujirou mental intelligence is also unmatched, and its speed of movement is also divine.

You will not be surprised that Yuujior is extremely arrogant and proud.There is no mercy in his deeds, and he is even ready to kill others who annoy him too much or if he feels too challenged.

34. Ainz ooal dress (Momonga)

Anime title: Overlord

Ainz is the main character and person who has reincarnated in another world in anime.He is the most powerful magician in the anime, as well as the highest -ranking Almighty Supreme Being out of the 21 highest beings.In his old world he was only a player who escaped from reality, spending time playing.

When you can’t determine all character skills at once, you should know how strong it is.Ainz has as many as 718 spells (normal: ~ 100 spells), which are divided into different levels from 1 to 10 and an unknown special layer containing divine spells.

It can also summon creatures from low levels to powerful creatures.It has an unlimited amount of equipment that is almighty in itself, but Ainz can still strengthen it.If this does not impress you, we do not know what will happen!

Due to its older life, Ainz is very careful and always tries to avoid trouble, even though he is the strongest being in the anime.Even if he has to lie to his supporters and do something inappropriate for someone with his status, he tries to avoid trouble.It is also very competitive and respects the loyalty of his supporters.

33. Meruem (king)

Anime Title: Hunter X Hunter

Mereum is the last antagonist of Chimery Ant Arc in this series and the strongest villain that appeared in the anime.She is the last child of Queen of Ants Chimera and the most valued by her mother.Despite the fact that he had only 40 days, he had a terrible strength like no other.

Mereum was considered the strongest before he was born.He is considered one of the strongest in the anime, because he remained alive after the strongest hunter, Netero, died trying to kill Mereuma.He has exceptional strength and everything, but his unique feature was his intellect, because he could defeat world champions in complex games, learning their games in just one or two days and mastering it.

Mereum was a cruel and cold person.He did not respect anyone because he considered himself the strongest and perfect being.He could easily destroy the kingdom and become overwhelmed.The only person he showed compassion and respect was the poor, blind girlfriend of Kimga, who was very good in the board game, on whose point Mereum he was obsessed.

32. Aleister Crowley

Anime title: A Magic Index

Aleister is considered the greatest magician that has ever existed in the history of the series and is considered the greatest antagonist, just like the accelerator.He left the magical world and decided to work in the field of science, even though he is the strongest in the field of magic.

Being the most powerful magic in the series, Aleister’s magical abilities are second to none.His unique knowledge about magic and technology enabled him to simultaneously create two personalities.

In addition to these attacks, he also has many spells that are too powerful.For example, his bomb of a great explosion is an attack that has the same destructive power as a great explosion and can only control it with his hand.

Aleister developed hatred of God when his parents treated him simply to be “right” in society and be religious.For this reason, he became an ignorant and rude to everything that influenced his personality.In schools, he was taught very severely about God, leading him to the current state in which he despises everyone.

31. Ichigo Kurosaki

Anime title: Bleach (series)

Ichigo Kurosaki is the hero of one of the anime of the big three from 2000.It is also a substitute shinigami and has almost all shinigami powers.Although he is human, he has extraordinary strength and intellect.He can execute Bankai, which is called tensa zangtsu, and also wake up his internal shinigami through a hollow.

In his human form, Ichigo looks like a typical teenager, but in fact he has inhuman abilities.From increased strength to having great spiritual power, he is certainly not human if you consider these aspects.In his form Shinigami, Ichigo is a different being.

He has a unique bank, as mentioned earlier, and his fencing is divine, which can overcome even the strongest enemy.His strength is also strengthened in this form when he sees how he overcomes three people Shinigami with one blow.

Ichigo’s personality developed from a caring and trusting little child to a impulsive teenager who is impulsive.He has a strong will and at the same time he is an ignorant.As for the fight, Ichigo is proud of himself and wants to win with his opponent at all costs.

30. Kibutsuji Muzan

Anime Title: Demon Slayer

Kibutsuji Muzan is the last antagonist of this series and the first demon that was born in the world.He is responsible for the transformation of Nezuko, the main character’s sister, in a demon.He is the leader of the twelve Kizuki (the strongest demons that exist), and is also able to kill each of them without any effort.

Being the strongest living demon, Muzan has all the skills that a demon may have … He is considered one of the strongest figures in anime because of his sinister powers of demons.Depending on your needs, she can change her form because she can be a small child or teenager.

His blood can strengthen demons, and at the same time kill people who cannot cope with it.Muzan can also absorb any form of life and gain the power it has.Really, someone terrifying!

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Muzan is almost ruthless and cold.He doesn’t save anyone and kills someone he intended immediately.He even kills demons if they don’t follow his orders or annoy him.But when he hides from people, he has a very calm and caring personality that makes others believe that he is still human.

29. Jaren

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Super

Jaren is the strongest opponent he faced Goku during the Power Tournament at Dragon Ball Super.He is 780 years old during the tournament.He comes from the universe 11, and its power even competes with the gods.

Once receiving the position of the god of destruction, Jiren is a really dangerous opponent.It may look like an alien, but its power level exceeds some gods.The unique feature of Jiren’s power is its glow, which causes an increase in power and can hurt the opponent.

In addition, he uses a power hit in which he creates an energy bomb that is still chasing his goal until he hits him.Jiren’s divine speed makes his blows almost invisible.

Jaren is mostly quiet and never likes to meet too much.He says when he is interested in something.He has a strong sense to protect his universe and there are no selfish goals.There are no Saiyan Powers, but he is still stronger than most of them.

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28. Kenshiro (KEN)

Title of anime: Northern Star Fist

Kenshiro is the main character of the series, as well as a person who is known for saying the phrase “you are dead” (

Omae wa mou shingdeiru

).He is the 64th successor of the Hokuto Shinken fighting style.

The unique combat style used by Kenshiro lies in the fact that he quickly hits pressure points on the opponent’s body, and after some time his body is either damaged from the inside or explodes.

In addition, he also uses many techniques in which he hits specific pressure points, which have different reactions, for example, when Kenshiro uses the “fist of the face of the meteorite”, his opponent’s face explodes.In addition, Kenshiro has amazing healing and superhuman senses.

Kenshiro has a very nice personality.He accepts his feelings and does not justify anything, although he sees how loudly he complains between the battles.He is emotionally withdrawn, like most anime heroes in anime.

27. Inumaki Toge

Title of anime: jujutsu kaisen

Inumaki Toge is one of the main characters of the series and a user of the technique of “damned speech”, in which his goals do it, he says.Inumaki is in the second year in Jujutsu High School and is a very promising wizard of Jujutsu.Due to its cursed technique, he can talk to people only using vague words, such as speaking the names of rice dishes.

The cursed speech technique used by Inumaki made him a beginner sorcerer of Jujutsu when he was still in high school, which shows how strong he is.Everything he has to do is say something, and the other person is forced to do so.The sharper the order, the sharper the consequences on his body.You know that someone is powerful when he can’t even talk to their friends in a normal way!

Inumaki has a very caring personality.He cares about his students from lower classes and likes to contact them.He is also considered one of the most powerful students of the Jujutsu High School.He has quite cheerful nature and likes to joke a lot, but when he speaks seriously, he means business!

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26. Denji

Anime title: Chainsaw Man

Denji is the hero of the upcoming, most anticipated anime season.He is a teenage boy and dies at the beginning of the series.Later, he lives as a man from chain saws, pulling the string on the chest.Later, he meets Macima, an antagonist who appoints him to work for her as a public security officer.

Apart from the strengthened strength and everything else, the main feature of Denji’s power is his manifestation with a chain saw on his body.He can manifest small chain saws on his lower limbs, which allow him to climb the buildings, and when he needs his normal limbs, chain saws hide.

In his full devil’s form, Denji loses everything and becomes an immortal and unstoppable killing machine.You can imagine his power in this state, knowing that Makima, an antagonist, killed Denji in this form 26 times, but he was still like new.

In its normal form, Denji is quite naive and has the personality of a small child.He is looking for romantic awards in each case, which he accepts and is very lazy.In its hybrid form, it is an absolute and literal killing machine.

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25. Eren Yeager

Anime Title: Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager is a hero of the story and a person who has the most titanium forms, i.e. Tytan attack, a titan of war hammer and a titan founder.He is a lonely warrior and he doesn’t listen to anyone.

The Titan attack best known of your powers, Erena’s fighting style is the most unique.He overwhelmed everyone after he mastered his titan attack and was able to steal the powers of other people’s titan.He is considered one of the strongest figures in the anime because of his thinking and a cunning personality.

He can manipulate everyone and use it for his good.He recently revealed his form of the mordant titan, who is thousands of times greater than the founder, the Titan founder of Ymir.

Erena’s personality changes in the same way, from being nice and friendly to be a rude, ruthless maniac later in the series.He even becomes cold for his loved ones to protect them from danger.


Anime Title: Dragon Ball Z and Super Movies.

Brly is an antagonist of the film from this anime series and a character from the cannon.When he was born, he had the power level of adult Saiyan.Fearing that he could become a threat in the future, the leader of Saiyan ordered his execution.They pierce his chest with a wave gun, but he survived, and today he is one of the strongest Saiyan ever existed.

Thanks to his power mainly from anger, Brly is probably the legendary Super Saiyan, which Beerus, the god of destruction, saw in a dream.He has divine powers and everything else, but his most unique skill is his form “perfect legendary super Saiyan”.

This form has infinite power and grows when Broly is still fighting.The only disadvantage of this is that Brany cannot properly control this power.

Brly has a very calm and mastered personality when he is normal.He is very nice and likes to help others.But his behavior changes completely when his legendary character Super Saiyana appears and becomes ruthless and cold.He kills everything that happens to him.

23. Vegeta

Anime title: Dragon Ball (series)

Vegeta is an early antagonist and becomes one of the later heroes of the series.He is the prince of Saiyan and one of the few other people of his species.He came to the ground to destroy this planet, but he is defeated and decides to stay here to protect this planet.

Vegeta has a huge list of techniques he uses to attack his opponents.His most famous techniques are his Galick Gun and Final Flash.What makes Vegeta special is that he has mastered the Super Saiyan Blue before Super Saiyan God, apart from the transformation.

His last transformation is the ultra ego, like the Ultra-Instant Goku, in which its power grows over time.He is still damaged and his ego is hurt.Really proud and dangerous Saiyan who lives!

Being a prince, Vegeta has a very proud personality.He always diminishes others and thinks about himself as someone better.He is also very cold in his fights and does not spare anyone.He cannot accept the fact that someone is stronger than him.So being here instead of the first on the list can make him furious!(> _ <)

22. Satoshi (Jesion Ketchum)

Anime title: Pokemon (series)

Satoshi, more known as ASH, is the hero of this series and the best coach of Pokemon in the world.He started his journey when Professor Oak gave him a pokemon as a gift, and Ash decides to become the best pokemon coach in the world.

As the most modest for the creatures of Pokemon, Ash is an average man who has possession.The strongest pokemon in the series.What makes him the strongest in the anime is his perseverance and hard work.

When he looks at the pokemon or goal, he doesn’t stop until he reaches him.This is the reason why most pokemon creatures put their mental trust in it during the fight.

Ash has a very modest but competitive personality.He loves to take care of others and his pokemons, but in battle he doesn’t lag behind anyone.He likes to challenge strong people and fight to the limit.

21. Yhwach

Anime Title: Bleach (Series)

Yhwach is the son of the king of souls and the main antagonist of the whole series.He is one of the strongest characters in the whole series.Has unreal healing abilities and a unique feature of the absorption of the soul, thanks to which he can regain the soul he shared with others.

Yhwach has common abilities, such as improved treatment and power, but its ability to predict the future is distinguished.”Omni-Recognition” allows him to see the upcoming events, and “Future Acausality” gives him the opportunity to properly manipulate the future, making him a worthy person with the title of Soul King.

He also has many weapons of souls who are powerful enough, and his skills as a king of souls also give him a lot of power.For example, it can create portals between dimensions and use the unrestrained powers of the soul king in the form of tiny eyeballs.

Despite being an antagonist, Yhwach is a man of healthy beliefs and cares about his companions.He is a man who loves a piece and a father’s figure for most people who know him.He wants to create a world in which there will be no fear of death, and for this he wants to destroy everything that is in the world.

20. You Asakura

Anime Title: Shaman King

You Asakura is the main hero of the series and heir to the legendary shaman family (ghost users), the family of Asakura.He is the leader of the group of shamans “Funbari Onsen” and a very talented warrior.He has many serving souls, including Amidamar, Shikigami Koons and many others who help him fight.

He is famous for the trust of his spiritual servants, you are a very talented and devoted shaman.Although he has a poor look, he is a champion of many powerful ancient ghosts, which makes him one of the strongest.

It has many powerful spells that can exorcise the ghosts of demons and has a lot of weapons including the legendary Harusame sword.You are also a champion of legendary ghosts such as Amidamaru and the Earth Spirit.

Asakura has a very nice personality.He loves to take care of his friends and always protects them.He has a very carefree attitude and loves to make new friends.He is very nice to his spiritual servants and respect them very much.He is grateful to everyone who helps him.

19. Vegito

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Z

Vegito is connected to the form of two heroes, Goku and Vegeta.It arises when both of them are connected through the tailor earrings.Vegito appeared both during Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.The duration in which both Goku and Vegeta can remain connected is unlimited, and both their powers are connected in this state.

As a merger of Vegeta and Goku, Vegito is undoubtedly one of the strongest in the series.He can use both Goku and Vegeta attacks, for example Kamemehah and Galick Gun.But what makes him special is his special attacks, which are a combination of Vegeta and Goku attacks, for example Big Bang Kamemeha.

Some of his attacks include Banshee Blast (small energy balls created from his fingers) and Complete Shot (combat technique)

Vegito has a very strategic and wise personality.Because his intellect is the sum of both Goku and Vegeta, the results of one person are filled by the other in the form of a molten and seem almost an ideal being.However, it is quite arrogant, which is more like Vegeta.

18. Shigeo Kageyama

Anime Title: Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo Kageyama, or MOB, is the main character and person who has the greatest mental power in the series.She is a very shy person who likes to stay away from people and just be alone.He loves a girl from his class and begins to practice for her.

In the face of stress, Shigeo’s mental power meters begin to count, and when he reaches 100%, he becomes someone whom no one can even touch, although you can see that his power meter sometimes changes to “???”

Being Esper, Shigeo has many inhuman powers, including telekinesis and flying.But what distinguishes him from other espers is his 100% state (using Espera’s powers fully) and his condition ???% ???% (mysterious, the ominous state in which he enters when he is deprived of consciousness).The first state appears when he feels emotions fully, mainly anger, and during this he is the strongest esper in the series.

Shigeo is a very mundane and caring person.He doesn’t like to use his power against others because he can hurt them.When he is in his enraged form, he becomes an emotional demon who does not save anyone and shows no mercy to anyone.

17. Levi Ackerman

Anime Title: Attack on Titan

Levi is the strongest soldier of humanity, as well as the captain of a group of scouts.He is best known for his fight with the Titanie Beast, and this episode was indeed record -breaking.He hates the titans because they were responsible for the murder of most of his companions

Being the strongest soldier of humanity, Levi has excellent physics and power.He may be an ordinary man, but his power makes other titans be afraid of their lives.His Ackerman’s powers give him the speed and fighting spirit he needs to kill the Titans, and his mastering the 3D maneuver makes him unstoppable.

It is best known for its rotational movement when operating a 3D maneuver.during his fight with the titan of the Beast.

Levi is usually a passionate person who is bad every time.His decision making is the best of all soldiers because he does not bring personal emotions to them.But deep down he cares about his teammates the most and wants to save them at all costs.

16. Koro-Sensei

Anime Title: Class murder

Koro-Sensei is one of the heroes and an anti-hero of this series.He is responsible for the transformation of the moon into a permanent shape of the crescent, and also plans to destroy the earth after teaching its class, grades 3-E.Earlier he was a man, and after the experiment he became a creation similar to the octopus.

Being a killer, when he was man, Koro-Sensei is now inhuman in terms of appearance and power.What makes him one of the strongest in the anime is his inhuman abilities, such as superhuman speed, reflexes and regenerative abilities.

His previous life as a killer gives him a sharper vision and speed he used to kill people.He might not look like it, but he is a killing machine if provoked.

Koro-Sensei Has a Very Cunning Yet Jolly Demeanor.He Loves to mess with other people and also cares for them.He Loves His Class and Counsels Every Student to His Full Exnt.Hers Likes to Put His Students Through Difficult Challenges to Make Them Ready For The Future.

15. Naruto Uzumaki

Anime Title: Naruto (Series)

Naruto is the protagonist of one of “the big three” anime of the 2000s.He is an orphan who was left behavd after His Parents died after after sealing the nine-tailed beast inside him when he was Just born.He Faced Discrimination His Whole Childhood for Being An Alone Child and Faced Trauma for Having No Guardian Whatsover.

Having the Power of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto Is Undoubtedly the Strongest Character in This Series.Not only has he he masted his tailed beast’s power, but he has also mastered every kind of jutsu, excluding the genjutsu.

He also gaine the power of sage of the six paths at the end of the foundh great ninja war to fight kagura, and he showed everyone that hec certinly mastered this power.He is primarily for his shadow clone jutsu, which makes hots capable of creating his copies.

Naruto has a cheerful personality and is very friendly.He is loved by His School Teacher, Iruka, Who Treaty Him Just Like His Own Son.Initially, he is just a brother who Likes to Annoy People, shoe who saaves the village from pain’s invasion, he Becoms a Hero.

14. Monkey D. Luffy

Anime Title: One Piece

Luffy is the main protagonist of one of one of “The Big Three” anime of the 2000s.He is the captain of the straw hat pirates.He Started His Journey Alone and Now Has one of the strongest pirate crews in this world.He Aims to Become the Pirate King and Also do Something Related To It, Which the Writer is Still Keeping a Secret From Us After Almost 20 Years.

Having the aim of becoming the pirate king from the start, luffy is one of the strongest characters in this series.What makes him the strongest in anime is his masters over all forms of haki (Spiritual Power) and His determination.

He also has masters over Ryou, an advanced form of armament haki that heled in wano country.Luffy’s devil fruit allows him to transform into diffferent gears all increasing in power as the gear number increases.

Luffy’s personalities is that of a stupid airhead that only wants fun.He use no sense in his actions Whatover, causing his crew suffering and pain.But he is determined on one thing: becoming the pirate king of this world.He is Liked by the People Who Meet Him bridge, and they put their Trust in Him.

13. Giorno Giovanna

Anime Title: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Giorno Giovanna is the Protagonist of Part 5 of the Series and the Illegitimate Child of the Series’ Main Antagonist, Dio Brando.He is Most Famous for His Iconic Dialogue, “I, Giorno Giovanna, Have a Dream,” and His Music Theme, Which consists of a funky piano sequence.He Dreams of Becoming a Gang-Star and Is A Natural Stand User.

Having one of the unique stands in the series, giorno has two forms of his stand.His Stand, “Golden Experience,” Gives Him the Ability to Manipulate Life and Create Living Forms Using It.

Shoe what makes him unique is when he is pierced with the stand-creating arrow, and it becomes “golden experience requiem” which sends giorno’s opponents in an endless death loop from which cannot escape.Even in the Series, His Stand Is Considered in a League of Its Own.

Giorno has a very determined personality.He Likes to Battle, and His Focus During Battle Is Unreal.He is know for his resolve, as he can make decies during stress very calmly.

12. Grand Priest

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Super

Grand Priest is the Guiding Angel Who Guards Zeno and The Parent of the Majority of the Angels Which Guard The Gods of Different Univers.He was Introduce During the Tournament of Power and Had a Very Gentle Aura.He was the organizer of the Whole Tournament and Managed it Alone.

Having a Power Level of 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Roughly, Grand Priest is one of the top five strongest beings in the dragon ball verse.What makes him unique is caility to see anything happening in any universe from where he is living.Other than that, he can do anything and is the only being that has perfcted ultra-instinct.

Grand Priest Has a Calm and Colleded Personality, Despite Being of the Most PowerFul Personalities to Ever Exist in the Universe.He Sometimes Shows His Rage;When that happens, People Know Why He is the Guardian of the Strongest Being in the Universe.

11. Beerus (God of destruction)

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Super

Beerus is the god of destruction of earth’s universe, universe 7, and the initial antagonist of the super series of this anime.He Loves to visit planets and test their cuisine.HE Eith Destroys the Planets Whose Food Doesn’t Satisfy Him or StayS there Until He Gets Bred of Them.His Attendant, Whis, Always Accompanies Him.

Being the Second Most PowerFul Being of Universe 7, Beerus is Certainly a Ruthless Character in Dragon Ball Verse.What Makes Him Special Is His Special Attack as a God of destruction know “Hakai”.Hakai Enables Him to Destroy Any Form of Life by Just Pointing At It.Other than that, beerus has every power of a god, from immense power to unreal reflexes.A Creature Truly Deserving of His Title!

Beerus has a very arrogant and red personalities.As he is the god of destruction, he thinks of hosself as the strongest being and plays with everyone he matts.Later on, After Coming to Terms with the Protagonist’s Planet, He Becoms a Little Soft Towards Them.

10. Reinhard van Astrea

Anime Title: Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World-

Reinhard is arguably the strong character of this series and a chivalrous swordsman.He was one of the first friends that the protagonist, Subaru, Met in the New World and He Helped Him in the Initial Arc.Hea LATER CAME AS A Challenger For Subaru in the Royal Selection, As They Both Served Different Princesses.

Arguably the strongh character of the series, reinhard is certinly an overpowered character when you first vitness him in the series.What makes him this overpowered is caility to Gain Divine Protection.Divine Protection Grants Him Endless When Hen Hens It, and this is the reason he is One of the Strongest Characters in anime.

Other than that, he is a powerful swordsman and has many abilities like mana drainage and enhanced stealth.

Reinhard is very kind Despite Being So Powerful.You Expect Him to Be Arrogant, But he is pretty down-to-earth and loves to know about other people.His Power is monster to this point where he unleashes only a small fraction of it to avoid destruction.

9. Whis

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Super

Whis is the Guiding Angel of the God of Destruction of Universe 7, Beerus.He is also a martial artist trainer and takes on the protagonists latest on the series to train them.He Never Leaves His Attendant Alone and Is Above the God of destruction in this List for A Reason!

The Strongest Being in Universe 7, Whis Dos Not Flex His Power That Much When He is with His Master, Beerus.His Most Prominent Trait is His “Materialization” Trait Which Allows Him to Create, Transport, and Vanish Any Material Object.

He also can use ultra-insstinct just like an angels but has not mastered it.He is the Trainer of Goku and Vegeta for A Reason.

Whis has a very humble personality, Unelike His Master Beerus.He Likes to Help Others and Give Them the Most He Can.He Can Be Mad Sometimes But Still Tries to Be Usefful to Anyone.His Eternal Loyalty is a master beerus is praiseworthy.

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8. Anos Voldigigoad

Anime Title: The Mission of Demon King Academy

Anos Voldigiad is the main protagonist of the series and the form demon king of the world.He took His Own Life To Be Reborn in His World Just To Stop The War Between Humans and Demons.He starts speaking immediathy after being born and enters school when he is just a few months old.

You know some is not normal when he is the size of a teenager while being only a few months old.Anos Is Famous for His Inhuman Capabilities Like Godly Knowledge and Intellect Which Lets Him Do Things in A Few Seconds No Matter How Complicated They May Be.

Even though the anime was released two years ago, he is already included in the top ta tape characters in all anime.

Anos is what you expect him to be.As he was the demon Lord, he is arrogant and thinks of other as little.He maymked his teachers immediately after he entered the acquady and dos not hold back when showing his power.He Can Bring People Back to Life and Interfere with the Flow of Space-Time.

7. Kusuo Saiki

Anime Title: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusuo saiki is the overpowered protagonist of this series.He is a naturally born psychic who can do many supernatural things and has a little interest in his daily life affairs.

Being a Psychic, Saiki can do any work that a psychic can performance.FROM Doing Telekinesis to Controlling Minds, There is no work that he couldnot performance, and this is what makes him one of the strongest characters in anime.

Besides this, he can perform some other work like checking poison in his food withthout touching it.Saiki can also Perform Some Strange Stunts, Like Exchanging Haircuts with Someone Else.

Saiki has a very uncanny and ignorant personalality.He does not caare about this world and is always busy in his world.He has a sweet tooth and enjoys sweet things very fly.He is sometimes attntive to sometimes, things that only interest him.

6. Gojou Satoru

Anime Title: Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo is an instructor at the jujutsu high and the strongest sorcerer to exist in the world.He has challenged the king of curses “sakuna” many times in the anime when it was trapped inside a vessel.He has Fought a Special Grade Curse and Has Beaten It to Almost Death.

Being the Most Arrogant About His Power, Satoru is Certainly Worth His Arrogance.Not only Did He Beat A Special Grade Curse (Extremely PowerFul) Easily, But He Also Had The Guts to Challenge The King of Curses, Sakuna.

He is One of the Strong Characters in Anime Because of His Immense Cursed Energy and His Six Eyes.Gojo Keeps them Covered Because the Let Him See Too Much, and This Tires Him Out.Other than That, He can use incherited limitless domain expansion and can also use a video variety of cursed techniques.

Gojou has the personalities of a little kid.Hea Loves to Annoy His Colleagues and Sometimes Even The Principal to the Point that They Even Want To Kill Him.Shoe when he is serious, no can come as close to face touch him, because of the void that covers.

5. Doraemon

Anime Title: Doraemon (Series)

Doraemon is a robotic cat, and Seeing Him Will Surely Give Most of Us Nostalgia.He is Sent from the Future to Help Nobita, The Protagonist, in His Everyday Life.He Helps Nobita in His Everyday Life with Studies and Other Stuff using Future Gadgets, Which He Gets from His 4-Dimensional Pocket Attached to His Stomach region.

Doraemon is considered one of the strongest in all anime because of his little pocket.His Four-Dimensional Pocket Allows Him to Get Access to Future Gadgets That His Friend, Nobita, In Everyday Life.

From having a light that can increase the size of anything to having glasses that can change the taste of food, this little cat is capable of perforaming any deed required.

Doraemon’s Personality is very immature.If he is given something as a reward, hees the work he is given very enthusiastically, and if he is fed up with Something, he will never do it.He often fights with nobita, but they always make up with each other at the end

4. Son Goku

Anime Title: Dragon Ball (Series)

Goku Is Probably the Most Overpowered Character (Accord to Dragon Ball Fans) in anime.He is a Saiyan (Alien Species with A Human Body and A Tail) Who Sent to Earth by His Parents When the Saiyan Planet Was About to Be Destroyed.He was found by a human on earth and he look after int until he died.

“Can he Beat Goku, Though?”-Dragon Ball Fans’ Famous Dialogue.

Famous for Challenging the Strongest People in the Universe, Goku Is the Only Mortal to Awaken Ultra-Instinct (The Techniques Awakened by Gods).Not only has hea heaned almost all the super Saiyan Forms Till Now, But He has also Mastered Some Other Transformations, Making Him an Interesting Creature in the Eyes of the Gods.

Goku is also the Friend of Zeno, The King of Everything That Exists.Although He is Still Looking for PowerFul People to Fight, He Certainly Made It To The Top 4 of This List Quite Easily.

Goku’s Personality is Simple, and all he thinks about is fighting.He is Pretty Airheaded in Other Matters and His Decision-Making Is Based Solely Upon His Ability to Fight Other Strong People.He Even Challenges Heavenly Being Just for Fun.

3. Saitama

Anime Title: One Punch Man

Saitama is the main protagonist of the series and the person who can k.o.Any Enemy with Just a Single Punch.At the Start of the Series, He Saves A Little Kid from A Monster and Decides to Become a Professional Hero.He Becoms Bald Later on and Just Wants to Live A Normal Hero Life Where He Just Saves People Occasionally and the Rest Of The Time, He note.

When everything is settled with just a single punch, Nothing More is Needed to Say.Saitama not only has a godly punch, but his physic and other attributes are also all buffed up.From having a speed that rivals the strongest creatures in the universe to have the body of a body-boy, he has achieved all this by following a simple diet plan and routine.I Guess it’s not that hard to be a strong character these days!

Saitama has a laid-back personality.He Likes to Stay Away From Popularity and Loves to Enjoy A Quiet Life.He hardly gets angry at people and beats everyone withhout putting any thought into it.Shoe when he is mad, he is another being.

2. Rimuru Tempest

Anime Title: That Time and Got Reincarnated as a slime

Rimuru is the protagonist of this anime series and the person who gets reincarnated as a slime in another world.His Real Name in the Previous World Was Miki Satoru, and Male Contractor Working for A Company.Satoru gets stabbed by a random thief, dies, and is reincarnated as a slime in a new world.

Becoming a Demon Lord Just To Save His Friends, Rimuru is Certainly a Strong Character That Desreged The #2 Spot on This List.If he was not PowerFul Enough As a Slime That Could to Anything From Absorbing Legendary Creatures to Doing Lethal Attacks, Rimuru Also Becomes A Demon Lord to Resurrect His Murdered Friends.This should be enough for you to realize how overpowered this little blob of slime is!

Rimuru is pretty caring to his servants and loved Ones.He detectally has a very cheerful and fun personality, but if his loved Ones Get Sacrificed, He Becomes Pretty Dangerous.He enjoys living life peacefully in his room and avoiding violence.

1. Zeno (Omni King)

Anime Title: Dragon Ball Super

The King of Kings, The God of Gods, and the Commander of Rulers, Grand Zeno is the


Ever to exist as voted by Japanese anime fans.He is the Reported Strongest Character to Ever Exist in the Dragon Ball Franchise.Grand Priest Is His Guide Angel and He is the Ruler of Every God in Every Universe.

From Destroying Planets as a joke to removing universes because they didn’t look good as a number, zeno is certinly deseover of this spot.He has all the abilities of a god of destruction but Is More Advanced, for Instance, Zeno Has Erase Which is Just like “Haki” of Beerus But Zeno’s Techniques Remove Something Instantly as Compared to “Hakkai”.

Zeno also has a fun habit in that hels to mimic others’ Attacks, for Instance, Zeno Imitates Goku’s Kamehameha.

Just like His Appearian, Zeno Has the Personality of A Little Kid.He has a blank Expression on His Face All the Time and Smiles Whenever He Feels Excited.He is Currently Ruling Everything With His Future Self, Which Son Goku Introduced Him to after hea back back from the future.

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