4 weddings for a honeymoon: a huge mistake of the candidate who interrupted the program

A candidate for the four weddings for the honeymoon program talks about a funny event a few years later.

Among the many programs on the TF1 channel, four weddings per month are one of the most popular.For over 10 years, viewers can follow episodes each evening on weekdays.The rule is simple:

Future brides

They invite themselves to their weddings.The goal is not to just observe and enjoy the atmosphere, but


other candidates.Many elements such as atmosphere, decoration or wedding dress are taken into account.It is enough to keep viewers in suspense while discovering notes!The lucky winner has a chance to fly to


with your husband.It is enough to get off his old rivals with jealousy.

During many years of broadcasting, several unique moments were noticed in the program.For example, in 2019 Cindy, Séverine, Myriam and Safiyé competed with each other.The latter organized a ceremony on the “east and west”, having a substantial budget.And she made a great mistake on the occasion of another marriage.It was during the ceremony in the town hall that the candidate Myriam Safiyé committed irreversible if you can say that.At least it will alleviate


This, perhaps a bit too official, the moment of passing before the mayor.We finally know over three years after the incident

Details of what happened!

The recording was interrupted because of the candidate’s mistake

Everyone knows more or less the course

ceremony in the town hall

for wedding.However, it seems that the candidate Safiyé wanted to break the ciphers that day.This event reports today to Tiktok and with a lot of humor.He actually explains that the mayor asked

bride and groom

get up to get their consent.But it was Safiyé who got up in their place before she realized that she was the only one to sit down.It caused


In the room and very amused the bride.Despite this, filming of the series had to


for few minutes.