555 The comic employs a veteran of the anime and games of Rob Pereyda, who will manage strategies and partnerships

Former head of the Anime Department and Crunchroll Licensing Vice President to take a double role: Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Partnerships Officer

Tokyo, Japan, October 17, 2022,/ – 555 Comic Co, leader in creating worlds in which fans can interact with characters on platforms such as Twitter and Tiktok, today announced the nomination of an anime and video games veteran, Roba Pereydy,for the position of Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Partnerships Officer.Pereyda will be subject to the founder and general director of 555 comics Ben Watanabe.

Pereyda brings to 555 more than 17 years of experience from the anime and video games industry.Recently, he was the head of the anime department, Editorial & Publishing in Netflix, where he managed the global anime strategy and helped increase anime viewership by over 50%.He was the eighth employee of Crunchyroll, where he created an anime subscription in the industry (currently over 5 million paid subscribers) and built a stream of obtaining the company’s content.

Pereyda’s other key experience includes roles in Viz Media, Viewter, Bandai Namco and Capcom in the field of business development, strategy, obtaining consumer content and products both in the United States and Japan.

“Over the past two decades, Rob constantly drives the development, discovery and monetization of content that fans of anime and games love,” said Ben Watanabe, founder and general director 555. “Even before joining us, as the band we have already felt a significant influence on whichHe played now we are glad that he can help this subsequent chapter of history 555, when we open our worlds for fans so that they can present them with their own original characters and adventures and become a canon. ”

Information about 555 Comic Co

Thanks to the million community, 555 opens the worlds of characters to fans creations.Fans together shape stories such as Conspiracy Research Club, interacting with Luna Gardner, Jaime Taylor and Katya Petrikov, creating their own side figures and becoming part of knowledge and n process.When fans (original characters) are promoted, they become an official part of history.

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