6 best models of Hunter X Hunter glasses created in cooperation with the Japanese brand of Zoff glasses

Key graphics in cooperation between Hunter X Hunter and designer of glasses Zoff.Photo source: @natalie.mu

On October 19, 2022, Hunter X Hunter Yoshiriro Togashi announced cooperation with the designer of glasses Zoff.From October 19, 2022 to November 23, 2022, pre -sale orders for glasses will be accepted in the official Zoff online store.

There are six models of glasses inspired by characters from Hunter X Hunter, including Gon Freecss, Killa Zoldick, Leorio Paradinight, Kuper, Hisoka Morow and Chrollo Lucilfer.The characteristic costumes of the character and skills of Nen were taken into account when creating glasses.

Cake for glasses and cleaning cloth.Photo: @natalie.mu

Glasses are delivered from a case and a cloth for cleaning glasses with an illustration of the character from which glasses were inspired.

Eyeglass patterns for Gon Freecss, Killa Zoldick, Kuper, Hisoka Morow and Chrollo Lucilfer models cost 11100 yen (about 74.07 USD), and the Leorio project costs 8800 yen (about USD 58.73).

Cardboard cutouts in the natural size of Hunter X Hunter as seen in Zoff stores.Photo source: @natalie.mu

If you are lucky to live in Japan, you can go to the Zoff store, try on glasses and see which frames look best on you!Personal purchases of glasses will receive a sticker with one of the anime characters.In the Zoff Grand Tokyo Shibuya store, cardboard cutouts of a natural size with Hunter X Hunter characters will appear, which will be a great opportunity to take a photo or selfie.The official website of ZOFF also allows users to try to try on glasses.

1. Gon Freecss Design

Illustration showing the gon in glasses and design of Gon Freecss glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Gon Freecss is a hunter of novices and son of Ging Freecss, who was a hunter who was missing.Gon decided to become a hunter to find his missing father.

The Gon FreeCss Gone Foundation design is simple and intelligent.These glasses are perfect for everyday use.The sides (temples) of the glasses are decorated with a pattern “W” inspired by the pointed hair of Gona.At the end of the tips there is a pattern inspired by the fiery attack of Gon’s blow.

2. Killa Zollyck Design

Illustration depicting Killa with glasses and design of Killa Zoldick glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Killa is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and the heir to the Zoldick family until she decides to escape and become a hunter of novices.Gon becomes his best friend despite their difficult beginning, and then travels with Allka Zoldick.

The Killa Zoldick project perfectly reflects the cool but intelligent behavior of Killui.These glasses are definitely for a cool intellectual.Eyebreen temples have a decoration inspired by Killua’s electrical ability, and the ends of the temples have a yo -yo pattern.The temples also have a silver color, like Killa’s hair.

3. Leorio Paradinight

An illustration of Leorio wearing glasses and design of Leorio Paradinight glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Leorio Paradinight is a novice hunter and a member of ZODIACS.His codename is a “boar”.He is also a medical student who studies to become a doctor.

In anime, Leorio wears characteristic round frames, and the Leorio Paradinight project perfectly reflects this.The Leorio Paradinight project presents a briefcase at the ends of the temple, which resembles a briefcase that Leorio wears in anime.These glasses also resemble glasses from which Vash The Stampede wears.

4. Kurapika project

Illustration of the juvenile in glasses and design of the Schapike glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

The prank is the last survivor of Kurt’s clan and is a black list hunter.He is currently the leader of the organization founded by Light Nostrade.He is a member of the Zodiak.His codename is a “rat”.The prank tries to avenge her clan and regain the remaining scarlet eyes.

Speaking of “crimson eyes”, the design of the glasses of the Kurapika has two red dots on the front of the frames.At the end of the tip of the temples there is a pattern inspired by the loaded chain, which is fought by a scopker (resembles a deadly cross).

5. Project Hisok Morow

Illustration depicting Hisoka with glasses and a design of Hisok glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Hisoka Morow is a hunter and a former member of the spectral corpse.Hisoka is constantly looking for a strong opponent who will actually be a challenge for him.When he meets Gona and Killua, he sees them potential and fights with them so that one day they become strong enough to challenge him.

One of the most characteristic features of Hisoki is that he dresses like a “bad clown”.”, But somehow he manages to pull his appearance and look rather stylish!

The Hisok project contains tiny stars and tears at the front of the frames.The temples (sides) of the glasses are decorated with a tiny heart and diamond.The ends of the temples are decorated with the pattern of four game cards.

These glasses are definitely for someone who wants to have some cunning style in their glasses.

6. Chrollo Lucilfer Design

Illustration depicting chrors in glasses and design of the Chrollo glasses.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Chrollo Lucilfer is the founder, leader and member of Phantom Trope.

The Chrollo Lucilfer project is heavily inspired by its characteristic black trench coat, which he often wears in anime.The front of the glasses is decorated with two silver crosses, and temples with a longer silver cross.

These frames are definitely for someone who wants a gothic style.

What is the story of Hunter X Hunter?

The story is set in a world where hunters are specialists in many different fields, from looking for treasures and catching criminals to cooking.Hunters have access to huge funds and unclear information that allow them to realize their dreams and interests.However, being a hunter is a special privilege, and the only way to become it is to pass a fatal exam with an extremely low indicator of success and survival.

History focuses on a 12-year-old boy named Gon Freecss, who wants to become a hunter to go to search for a missing father who abandoned his family a long time ago.Gon sets out in search of an exam for a hunter, and on the way he gains three allies: a revenge of a scholar, aspiring doctor Leorio Paladiknight and a mischievous child of the age of Gon, Killua Zoldycka.Killa is also a former buyer of rebels whose dark past persecutes him.

During their adventurous travel, Gon and his new friends encounter monsters, as well as monstrous people on their way to know what it really means.become a hunter.

Where can I read the manga Hunter X Hunter or watch anime?

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.Serialization began in the Shueisha Shounen Manga Weekly Shounen Jump magazine from March 1998.Manga has been suffering from prolonged breaks since 2006, because the author takes breaks due to health condition and chronic back pain.Manga chapters have been collected in 36 volumes of Tankobon since October 2018.In April 2005, the English version of the manga was licensed by VIZ Media to publish in North America.

From October 1999 to March 2001, the 62-episode anime adaptation produced by Nippon Animation and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi was broadcast on Fuji television.From 2022 to 2004, Nippon Animation produced three separate OVA (30 episodes).

From October 2011 to September 2014, the second 148-episode Madhouse Anime series was broadcast at Nippon Television. In 2013, two Hunter X Hunter films were released.Hunter X Hunter also inspired audio albums, video games and musicals.Hunter X Hunter is one of the best -selling Manga Shueisha series and currently has over 84 million copies in circulation since July 2022.

In 2009, both Hunter X Hunter anime series were licensed by VIZ Media and the first was broadcast on the Funiation channel, and the second in the Adult Swim Toon program from April 2016 to June 2019.

Are you excited about the collaboration of Hunter X Hunter X Zoff?What stylish frames do you pay attention to?Let us know in the comments section below!