6 My Hero Acadekaren Season 6: Twice selected the most valuable villain in episode 3

The third episode of My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 was broadcast on Saturday evening in Japan, and he was chosen twice by fans of the most valuable villain (MVVILLAIN) in this episode.Immediately after the broadcast of the episode entitled “One’s Justice”, the official anime account on Twitter began


, asking them by 1.1 million followers for tweeting with a hashtag,

#ヒロアカ ヒロアカ MVP

(#Heroacamvp) and choose a character that had the greatest influence on them.Although it was written in the post that the Mosvotes would be awarded “the most valuable hero (Mvhero),” because Twice became the first villain who took first place from the beginning of the season,

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He called him Mvvillain.


They show the 3 best characters, two villains and one hero, with the largest number of votes, along with memorable scenes from the episode.Twice, whose real name is Jin Bubaigawara, he won the most votes as Mvvillain in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 in Episode 3, followed by Wing Hero Hawks, who was second in terms of the number of voices in the first episode, followed by Himiko Toga:

Twice Jastrzębie Himiko Toga was chosen twice the most valuable villain in My Hero Acadekaren Season 6, episode 3

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Daichi Endo commentary

: “For this whole agony and hard work I’ve ever got.I participated in the recording of the voice twice.Kohei Horikoshi, the author of Manga My Hero Acadekaren, also updated his account with a figure of character without a mask for the needs of the episode before the anime broadcast.

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A student of Izuku Midoriy’s gymnasium more than anything else wants to be a hero, but there is no power in him.No chance to get to the prestigious U.A.High school for beginner heroes, his life is more and more like a blind alley.Then the meeting with All Might, the greatest of all heroes, gives him a chance to change his destiny …


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