7 best anime villains who influenced: Light Yagami, Scar and others

The villains act like a foil against the hero, and we are to support the protagonist and pray for the destruction of an evil antagonist.But this does not stop us from admiring their arousing horror, which reverses the story.

We cannot fail to accept their aura, which distinguishes them from the masses and makes us respect them, even if we do not agree with their principles.Here we will exchange the 7 best villains who had influence not only on the anime in which they were, but also on the Otaku community.

7 best anime villains who had an impact

Madara Uchiha

Speaking of the influence, how can we forget about the famous Madar Uchiha, who is also considered by many to be the greatest villain of all time?Even before his appearance, we knew that he was a powerful enemy that apparently was not allowed to mess.

So much that he was able to beat the five Kage on his own.He also transformed into excellent Jinchuriki after gathering all the caudable beasts.Watch Naruto on



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Light Yagami

Light with Death Note is the only anti -hero on this list, which definitely influenced its behavior.Nobody would think that a high school student would become such a threat to society after obtaining divine powers.

He believes that he must make the world a better place by getting rid of criminals and bad people.The only problem is that he assesses them based on his twisted sense of justice.Watch Death Note to Crunchyroll.

Still of Light Yagami


Ark Meruema from Hunter X Hunter is definitely one of the best in history.From the moment of birth, he showed the features of a real king born to rule.Although he did not live for a long time, he was able to capture the reality of the existential hierarchy.

Almost nothing mattered to him except intelligence and power, which he valued from beginning to end.A great example is his saving someone, which he considered an intelligent being and slowly began to appreciate its value.Watch Hunter X Hunter on



Still Meruem


The pain affecting Naruto is immeasurable because it has some unpleasant incidents behind the belt, which it can boast of.One of the most catastrophic examples is the destruction of Konoha.

This strengthened his position as someone you should not mess with, because he can beat the whole village without blinking.And how can we forget that he killed the best Sensei of all time, Jiraiya, also one of the most powerful figures in Naruto?Watch Naruto on



Still painful

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One cannot forget about the vindictive Mnich Scar from the film Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who had the full right to become a villain.Alchemists working for the state army are its main goal.Because he survived the civil war in Ishval, it is natural that he would have turned against alchemists.

He knows what it means to lose his loved ones, because his brother could not survive, and his whole clan was destroyed.His desire for revenge made him a self -proclaimed messiah of justice, who would stop anything from punishing sinners who deserve death in his book.Do not miss FMAB on



Still a scar


This villain with My Hero Acadekaren is a well -known antagonist, but even his critics would have to agree that his ideologies were not really missed.Named of the killer of the heroes, he aims at the heroes because he is tired of false heroes who simply want power and fame thanks to their position.

He respects all might and even saves midoriya because he accepts them as someone who cannot about superficial things.It is also available in



Still still


The squeak was definitely a surprise in the anime Shinsekai Yori, whose betrayal we did not see, even though the plaintiff was there.If we look at the conditions of under -class Queerat creatures, we will learn that from his point of view two are cheating on people.

For a long time, people egoistically raised Queerats so that they had no mental power and people could easily control them.So it is not far from the truth, if we agree that it certainly had an impact on our hearts and minds, giving us a different perspective of good and evil.Watch Shinsekai Yori on Crunchyroll.

Still of Squealer

Here are our recommendations.What are your favorites?What do you think other villains have had a lasting influence?Let us know in the comments below.

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