8 beautiful anime such as Spice and Wolf to watch!

After this supernatural, romantic ride, searching for a similar anime must be difficult.We have recommendations for you, such as Spice and Wolf.


What are the best anime similar to Spice and Wolf?

If you want to watch an interesting anime, such as Spice and Wolf, we have the perfect list for you.

The best anime such as Spice and Wolf

8. Kamisama Kiss

This story focuses on Nanami Momozo and Tomoe.This story talks about how homeless she became after her dad because of his debt.

She protects the god Mikage from dogs, so she goes away and tells her to go to her temple.When he reaches the temple, he finds out that she has become a new deity at Mikage.


This anime, like Spice and Wolf, has an affair with the participation of deities.It is anime who deals with hope, love, destiny and change, like Spice and Wolf.Slowly building the realization of feelings is similar in both anime.

7. Fruits Basket

This anime tells about the life of a teenager who recently lost her mother, Tohru Honda.Tohru is a nice, hard -working person who accidentally comes across the secret of the Sohma family.Several characters are depicted in the entire anime series and there is a combination of various forms of love between each character and Tohru.


Both are romances based on anime with comedy elements.Like Spice and Wolf, Fruits Basket has a supernatural background.In both anime, several characters can change into animals.Both anime consist of people who hope to change themselves and their future.

6. Katanagatari

This anime begins with the story of the death of a rebel in the form of a sword in which a real sword is not used.The hero who stopped the rebellion is banished to the island because of the king’s fear of power.

One day a “strategist”, Togame, comes to the island, seeking the help of the hero.He hopes that he will receive twelve swords made by the famous swordsman Kiki Shikizaki.Because the hero is dead, he needs his son’s help, but he doesn’t want to leave the island.Will she be able to convince him to join the trip?Will he get twelve swords?Is he looking for swords of greed?


It is anime, like Spice and Wolf, focuses on corruption and its impact on society.History based on a different era.The influence of love, hope and change was understood.Power game is a concept that is noticeable in both anime.

5. By the grace of the gods

An eleven -year -old boy lives calmly in the world of magic, but everything seems mysterious in him.It turns out that he was a middle -aged man who died on earth, and three deities decided to give him a new life in a different world to introduce magic to their world.Will his new life be better than the last one?Will he find the happiness he deserves?


This anime is also fantasy anime.Both anime focus on the influence of powerful forces, such as deities or gods.The idea of magic -like power is delved into both anime.

4. That time when I was reincarnated as a mucus

As the title suggests, this story tells about a man who reincarnated as a mucus.Miki Satoru is in an alternative universe in the form of a sludge after he was killed by an accidental bandit.In this life, he decides to promote harmony between different races for a peaceful future.Will he be able to do this?


It is anime based on fantasy.Like Spice and Wolf, the idea of spreading a room between different races or types of people is based on the main topic, the idea of community and development is visible both in anime.

3. Gosick

This story takes place in the 1920s, where a mysterious young girl is found in the library by a new Japanese student from exchange.The girl is very intriguing and does her brother’s work, behaving like a detective.This extremely brilliant girl has a sad story.Why did she get stuck in the library?Will he ever find freedom?


This is a historic European fictitious history.The female characters of both anime are depicted as Tsundere -like characters.In both anime there is magic and the impact of its power.We can see that the main heroines are tired of how they are treated.

2. Bakemonogatari

This is a series of light stories based on the life of a young boy, Koyomi Araragi.He is bitten by a vampire, and then turns back into man with the help of Meme Oshino.He keeps some vampire features.How does this affect his life?


Both anime involves discovering the fantastic part of their world leader of male heroes in various forms of adventures.Bakemonogatari is the same species of romance as Spice and Wolf.Both anime consists of a slow development of love history.In both anime, the main female heroines are the characters of Tsundere.

1. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

The greatest warrior of people, Yuusha, would like to end the war for fifteen years between people and demons.In this way, he manages to kill the king of demons and is shocked when he realizes that the king of demons is a woman.The king of demons convinces him to help her end the war.How do they intend to end this long war?Will something else come out of this interaction?


In both anime it is an obvious romance between the main characters.Both anime have one inhuman and one human hero.Fantasy nature leads to inter -urban relationships and looking at their economy.The same directors and voice actors (the main main heroes) take part in both anime.

Final thoughts!

Spice and Wolf is one of the famous works of Isuna Haszura, leading to the beautiful fantasy world with extreme economic challenges.It also gives an idea of corruption and its impact on everyone.

What do you think about this anime list, such as Spice and Wolf?Do you mean any other anime?Do you want to watch more fantasy anime?Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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