8 Man vs Cyborg 009 Manga enters the last stage

Crossover of a classic manga about heroes launched in July 2020

Manga Crossover released in the Champion Red magazine in July 2020.Shotaro Ishinomori, Kazumas Hirai and Jiro Kuwata are attributed to the original work.Ishinomori Pro is also considered an artist in the manga.

Manga Cyborg 009 Shotaro Ishinomori inspired by the Anime series in 1968, 1979 and 2001 and films in 1966, 1967 and 1980. Recently, Manga inspired the movie 009 RE: Cyborg in 2012 and Cyborg Film 009 Call of Justice in 2016.Manga also inspired the original anime video (OVA) with Devilman in 2015.

The story tells about the global organization known as Black Ghost, which tries to close the world of eternal war.The black spirit grabs nine men and women and turns them into soldiers-cyborgs, but cyborgs rebel and fight against the Black Spirit.

Tsuguo Pictaki released the manga Cyborg 009 BGOoparts Delete based on the original Ishinomori series in July 2019, and the manga ended last month.

Manga Manga Kazumas Hirai and Jiro Kuwat from 1963 8 inspired television anime in the same year.The original Aunt 8 MAN AFTER video debuted in 1993.

T.A.Productions have released television anime on DVD in English, and Mental Brain Media also issued selection of episodes.Mental Brain Media describes this story:

Faster than a rocket, faster than a jet, he is a powerful robot, he will get it!

After he was murdered by criminals, the body of a special agent Brady was discovered by a supernoucko, Professor Genius.He moved the awareness of Agent Brady to the improved robot to fight crime named Tobor!

Image Entertainment and Discotek Media released 8 MAN After OAV on DVD in English.

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Source: Champion Red December edition