A film with a figure of a spy in the classroom concerns Lily

In a film with a figure in the spy class, it concerns Lily

by Danika Davidson on October 14, 2022.

A new film was released to adapt an anime spy in the classroom.Not only does he give us a chance to see Lily, but also announces that the anime will debut in January.This film is part of the pattern in which Spy Classroom will publish a new film about the character in the next six weeks every week.Here is the one about Lily.

Here’s what we know about the cast: Sora Amamiya Lily, Yuichiro Umehara plays Klaus, Miku Ito Grete, Nao Toyama Sybilla plays, Aoi Yuki plays Monika, Sumire Uesaka plays Theaa, Ayane Sakura plays Sara, and Tomori Kusunoki plays Annett.

The animation is curly, and Keiichiro Kawaguchi from Hayate the Combat Butler works as a director.Shinichi Inotsume, who also worked on Hayate the Combat Butler, is involved in the supervision of the scripts.Thanks for designing characters are due to Kinoshita, which is known for working on Forest of Piano.

Spy Classroom, also known as Spy Room (or Spy Kyoshitsu in Japanese) began as a series Light Novel by Takemachi.Since then, he also received the manga adaptation.Both light and manga novels are published in America by Yen Press, which gave the following description of the story:

“After the devastating military conflict, the countries are fought in the shade.One unusual spy, Klaus, has never failed in his work despite his quirks and builds a team that is to undertake an impossible mission – one that has more than 90 percent chance of failure.However, all the members chosen by him are invents without any practical experience.They will have to use all the tricks in the book (and some that are not) to prove that they will cope with the task! ”

Are you looking forward to checking movies with characters that will appear in the next six weeks?

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