A monthly series of catching up J-Novel Club-read 6 light novels for free!

ISEKAI, Pulp Horror and much more – Chapters of light novels available for free!Source of the photo: Hika Akita, Mai Okuma, Karin Suzuragi

The J-Novel Club publisher gives fans a perfect chance to familiarize themselves with several ongoing novels and manga for free!Fans are only supposed to view over 37 volumes of content until the end of October.Try the first part of each volume for free and buy the whole book or sign up for J-Novel Club to read the rest!

Redefination of finish at the VRMMO Academy

Written by the author Hayaken leads readers through the school life of Ren Takashiro – who is obsessed with MMO games of a junior high school student preparing to go to high school, in which students are assessed for the skills of the game.However, when Ren looks at the selection of classes in the world of his new school, he pulls him to one of them, which was called the “biggest nightmare” of all.This is obviously fine for Ren, because his goal is to redefine the finish line of the game.

For something in the same spirit as Mushoku Tersei: unemployed reincarnation, there is also a light novel by Isekai, in which the modern civilian lives again in the pre -industrial world.Created by the author Mizuumi Amakawa,

Fushi no Kami: Rebuilding of civilization begins with Village

He examines the life of Ash and city residents, such as his friend Maik, who sooner or later tries to introduce the present.

Does J-Novel Club have any free horrors available on Halloween?

In addition to a decent selection of fantasy titles, J-Novel Club has two horror novels with several parts available for free until the end of the month.

A popular and long -lasting detective series from the 70s.

John Sinclair: Demons hunter

He participates in the special edition of the Agent’s Scotland Yard through attempts and anguish to reach the heart of supernatural matters.Divided into episodic parts by Gabriel Conroy and Jason Darek, each volume presents the detective Sinclaira fighting at night with demons, vampires and all kinds of persecutors.

And they

The author of Kenji Kurody starts from Shuna, a high school programmer, who is pleasantly surprised when he learns that his colleague from class Hiroshi is a fan of his internet escape game.What begins as a carefree meeting becomes acidic, when they both meet the next time, they will fight for survival.

Although more science fiction than horror,

Picnic on the other side

It has many nightmarish events, thanks to which it is the perfect reading for Halloween.College student, sowing kamikoshi, struggling with problems, expected that the debt for student loan would be her death, but when she wakes up in a mysterious world, she would have to rely on her new friend, Toriko Nishina to avoid creatures they dothey hurt them.

What manga is available for free in J-Novel Club?

Although the J-Novel Club is known mainly as the publisher of light novels, he also has several manga in its composition, including Black Summoner and Ascendance of A Bookworm.

Those who want to catch up in one of their manga editions can read the first chapter of all eight volumes of the writer Fumi Aravia and artist Yukari Yagi

Record of the Vortenic War

.A high school student and martial arts champion Ryoma Mikoshiba is called to the world where swords and spells reign.Now he will have to test his grandfather’s dubious training to survive.

The monthly composition of catching up in J-Novel Club changes every month, so those who did not notice anything that would arouse their interest can always wait for the next composition.Thanks to constant news, such as My Next Life as a Villainess and in Another World with My Smartphone, there are plenty of light novels to choose from.