A new visual key and a trailer with jazz music performers appear in the anime Blue Giant movie

The key graphics of the upcoming Blue Lock movie.Photo source: @BLuegiant_Movie

On October 18, 2022, the official Twitter account for the film adaptation of Manga Shinichi Ishizuki Blue Giant published a new visual key, at which the main character of Dai Miyamoto holds his valuable saxophone.

You can see a new key visualization here:

Full -size graphic key of the upcoming Blue Lock movie.Photo source: @BLuegiant_Movie

The official Twitter account was also published by the Blue Giant trailer, which contains the musicians of the soundtrack for the anime film and the announcement of their performances.

The trailer can be viewed on Toho the official YouTube Animation channel:

Blue Lock trailer.

The original music, which is performed by the Jazz jazz trio from the film, was composed by the world -famous pianist Hiromi Uehara.Uehara also plays the piano of the character Yukinori Sawabe, a pianist whom Dai Miyamoto meets in Tokyo.Tomoaki Baba plays a saxophone for Dai.Drummer of the band Millennium Parade, Shun Ishiwaka, playing drums for the school colleague Dai, Shunji Tamada.

The trailer also announces the premiere of the film on February 17, 2023!

Photo of Hiromi Uehara, Tomoaki Baby and Shun Ishiwaki.Photo source: @natalie.mu

What is the story of Blue Giant?

The story focuses on a Japanese high school student named Dai Miyamoto, who lives with his boring, simple life in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.At school, his classmates have already begun to wonder what they wanted to do in the future, but Dai has no idea.One day, listening to a jazz song, Dai is inspired to buy a saxophone and gets a part -time job.

When his brother Masayuki learns about Dai’s goal, he decides to buy a loan saxophone and give him to his brother so that he can realize his new dream.Dai practiced the game on the saxophone on the bank of the river every day and perfected his skills.He managed to draw the attention of the owner of the store with musical instruments, whom he met when buying reeds and who recognized the talent of Dai.The owner of a store with musical instruments invites Dai to perform a live performance in the store.

However, on the day he was to perform, the noisy audience stated that Dai’s game was simply loud and loud.Stunned Dai left the stage and just went home.The undetermined Dai continues his daily practice, and the master of the jazz bar in which Dai played, decides to introduce him to a music class instructor named Yui.Yui analyzed Dai’s performance and noticed many mistakes, but he decided to invite him to his home for classes.

Thanks to the instructions, Yui Dai was able to increase his performance and also improve his delicate game.After graduating from high school, Dai decides to move to Tokyo to continue his career as a saxophonist.He decides to invite the patrons of the jazz bar, who shouted at him during his first live performance, at the next live performance in Tokyo, where they will be able to assess his development.The customer who recently offended Dai listened to his whole performance in silence, and then left with a disappointed face.

Key graphics for the upcoming movie Anime Blue Giant.Photo source: @natalie.mu

Who are the members of the production team?

Members of the Blue Giant production team are:

Director-Yuzuru Tachikawa (Death Parade, MOB Psycho 100 all seasons, Deca-Dence) animation-Nutscriptwriter-number 8 (editor of Manga Blue Giant and the story director) Distribution-Toho Animation

Illustration Yukinori Sawabe, Dai Miyamoto and Shunji Tamady.Photo source: Shun Ishiwaka from Comic Natalie

Where can I read the manga?

Blue Giant cover for volume 1. Picture source: @natalie.MY

Blue Giant is a Japanese jazz manga, written and illustrated by Shinichi Ishizuka.Ishizuka released Blue Giant in the Great Shogakukan comic on May 10, 2013 and lasted until August 25, 2016.Manga chapters were collected in ten volumes of Tankoubon by Shogakukan from February 28, 2022.

From September 10, 2016 to April 25, 2020, the sequel entitled Blue Giant Supreme was in Big Comic episodes, and his chapters were collected in ten volumes of Tankoubon by Shogakukan from February 28, 2020.

On May 25, 2020, the third part entitled Blue Giant Explorer began in Blue Comic, and its chapters were collected in five volumes of Tankoubon as of February 28, 2022.

The English version of the manga has been licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment to publish in North America.Manga is published in omnibus format two in one.On November 10, 2020, the first volume was released.

Manga is also available in other languages by various publishers: French Glenat, German Carlsen Verlag and Indonesian M&C!.

From August 2020, Manga Blue Giant has sold 5.8 million copies in a circulation!

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