A terrible discovery in Paris: the body of a 12-year-old girl found in a suitcase

This is a macabre discovery that took place in Paris.A 12-year-old student was found in the trunk.

On Friday evening, a terrible discovery was made in the internal courtyard of the building in the 19th district of Paris.strong>.According to information from


, the homeless man found this plastic trunk.A little girl inside

12 years



, she was a student and lived in the neighborhood.Indeed, before that day his parents reported his disappearance.The young girl did not return from the lesson

Georges Brassens

.However, the premises are located just behind the building.The victim’s mother went to the police station to report


.According to the report, the student, with blond hair to the shoulders, wore white jeans with holes, a white hooded sweatshirt, a down sleeveless jacket and white sneakers.

The victim did not return after the course,

15 hours

.However, she returned to her building.In fact, images

video supervision

confirmed these facts.We see in these photos

young woman

approaching him and inviting him on a date.The student looks embarrassed.After that, there is no more message.


Loli will be in this trunk, hidden under fabrics.Next to this

macabre coffin

Two cabin suitcases.The investigation was obviously initiated by the Paris prosecutor’s office.Directed by the Criminal Brigade, she is accused of “murdering a minor under 15 years of age.”

Several people were detained

The investigation led the police to

A few arrests

.In effect

three people

They found each other

Behind the bars

.They were found near the scene at night.At this stage, the role of these people was not communicated by the authorities.And this Saturday morning

fourth suspect

He was caught in Bois-Colombes in Hauts-De-Seine.She is a woman who could correspond to the one visible in the paintings from the Country Television.In addition, on Friday afternoon a woman would ask a local inhabitant for help in bringing a large trunk to her Dacia.The police quickly chose the trail


After finding the tape in the basement of the building.According to preliminary information, Lola would be


.His body wore


and would stay


.To be continued…