“A terrible feeling of helplessness”: Maddy and Benjamin Samat are worried about the health of the Son

On this Sunday, October 16, Benjamin Samat and Maddy Burciaga took their son to a pediatrician.Andrea “blamed in pain.”They shared their fears.

On September 30, the life of Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samata changed radically.Two candidates for reality TV became parents for the first time.Their little treasure is called Andrea and makes her family happy.

From that day, the couple does not hesitate to share news about their son.

Of course, their daily lives have been turned upside down.Between extreme fatigue, intense joy, unconditional love, and above all strong worries, two lovers experience new mountain lines.

This Sunday, October 16 was also a particularly difficult day for Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samata.As the young father explained, they had to take their son to a pediatrician.It was on his social networks that the Reality TV candidate talked about Andrea’s health.We went to a pediatrician this morning because Andrea has serious seizures.He sleeps little, a lot of reflux, turns in all directions after each bottle, “explains Maddy’s husband.And add: he told us that this could be due to the intolerance of cow’s milk protein.Therefore, we will test other appropriate milk, and then see evolution in the next few days.»To sum up, he insisted on writing: You feel terribly helpless.”

Maddy Burciaga: “I don’t want to announce victory too quickly”

When they left the pediatrician, young parents went directly to buy new milk for Andrea.And as they revealed during the day, this toddler seems calmer.

Maddy Burciaga

, about which Andrea heard after two bottles, and the results seem visible.”I don’t want to announce victory too quickly,

But two bottles with new milk, and Andréa is super calm, much more relaxed and did not vomit

“She said, then continued:” I hope it continues.We’ll see tonight and tomorrow, will it be like that.A calming message that gives hope to marriage.