A trailer for a demonic sword master from the Excalibur Academy has been published

A trailer for the adaptation of the anime of the demonic sword from the Excalibur Academy appeared.The visualization presents the figures of Leonis and Riselia.

The ruler of the demonic sword from Excalibur is based on light novels written by

Yuu Shimizu

and illustrated by

Asagi Tousaka

.Light novels, which are published under the banner of Kadokawa MF Bunko J, began in 2019 and have 10 volumes until June 2022. Volume 11 will be released on November 25.

Yen Press describes this story as:

The battles for the ancient kingdoms are nothing compared to the battles in the classroom!

Waking up after a thousand years of magical stagnation, the black Mr. Leonis is suddenly in the body of a ten -year -old.Summer boy!He quickly meets Riselia, a girl fighting empty, creatures that almost exterminated humanity.Determined to discover the secrets of this strange new era, Leonis enrolls in Excalibur Academy, a school that trains students how to fight these mysterious monsters.Can emptiness have any connection with

the past of Leonis?

© 志瑞祐 ・ 遠坂 あさぎ / kadokawa / 聖剣 学院 の の 魔剣 使い 製作 委員会 委員会


Strong> produces the anime The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur.Light novels also inspired the adaptation of the manga

Asuki Keygen

which began in 2019.


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