A video with a non -directive motif opening Blue Lock was revealed

Yoichi Isagi in the new Blue Lock theme.Photo source: Eight bit studio

Blue Lock finally released the full adaptation of anime as part of the new anime surge, which will debut this fall.The top of the series debuted, accompanying the first episode!

Among the crowded set of excellent properties, the leading sports offer, this time is the adaptation based on the original Muneyki manga Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomury.This competitive football series is different from many others;His premiere showed what the intensity is.This section has a similarly stressful section of the initial topic.

New Blue Lock

The first episode of Blue Lock was broadcast only with the initial motif sequence played by the final subtitles (which means the lack of the final motif sequence) and irritated all faces that fans will see during Isagi’s rehearsals in the title Blue Lock object.The opening topic sequence, entitled “Chaos Ga Kiwamaru” and made by Unison Square Garden, was published in a version without a loan on the YouTube channel of the series.

You can see it with your own eyes here:

TV アニメ 『ブルーロック』 ノンク レジット レジット 映像 映像 | Unison Square Garden 「カオス が 極まる」 」

Watch this movie about the new theme opening YouTubeBlue Lock

If you want to see the new Blue Lock episodes that are broadcast in Japan, Crunchyroll now provides them for streaming.

Why Blue Lock has gathered so much noise

Blue Lock, based on the manga of the same name, is already generating a lot of noise and excitement.This is particularly unusual, considering that it is a sporty anime;Although these series have their supporters, the number of people interested in football anime is not typical.

The huge popularity of the manga, how the story completely refutes the assumptions about the sports anime, as well as the stunning animation shown in the announcements.They contribute to high enthusiasm.This is why fans are already kicking and shouting about Blue Lock, which will be released in less than two months.

Blue Lock may seem like a standard football manga until it is revealed in a tournament style.This, combined with tension throughout the narrative, puts it much closer to the Battle Manga of Shonen than a traditional sports book.Anime Blue Lock has a good start with noise and sales driving the manga.

The quality of animation in the first episode was also excellent, which is far from several current anime, which had a much terrible animation.The animation was created by the Eight bit, the same studio that worked on the popular movie That Time and Got Reincarnated as an adaptation of the anime Slime, authenticating the potential Blue Lock perfection.

Stranged football situations will jump out of the screen.Thanks to the precise animation, thrilling viewers in a way that no more realistic football anime would do.With all this potential, it is easy to understand why both manga fans and novices are excited to watch Blue Lock.

What do you think about the Blue Lock opening theme?How do you generally assess the premiere of the season?Let us know what you think about it in the comments!