Academy of Stars 2022: Two students released after making fun of a companion

The Academy of Two Stars Students were thrown out of the class by their teacher.Reason ?They laughed at one of their classmates.You can find all the details here.

The new season of the Star Academy began on October 15.The first bonus that was unanimous because there were over 4.8 million viewers.On Monday, October 18, the first journal was broadcast on TFX and was successful again, and over 1 million people watched the channel.During the first day at the castle, candidates could not rest.They had to learn the hymn of the Star Academy!

But in today’s daily you will see that some participants are distinguished by their behavior …

This is the case with Léi, which was reformulated by

Marshal Yanis

L, because she yawned in the middle of a dance lesson.And a young woman risk that she will be in the center of attention in everyday news.Reason ?She and Carl were annoyed by Marlène Schaff, their trainer.Two friends laughed at his companion Tiana, while trying to Lewis Capaldi “someone you love.”

Marlene Schaff is nervous

And if Léa and Carl made fun of Tiana, because of her English accent.But for Marlène Schaff there is no question of accepting this kind of behavior!That is why she asked two students to leave the premises to calm down!The teacher swung: “Carl and Lea, please go to the kitchen for a glass of water.Go for a glass of water!”.There is no doubt that this episode will be very commented on social networks at the time of its issue.But for the most curious of you, know that a fragment of this sequence is now available on Mytf1.