Actress Angela Lansbury died at number 96

Lansbury voiced in the roles “Last Unicorn, Beauty and the Beast”

In the anime and Japanese media, Lansbura voiced the voice under the voice of Mommy Fortuna in the American-Japanese animated film “The Last Unicorn” in 1982 also the voice of Mrs. Potts in a series of Kingdom Hearts games, which she repeated from the animated film Disney Beauty and the Beast.

On television, it is probably the best known of the series “Murder, She wrote”, in which she played as Jessica Fletcher, writer and detective.In the film, some of her more popular roles are Mrs. Iselin in the Mandżurski candidate and the mentioned Mrs. Potts in the beautiful and the beast, where she also sang the title film song awarded with Oscar and the song “Be our guest”.Personally, she received three Oscar nominations for the best supporting actress and one award of the Honorary Academy, one Grammy Award nomination, 18 Emmy Nominations and Six Tony Awards.

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