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Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom for the cast of the movie

Joseph mirrors October 18, 2022

Cinema no Kuni Mizu no Kuni (Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom)) is an upcoming anime film based on the romantic fantasy manga Nao Iwamoto with the same title, and the latest update appeared this week to add seven subsequent cast members.

New cast accessories, shown below in the order from the upper left corner, include:

Hiroshi Kamiya as Saladine.Miyuki Sawashiro as a lailala.Subaru Kimura as Jauhara.Keiko Toda as Leopoldine.Chafûrin as Piripapp.Terrasoma massacres as Naduni.And Banjō Ginga as Rastavan III.

Here is a July promotion:

Manga Gold Kingdom, Water Kingdom talks about the princess with a gentle heart named Sara and the sensitive young architect named Narnbayar.They both have to pretend to be a husband and wife because of their countries, but in fact they fall in love and create an unforeseen miracle through their romance.

The series originally appeared in the Manga of the Shogakukan Flowers magazine, and the adaptation of the anime is Kotono Watanabe director in the Madhouse Anime Production Studio.Look for the one who will be opened in Japan on January 27, 2023.

News via crubyroll

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