Adixia and Simon Castaldi: this crazy reason why they refused to participate in Marseille versus the rest of the world 7

Adixia and Simon Castaldi did not participate in filming Marteillais versus the rest of the world 7. And the reasons for their absence were revealed.All details here.

Crossing took place in Marrakech for several weeks.

And now the adventure is over!Competitions that will be very different from the previous ones, because this year there are not 2, but 3 teams!Of course, there are also Les Marseillais and LE RESSTE du Monde.And with them there is also a motivated team led by Christopher.

The absence of many symbolic candidates in the series will also change!

This is the case with Jessica Thivenin, Manon Marsault and Laura Lempiki, who formalized their absence on social networks.Like Milla Jasmine, who decided to leave the world of reality TV.

Paga and Giuseppa will also not participate in the competition.

There were several rumors regarding their unquestionable in the W9 program.We could read that


He lost his passport just before leaving for Morocco.But it was also said that the couple was affected by the adventure in Les Apprentis Aventuriers 5. Paga i


They decided not to play with fire and transfer their turn to this adventure.And recently there has been a rumor that a young woman will be pregnant with her first child.

Adixia and Simon Castaldi play safely

Adixia and Simon Castaldi are also among the candidates absent at CROSS casting.

Instagram account @shayrathv also revealed some information about them.On the social networking site we could read: “Poor couple.They didn’t want to make a cross because he could separate them. “I must admit that between the rest of the world and


, Adixia and Simon Castaldi experienced a mountain queue.That’s why they would play safely to keep their relationship!