Adixia evil at Simon Castaldi: she decides to take revenge

To take revenge on Simon Castaldim, Adixia likes photos of men without shirts and shares them on her Instagram profile.

Adixia and Simon Castaldi candidates fell in love with the filming of Marseillais versus the rest of the world.Since then, we can say that lovers have survived many ups, but also falls.Simon would not be his first infidelity, but a young woman always served a towel.Internet users tried to warn her, but in vain.Anthony Lyricos said: “Szymon, I would say a bit superficially compared to his relationship with Adixia.I think that he quickly brings her to an end and I feel that he does not feel well,


It doesn’t really work with him. ”

Simon’s last mistake: Like on Instagram photos of scantily dressed strangers.In the history of @vaarruecos on Instagram, a rumor is confirmed: “In hand between Simon and Adixia

it is stretched

.While Simon likes naked photos on Instagram girls (not necessarily known) behind the back of Adixia without noticing it, Adixia quickly realized!Adixia, following a few subscribers who sent her screenshots with Simon, who likes photos of other women, Adixia took revenge in history!So she decided to do this and like photos without a shirt of men from various accounts!”And even:” Adixia, who also likes photos of other men and publishes them as part of revenge. ”

Is this the end of Adixia and Simon Castaldi’s marriage?

Simon Castaldi apologized on social networks for his actions a few weeks ago: “My wife, those who love me, and others.

Ordinary forgiveness

It would not be necessary because I am fully aware of the mistakes I have recently made and I am not proud of them.”Of course, it passed quickly.For several days, Adixia has hardly shared her daily life, her life … but only the placement of products.She explained: at the moment I do not feel very mentally … The stories will be a little less regular for now.I can’t pretend anymore. “In addition, fans will notice that he no longer publishes any content with his beloved.Could the parting start?