After Dahmer, this is the cult series of Ryan Murphy Dahmer: chilling the story of a serial killer carried by genius Evan Peters [version] Queens of scream: Possible season 3?Jamie Lee Curtis replies that the Ratched series is definitely over?Sarah Paulson makes shocking revelations

Ryan Murphy talks about him after Dahmer’s success.Discover the second series of one of the most fashionable directors currently.

If the name of Ryan Murphy did not tell you anything a few days ago, today this name appears on the headlines of all the media.The director actually broke records thanks to one of his latest productions, entitled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.This series broadcast from September 2022 watched millions of households around the world.It is also one of the most viewed programs of all time on Netflix.

This series tells the story of the serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, who hit in the late 1980s and in the early 1990s. Before the creation of this masterpiece, Ryan Murphy also created a very well -known series of different species.

Ryan Murphy: A very promising director

Ryan Murphy also directed well -known series, such as NIP/Tuck, Glee or even American Horror Storey.Some of his production received numerous awards.His series Laid was even nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe ceremony.Check out other great hits of director Ryan Murphy.

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