Ahare!Anime Meisaku-Kun exhibition will receive a new exclusive anime

The exhibition will be available in Tokyo from November 9 to 20

Official Ahare website!Anime meisaku-kun shorts announced on Friday that the franchise would receive its first exhibition.The exhibition will be presented in the Shibuya Parco building in Tokyo on November 9-20.The exhibition will also present the original exclusive anime entitled “Bolt, Bu Yameutteyo” (Piorun, said he would leave the club).The video below advertises the exhibition.

The premiere of the program took place in April 2016 during the NHK Educational Beat World television program with 39 five -minute episodes.Animelog (Anilog) began to stream anime on his global


in November 2020 p>

Animelog describes the series:

Once upon a time there was a prestigious school called “Primary School of Ryugu”, in which many known characters were created.One day an ordinary boy named “Matsuda Meisaku” entered the Ryugu Primary School.Will he manage to graduate as a masterpiece, surrounded by many strong characters, such as “Sweetie”, who is super stupid and full of tension, “Musubi”, who is crazy and called “onigiri”, “nokio” who is narcissus andHe calls himself a robot, and “lightning”, which is of course faster than a rabbit?

The sixth season of the anime premiered in April 2021 and was broadcast until March.Crunchyroll broadcast the season in Japan.

Anime employees started the Makuake crowdfunding campaign for the new anime season on April 8 and the same day the campaign achieved their goal.The project brought 19,938,500 yen (about USD 145,800) before the end of June 20.The new season is called Ahare!Meisaku-Kun Ryūgūchū-Hen, and the premiere took place on August 26.

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