Akiiba Maid Sensou – 02

「賭博萌キュン録 ゆめち」 (Tobaku Moe Kyun-roku Yumechi)

“Gambling adoraracalypse: yumechi”

The second episode of Akiba Maid Sensou has tons of Tokoton Employees must focus on getting out of debts.But while other programs had more terrifying, high rates in their gambling, girls from Tokoton tons have their own secret weapon to erase their security and their company.

What is your Władek?

The crazy manager’s tendencies were intensively affected due to the fact that his previous debt collector demanded real payment.Now, when Ranoko storpeded the original plan to cause the war for the turf with the death of Nagomi and the ranked from the hands of the rabbit girls, the real tension in the series takes exactly what the shit manager forces the maid to wipe out the debt of the cafe.

I was expecting something more terrifying from the series, but after the scene of removing the braid in the first episode, it seems that this is completely in line with the character of the series that has strange rates.The main activity of the casino focuses on setting games so that the maids that fall into debts and lose money from the loan, are forced to work in any horror in the octopus room or on crab boats, which can be seen in Deadliest Catch.

It seems that it lacks a lot of organizations, because the rank was able to easily bring a weapon to the premises to shoot a borrowed shark and blow up the building in the air with your Panda.In fact, this is intended to suspend disbelief into anyone who is followed or examined, because no one is chasing the rank or nags because they effectively destroyed a cafe with rabbits, littering the streets of Akihabary with bodies.

The program is trying to make all conflicts as an isolated war to be except how the real world works, so it really is to turn off this part of the mind to enjoy the crazy criminal drama.I see that as a result it is a more acquired taste, but it still entertains me, because even the film Dead or Alive added crazy anime to collide with its grim exploration of the grotesque criminal underground.Thanks to Akiba Maid Wars, he emphasizes its role as a parody of criminal drama.

Fun with fire

Instead, every serious tone of the series depends on the well -being of Nagomi.The seriousness of the situation hits Nagomi in a fairly intense way with PTSD attacks caused by death she saw the previous day.Even when he is inclined to the comedy of the action, Nagomi is treated much more seriously, because after all the ultra -troops she met with, she disgusted her red.

She is still standing one leg behind the door and it becomes all the more tragic because her realization, that she could potentially escape her life, is limited by the same nonsense about the wars of turf, which murdered all these girls.The only appearances of normality she had so far comes from Nerura from the invasion cafe.He makes friends with Nagi when they distribute leaflets after mutual bonding that protection is their only advantage in the profession “kill or let yourself be killed” in which they are stuck.

I wonder if in the next party from episodes we will learn something about the neru, which will reveal that her friendship is only a game or whether this is the only true relationship that Nagomi has in her work before another shoe falls, and Nerura will fall into tragic circumstances.