Akiiba Maid Sensou – 03

「メイドの拳、膵臓の価値は」 (Meido no Kobushi, Suizou no Kachi wa)

“The value of the maid’s fist and pancreas!”

Episode 03 Akiiba Maid Sensou moves the fight straight to the ring when the rank is invited to play a boxing match in exchange for money for sweets.But as in the case of most other plans that include killing Ton Tokoton’s maids to pay off the debt, reflexes and ranked attitude will not allow her to put out such transparent tricks.

Okay, these numbers


There are many strange metaphors that do not make sense in this program.The braid replacing the numbers of the fingers in episode 01 is quite simple.But then episode 02 tried to change the consequences of entering the octopus room from an obvious relationship with trafficking in human fishing.And in this episode there is a company dealing with anime figures, whose fraud figurines are to be their way to say that they are doing smuggling or laundering dirty money.

It is more a parody, referring to Bugsy Malone, where the main emphasis is on the fact that every criminal activity must be written again to be sure that the characters in this story actually do nothing terrible.Yes, the bodies fall and people are shot.Yes, we put our organs on boxing matches.But we are not dealing with pushers and loan sharks;We are dealing with companies dealing with Otaku and anime!

The café maid industry is already dirty enough to guarantee the same disturbing realities that come from other aspects of entertainment, which can potentially be an addition to organized crime. We see how loan sharks and fraudsters murder each other. However, we still have the illusion that running a maid cafe in the real world is an innocent business undertaking full of perky faces and a lack of internal policy that could be stained by fraudsters or criminal activities. Or because the maids in this program are the mafia, there is no way that the real mafia can exist, even though the tone of Tokoton must be a debtor of someone. Otaku are to be our deputies for loan sharks, but what gives a stereotypical otaku enough power to be able to get around with a gun and torment the manager with an unpaid debt? What is the unpaid debt in a world where you are tormented by zealous geeks pretending to be gangsters?

Cygames is in business mobage, he is too familiar with adjusting the download speed and has Uma Musume behind the belt.They know something about having terrifying customers.It seems a bit calculated that some details have a nicer shine than others.Will aspects such as ordinary murder or throwing boxing fights be too movie, so that they can be perceived in the same light as money laundering or falsifying money?What makes repairing boxing fights or casino that smuggles women is easier to play?It’s a bit similar to how Chainsaw Man removes Denji’s line with relationships and PTO as a way to disinfect lines that could easily mock the practices of the production company.I know that it sounds like a greater accusation than it really is, but I think it is a metaphor for what an anime company represents the hits too close to home, so that cigames is obvious to the viewer.

Song for Denise (Zoya version)

In a lighter tone, it’s nice that they managed to bring a new character to the Tokoton tone cafe in the form of Zoyi.He has similar origin to the rank, but has its own motivations to get inspired by foreign television to go outside Russia and become a maid.It was nice that they did not try to kill her, because such a large part of the episode focused on the ranked to face an unfortunate “accident” in the ring to pay off the debt.

I am surprised that the Zoyi method to attempt to murder the rank in the ring comes from making a lot of illegal movements, and not from some more obvious ways of “accidental” killing someone in the ring.For example, loaded boxing gloves.Or cutting off the lining from the gloves.Of course, making illegal movements in boxing has the level of “crab hunt”, which disinfects the act itself, but comes out more as if there were not many research in it.

Obtaining a kick or shelling your eyes will not have the same effect as hitting the neck with a glove without a lining.If the scammers and killers tinked with enough boxing gloves in the real world, that I would find articles about practice, it makes no sense to bend over Zoya, simply being Ivan Drago and having strength to murder someone, if they hit them, if they are enough.

But I do digressions, I appreciate what Zoya brings to the table as a character.Her story was really cool and it is easy to sympathize with her when she faces the same adversities that she has ranked as an unconventional maid who wants to be seen as cute.But while she has a complex, when she is told that she is not as charming as her colleagues, self -confidence and lack of self -awareness make Zoya shocked, that someone as intimidating and bulky as she has such a positive image of herself as maids as maids.It was also comforting that there was no love between them, because they really respected each other and considered each other to be cute enough to do it big in the maids.It will be much more pleasant to see how Zoya works now when she works for Ton Tokoton.