Akiiba Maid War, Episode # 02

Oh, look, it’s a mannen ranked, where he sews his gunshot wound after an intensive fight with the maid Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan, although I’m afraid that there may be an infection even after pour some alcohol to disinfect.

Never mind, Wahira Nagomi cannot get out of this life of the waitress, because she will have to survive various wars for areas in Akihabara.Seriously, it is not enough to simply stop the tone of Tokoton before bankrupt.

You see, there are two largest taps of maids called Maidalien Chain and Creatureland Group, where they hate each other, fighting for dominance in Akihabara.

Of course, the anger of Creatureland is deeper when the debt collector is really pissed off that Chuki Chuki Tsuki-chan was decimated by Ton Tokoton, instead of letting the latter be devoted to one of his employees.

Fortunately, it is all thanks to the mannen ranking that the cafe is safe, but Tokoton will get into more trouble.

In fact, Tonoton tone manager borrows some money from a loan shark.Although she will give her some money, you know that this is a bad idea, because the loan shark wanted to put his hands on the tone of Tokoton and his employees.

So yes, the nameless manager is well fucked up, because she was forced to put her employees and the store as a security … in Maid Casino.By the way, it is “legal” according to loan sharks.

Now it’s time to get to know a few other employees from Tokoton tons, such as Shiipon, where this maid of Gyaru is trying to win in poker, but he failed because Shiipon’s happiness ended.

Now everything depends on their ace Yumechi, where he goes for everything, although I was afraid that he could be fucked up by Maid Casino staff because of their excessive cheating practices.

Even Yumechi called them for nonsense because he knows that the games are falsified from the very beginning.Old, I would like them to run away, but that’s all the manager’s fault!

But despite calling them fraudsters, Yumechi lost in poker, because the tone of Tokoton is in the possession of Maid Casino.Fucking brilliant!

Now it is the maids from the tons of Tokoton lost the plant, it looks like the loan shark boasts that everything has from them, including their charming cafe for maids!

All right, Mr. Loan Shark, what will you do with them?Prostitution, or forcing them to work when fishing for crabs in the Bering Sea?The possibilities are infinite!On the other hand, there is one problem …

The Casino maid forgot about the Ranko Manny, shooting at a loan shark straight in the forehead.It seems that Maid Casino has forgotten to confiscate the weapon from entering the premises.

But in the end it seems that the rank will have to decide the dispute with the help of violence, because it will deal with Maid Casino employees until they die.

On the other hand, it is not that MANNON ranks take their maids in themselves, when Shiipon and Yumechi throw themselves into the vortex of the fight with a competitive maid cafe.I hope they won’t be shot in the head!

During the shooting at the casino, someone pulls a snake from the gas tank.Good, who would cause potential

Oh, wait, it’s a fucking panda named Okachimachi, who is actually a mascot of Ton Tokoton.You know, I have a bad feeling that if anyone raises a fire, it will lead to a large explosion.

But let’s finish the episode in which MANNON ranks throw a navy blue straight towards the Maid casino.You know where it is going, right?

And as you can see, thanks to the sabotage of Okachimachi, the whole place was seriously damaged.Now, if Panda survives the explosion, or I will be very pissed if their mascot dies.

But you have it when the tone of Tokoton destroyed the illegal gambling salon dressed up as a tap.Sure, they managed to get a maid cafe, but Tonoton’s tone gains publicity thanks to the senseless violence of MANNEN RANNO towards any competitive establishment.

With this, see you next time, where the life of the waitress Nagomi Wahira is getting worse.Let’s hope it will remain clean after that!