Akiiba Maid War, Episode 2: Casino Maid Zone

Now, when we have an idea what to expect, we can openly discuss the next episodes.

We started from Flashforward to what would happen later.Let’s start with the first thing, which Nagomi saw in the morning, a ranked injury.A great view for cultural, but not for our heroine.

Because our heroines work in a pig’s tile, I expect many insults in the style of “slaughterhouses”, as we saw at the premiere and in this episode.

In any case, as the screenshot shows, their second visit did not go well at the beginning, because the casino uses the trick of “beginner’s happiness”, creating a false sense of security at the beginning, and then hitting them hard when their confidence is high.Typical dirty casino trick.The main maid casino and deputy commander began the second step of their plan, inviting maids to play poker.Either they won a lot of money or sent to work on a fishing boat in the ocean at temperatures below zero, or at least the manager heard.

Good things again.