Akiiba Maid War, Episode 3: UMC

Favorite episode so far.Long -time viewers will not be surprised why.

Like in the last episode, we saw the climax and the topic we will reach in a moment.First, Nagomi saw how the ranking had difficulty washing her face because her hair was disturbed.She offered her a charming hairpin.In my head it is a step towards destiny, but most likely it is a sign of friendship.

As usual, the manager threatened Mr. Collector that he would pay off the debt when the rank (probably) tried to force him to cast urine.When he noticed that he saw her hot body and came up with an idea.

Do you know what is funny?I was invested in the episode that I forgot that it was in OP with other pigs.So I was surprised that she joined the band.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I liked this episode.