Akiiba Maid War, Episode 3: Underground Battle!release date

The episode after the episode, Akiba Maid War, amazes everyone with his mysterious personality and talent to save the cafe.After losing everything in the previous episode, they must now find a way to go on.But can they?Things seem difficult in episode 3 wars of maids in Akiiba and remains unclear how ladies will cope with this situation.

The latest episode of the War of Pokówek in Akiba will focus on the consequence of the previous episode.The Oinky Doinek team lost everything trying to earn some money.Now they must find a way to return to business.But the path is full of thorns.Let’s see now how they go to their cafe.

Akiiba Maid War, Episode 3: What will happen next?

The recent trailer indicates a full episode.After losing all the maid money and the manager must find a way to return to their cafe.Akiiba Maid War Episode 3, entitled “Meido no Ken, Suizo no Kachi Wa” aka “Maid’s First, Pancreas Worth”, suggests that the maids of the Oinky Doink cafe will support each other.What’s more, the episode will show the troubles that maids and manager will have to face.

The trailer is told by our star of the previous episode, Yumechi, which will also come back in this episode.However, our maids have no idea about another obstacle.They will do their power to keep the situation under control.Ranoko will find a new job in a debt collection company.However, she will lead her to a fight with the underground martial arts club.Now, as he can handle it, he remains unclear.Will it help them recover the company?

Short summary!

In episode 2 Akiiba Maid War, Nagomi tried to process what happened last night, when the manager of Oinky Doinek stood in the face of complications.She was forced to serve as a golf T-shirt for not paying contributions by a Creatureland representative and corruption of the WUV-WUV Moonbeam plan.In the urgent need for money, the manager visited the loan shark.He forced her to transfer them to Oinky Doink Cafe as a protection and convinced her to bet on money at Maid Casino, where she lost everything.So the manager had nothing else to do but close the store.But when she realized that she had some cash left in the cash register, she decided to visit Maid Casino and play back.

Most of the team lost money in several games.However, the main maid from the casino offered them to play in Moe Moe Poker, where she introduced herself as a dealer.Unfortunately, the maids lost their money, and the crew landed in a cage.Yumechi realized that the second player and dealer cheated and shaped the game as they wanted.But she still lost the game.Soon, the loan shark began to enjoy the manager and maids Oinky Doink.But the ranked shot him from the pistol, helping her colleagues escape the situation.

Akiiba Maid War, episode 3: release date

Manager Oinky Doink and her maid make a difficult choice to stay in business.But what will their next move will be?You will learn about it in episode 3 Akiiba Maid War, which will be broadcast on October 21, 2022. Japanese viewers can see it in KBS Kyoto, BS11, Sun and Tokyo MX, and international viewers can see him at Crunchyroll.It’s all for now.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.