Akiiba Maid War, Episode No. 03

Let’s start this episode in which Nagomi Wahira gave a few rubber bands to Ranko Mannen, where she is really concerned that the ranked bangs interferes with her face washing.AWW, it’s really sweet from Nagomi-chan!

But yes.It seems that this 30-year-old maid is trying to be cute, although let’s not forget that Ranoko Mannen is a maid veteran who defeats enemies without blinking an eye.

Now let me present this character that will be important in this episode.This is Kijima-San, the head of a large company producing figurines, in which he and his thugs sell their products to one of their clients, although the truth is that they sell imitation of a real item at absurd prices.

In any case, it seems that MANNON MEET MEET KIJIMA AND HIS BUNS, looking from above at maids, which distribute leaflets across the street.Of course, the rank will not forgive him to insult males that work hard for life, so the only solution is violence!

However, the Russian named Zoya stopped the rank before she went to kill this dealer, saying that the maids should be cute and not be brutal.

It is really ironic that Zoya says that as maids in this program they are actually brutal, except that they behave sweetly in front of their clients.Still, Zoya will come back later …

I’m joking, Akiiba Fuwa-Fuwa Sweets Club has an illegal club where maids are fighting to death and life, while customers bet which maid is the strongest.

Of course, this led to setting matches, in which some maids place the match in a favor, which is why the cafe he represents will receive a lot of payment if he deliberately loses the match.

With this tone, Tokoton will have to let one of his employees become a training bag for a competitive maid.

Certainly the manager would put Nagi, Shiipon and even Yumechi in the ring because they are weak as hell.Come on, he needs some sweet cash, sacrificing one of his employees.

But no, the tone of Tokoton chose the mannen ranko as his representative, where I have the impression that he would not throw the match in exchange for small money.

Meanwhile, Kijima again, where he shows the rare figurine of Grace Inomaty (or Grace-Tan) of one of her clients, Mrs. Tair, the owner of the Sweet Club Akiiba Fuwa-Fuwa.

Speaking of Tairo-San, he likes Grace-Tan so much that he will pay a lot of money to get this rare figure, even though Kiev sells a fake to such a Shmuck like Taira.

By the way, Grace Inomata is the main heroine of Legendary Fighter Nobuaki, the old anime series broadcast in the 70s. Like Ashita No Joe.It is not surprising that Taira-San likes this particular character very much and that’s why he wanted Tokoton to lose the match to pick up the cash prize just to buy a real imitation.

In any case, let’s see what happened to the match in which MANNEN Ranoo is to losing intentionally.

For wounds, it seems that the ranking did not listen to the words of the manager when she knocked out the prevailing champion Pure Milky with masses in the first round.

However, the only person really furious is Tira, where Kijima mocks her because pure milk mass lost to a nameless maid who is not aware of the matches setting agreement.

It seems that Taira will not catch the Grace-Tan figure, although I would prefer that she does not understand it at all, considering that Kijima is a smart man!

Unfortunately for Kijima-San, it seems that his fraudulent days came to an end when Tira shot his head.It seems that violence is the only option when your plan does not work as it should.

Of course, Taira-San still doesn’t know that Kijima brought a false figurine because he kept a real thing in his pocket.

But this is not for Tairy-san, because she is really pissed and demanded from the cafe Tonoton tone of falsification of the final match in favor of Akiiba Fuwa-Fuwa Sweets Club!

If they fail, Akiba Fuwa-Fuwa Sweets Club will bring the hell of their small maid cafe.

For the manager, she promised Tairo-San that Tonoton’s tone cafe falsifies the whole match in her favor, even if she bet on his organs as security.

First of all, why did the manager go naked, wearing a band on an eye?Does he want to look cool?I do not think so!More importantly, betting on their pancreas and even kidneys in exchange for money is suicide.Damn, the chance that Ranoko Mannen will lose another match, is zero!

But speaking of the manny’s rank, she took the corpse of Kijima to the truck of the car until the ranking came across a rare Grace-Tan figurine.Logically, the rank would give real Tairo-san things without an additional fee.

However, Taira-San ignored the mannena ranked, holding the figurine in the pouch.In addition, she wrote a note in front of the door, when the ranked jumps that Taira-San will read it.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that Taira-San would ignore this note because he expects the rank to lose.And who is her last opponent?

Well, it is Zoya, where the Russian actually works as a servant in the club of Sweet Akiiba Fuwa-Fuwa.

It is really ironic that Zoya, who said that this maid could not be aggressive, because it is not sweet at all, she uses violence to destroy a hardened veteran.

In any case, the mannen ranked is threatened with losing to a Russian warrior, where he can die in a mortal blow.Oh yes, it seems that the novel hairstyles were destroyed by the quick kick of Zoyi from half -turn!

Fortunately, Nagomi Wahira has a spare copy.I am glad that Nagomi still believes in the Manny Rano, even though her perfect world of maids has broken up from the first episode.

But let’s go back to the match in which the ranking returns to Zoyi.At this point they are even, but I am really interested in the story of Zoyi, in which she did not come to Japan to follow her dreams.

You see, the life of Zoi in Russia is quite difficult, where she trained various martial arts during her life, while Zoya is forbidden to buy her charming things such as dolls and dresses.

It is quite devastating to see the harsh childhood of Zoi, in which she was refused her happy life in Russia.It was so until she came across a television program in which she shows maids in Japan.

In any case, after reaching adulthood, she went to Japan and immediately joined the maid industry.Unfortunately, customers are not very satisfied with Zoya, where everyone mocked her that she is not cute, let alone a light smile.

It really hurt Zoya, but he continues to continue his dream, even though Zoya works in the environment in which the strongest will survive.

Now it’s time for the finale in which Zoya got a nasty straight blow to Raniko Mannena.I have to say that the rank does not want to quit the whole match.

But when talking about the manny rank, it seems that she has made a rare Zoi compliment, saying that she is cute, even though she is one of the most difficult opponents she has ever faced.In any case, it seems that this time the ranked spared Zoyi’s life.

However, it seems that Kijim’s thugs caught the wind in connection with the murder of their boss, when they attribute Tair’s guilt thanks to the ranked note.Seriously, Tairo, you should take a real Grace-Tan figurine instead of underestimating her.

Similarly, Tira will not give up without a fight, because she is ready to shoot these thugs.Let’s hope that he has a spare revolver, because 5 bullets are not enough.

So in the end no one wins in this episode, because Tira-San did not manage to get a real figurine, while Kiev and his thugs did not deceive their client by selling imitation.Seriously, both sides were killed thanks to the mannen ranking.

As for the ton of Tokoton, while the maid survived another crisis, the manager and Shiipon will have to sell their organs now when they lost the plant.It is a stupid idea to bet on the liver or pancreas above all!

Fortunately, Yumechi had a great idea to sell this rare (and original) Grace Inomata figurine because it reached a high price.This will cover the expenses that the manager suffered for the sale of its bodies together with SHIiPon as a pledge.

I must say that both Kiev and Taira are now shouting in hell when they learned that the real figurine of Grace Inomata was bought by a random millionaire thanks to Yumechi.

Although it sucks that both sides were interrupted by one of the madness of MANNONA, what about Zoya?I mean, I expect this Russian maid to be killed by some dissatisfied thug.

No, she survived when Zoya joined Ton Tokoton at the end of this episode.And take it when she managed to smile and behave sweetly like a real maid.Oh zoya, you really live a dream of a maid!

In any case, this is the most pleasant episode I’ve ever watched in Akiiba Maid War, because the ranking managed to make friends with the Russian maid thanks to the fight of cats, one that will be remembered in underground historical books.Oh, and two stupid people trying to outsmart and fail because of a damn expensive figurine.Well, see you next time!

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