Akiiba Maid War-episodes 1-3

This confidence is the main factor of Akiba Maid War;He has absolutely serious, stone involvement in The Bit.The assumption seems to be from a simple word game, from Maid or “Meido” in the title also read as “Underworld”.So he plays straight into a sharp criminal thriller from the 90s, simply with every instance of Yakuza turned into maids, along with their maintenance of sweet puns in dialogue, even when they have shootings and throw grenades to each other.This means that dissonance itself can serve as a joke itself, while the actual narrative structure of the series still has legs.The criminal species itself gives a lot of opportunities to many different stories, as opposed to attempts to get all -year entertainment from one special trick of this pony.

Some dissonances are of course a bit doubtful. The existence of Akihabara’s gastronomy companies as a huge criminal underground seems to be widely accepted in a twisted vision of this universe, where civilians on the street avoid waiters on the streets with fear or journalists inform about nightfalls of maids in cafes, as if there were regular updates about gang violence. However, new characters, such as Nagomi or Zoya from the third episode, have arches of characters that focus on the fact that they are not aware of the true nature of maids until they join it. Of course, all this is to sell this main joke, of course, that even after we see the Matron maid shot in the first episode of the first episode, we are still riding with the shock of Nagi, when the bunny catches the ball between her and spray the whole blood in front of her The apron (along with the charming sound effect of tweets, because people standing behind Akiiba Maid War are real geniuses).

It’s not one joke, it’s a whole world of jokes.This type of tipping is bread with AkiBy Maid War (or Omurice and ketchup) even after the pig came out of the proverbial sack.The trailer also treated us with such things as the shot of the head of the Oinky-Doinek cafe, which makes her look like a tough guy with a temporary break for smoke, but in the context of the second episode, the boss fully strengthened as an absolutely ineffective losing in trying to move, trying to moveAfter this frilling underground.Yumechi spends the same episode, seemingly showing his efficiency in the underground gambling before he completely strengthens his Jotaro-Kujo-style bluff attempt and must end the matter with a shooting.The leitmotif of the third episode is the question of whether the rank can be considered “sweet”, although each of us has fallen in love with this 35-year-old maid from the murder from the beginning of the first episode.

The narrative makes Rako charming because it receives nagomi gifts in the form of hair bands: honesty. This sentiment is reflected in the entire performance. Even with a charming layer of paint as a trick, Akiiba Maid War knows that he can’t just swim so thanks to the concept of a criminal thriller. There are still real, effective twists as a plot that drives the plot of each episode, especially the third, which includes many betrayals and incidents related to mafia bosses with false figurines of girls from anime. He provides all this by preparing the scene to join Zoya to the Oinky-Doinek team (the opening topic bravely tries to hide her recruitment, covering her face in the first few episodes). This side thread shines, despite the competition for space with the concept of an episode, to be honest, the galactic brain, “Maid Fight Club”. This is an absolute iceberg of entertainment levels, up to an avalanche of Ashita No Joe allusions, along with beautifully devoted memories of postcards. And the fights themselves are nicely animated!

Since the first disclosure of the predicted return of the action, Akiiba Maid War made it clear that this is a concept that can persist. The Soprano family, but played by Chuck’s staff E. Cheese, would still have the engaging story of The Sopranos, now with the possibility of playing animal words or bizarre musical numbers. I really hope that we will still reach the same level as the musical shooting with the votive choreography from the first episode, which was such a stunning attraction. The third episode is approaching this, with debates on embarrassment of hair about the benefits of beauty between two mmids fighting with each other, and a full -time Zoyi add -on to staff predicts potentially more of this kind of chaos. But I also see the possibility of a real, rolling conspiracy when we discover what can be a ranked pursuit of revenge after what she witnessed in the cold opening of the series. This means that the whole season of a solid thriller is waiting for us, which also contains charming maids and stupid animals’ jokes. It is great to have these maids welcoming me, I really feel like I came home.


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