Akiiba Maid Wart was a maid to me

Akiba Maid Sensou (Akiiba Maid War) is fantastic.Initially, I had some reservations, but I tried because it is an original anime and because I like it

character designer

.Maybe I did not examine the information available sufficiently enough, and maybe the series was a bit mysterious about its content.Either way, I was mostly unprepared on how this series would look like.

It turns out that Akiiba Maid War is crazy.Knowledge of breaking different stereotypes would probably help to some extent, but it probably is not absolutely necessary for pleasure.However, it seems that this type of program is not for everyone, but at least curious viewers will probably be sure quickly if they are one of these people.At least all doubts will disappear at the end of the first episode.

Through three episodes, Akiiba Maid Sensou wandered all my expectations.It will be absolutely amazing if the series can continue to do all the things she has done so far.It turns out that this is an excellent anime season with many good programs.Surprisingly, they are all fun for unrelated reasons.

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