Akiiba’s Trip 2 Director’s Cut Date of premiere and details confirmed by the PV trailer

What fate awaits the main character Akiby’s Trip 2 Directors’cut and Kati Raikkonen?Photo source: get

For a long time, fans of Akiby’s Trip: Undead & Undressed probably wondered if they would ever receive a new update of this unique adventure action game.Fortunately, the Acquire developer has just dropped his latest

Japanese promotional film

Akiba Trip 2 Director’s Cut, which allowed us in several juicy details!

This title will be released on April 20, 2023 in Japan at the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC consoles (via Steam).Those who have the original game on PlayStation 4 (released in 2014) and PC (released in 2015) can update by buying it DLC.

However, novices and those who want to enjoy the Akiba trip in full will have a feast!The upcoming edition will contain the following add -ons in the original version in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita:

Additional content and improvements in the whole game, while maintaining the atmosphere and theme “Akihabara filled with otak culture”.It contains all existing DLC – this content for download consists mainly of clothes and equipment created in cooperation with various companies and media.The story of Kati Route has been added – the script expected by fans finally goes to the director’s film Trip 2 Akiby.It contains the heroine Kati Raikkonen, and the prescribed story has new voice foundations that will lead players to the real final ending of the game.Compliments simply can’t miss it!

Physical and available for download versions Akiby Trip 2 Director’s Cut cost 5480 yen (about 37 USD).And the physical edition of a limited edition will bring players 8980 yen (60 USD).

What is the Akiba’s trip: undead & undressed?

This is a bit of fun Otaku, because the player can discover the almost identical representation of Akihabara.In addition, the player can buy items in stores, visit cafes for maids and play games.But the main game revolves around the fight against key opponents of the game – synthisters – by undressing!

Yes, madness, we know!However, this is so well implemented and funny fun game that it is not surprising why Akiba’s Trip: Undead & undressed is such a cult hit!However, this is not only a plate of a trick that is to give the game publicity on the internet, but also has a satisfying fighting mechanics, combo system and many adaptation functions.

Who are the actors who voice in this game?

The following Japanese voice star in Akiiba’s Trip 2:

Akiba Trip 2 Director’s Cut film.Photo source: get

Additional content and promises of more sophisticated experience are excited to us.Akiba’s Trip’s earlier entries have already proved to be popular and provided many fans’ services.And this upcoming edition will probably provide all this and much more.Stay updated!