Akio Watanabe in the last season Monogatari receives a Blu-ray jacket

The last season of anime


He unveiled the Blu-ray jacket drawn by the designer of Akio Watanabe.The last season consists of Lukes of Tsukonogatari, Owarimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari and Owarimonigatari II (Zok Owarimonogatari).The Blu-ray set will be released on December 21 and will contain a comment Nisi Oisin.

Shaft studio animated the adaptation of Nisi Oisina light novels.Tomoyuki Itamura directed most of the last season;Akiyuki Shinbo managed Zoku Owarimonogatari and served as the main director of the rest.Shinbo also worked on the recently presented trailer of Bakemonogatari manga:

Monogatari is a series of light novels written by Nisi Oisin and illustrated B vofan.The series began in 2006 and although volumes include various topics, the titles of each of them end at -Monogatari.Bakemonogatari is a manga adaptation of a light novel, illustrated by OH!Excellent.It appears in episodes on Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2018 and currently consists of 152 chapters, collected in 15 volumes.

The series received the adaptation of anime entitled Bakemonogatari by the studio Shaft in the summer of 2009.Nismonogatari and nismonogatari (black) appeared in 2012 .. Other arches – Tsukonogatari, Owarimonogatari, Koyomimonogatari, Owarimonogatari II and Zoka Owarimonogatari are those mentioned above.


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