Aksys Games announces the struggle of Tengoku Strayside about the location in 2024!

Today, during the “All Aksys” event, Aksys Games, a company known from the location of most Otome Game titles in the West

Tengoku Struggle: Strayside

For location (2024), in addition to other previously disclosed games that they plan to move to the West.

In addition, Aksys also revealed during the broadcast that next year he will issue a limited edition of Jack Jeanne.They also informed about the English title Shuuen No Virche, which sounds

“Viche Evermore: Error Salvation”.

In addition, publishers also revealed windows of publishing their previously announced Otome titles.Below are window editions for AKSYS OTOM compositions:

Winter’s Wish: Spirits of Edo (Nintendo Switch) – spring 2023

Norn9 VAR Commons (Port Nintendo Switch) – March 2023

Norn9 Last Era (Nintendo Switch) – Summer 2023

Jack Jeanne (Nintendo Switch) – Summer 2023

Radiant Tale (Nintendo Switch) – Summer 2023

Virche Evermore: Rescue before errors – autumn 2023

Tengoku Strugggle Strayside – TBA 2024

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