Akulas is not a bakarina

First of all, I don’t even know if someone really refers to Akuyak Reijou Nano de Last Boss Wo Katteimashita (I am a villain, so I tame the last boss) as Akulas.To the hell, probably the same number of viewers thought about the Otome game without the flag of Hametsu Shika Nai Akuyaku reijō ni tensei shiteshimatta … (My next life as a villain: all the roads lead to destruction!) What hamehura or hammefura, as they did Bakarina.These Light Novel novels are an absolute nightmare.

In any case, Akulas, like Bakarina, is Isekai about a girl who reincarnates himself as a character of a villain from the video game she plays.The series talks about her efforts to avoid the unfortunate fate that remembers that her character ultimately suffers in the game.Then, something “friends we met along the way.”

As a consequence of the comparisons between Akulas and Bakarina, they are natural, although these two series do not seem to have much in common, at least not through the first three episodes of Akuyak Reijou Nano de Last Boss Wo katteimashita.As for the differences, the leader Akulas tries to join forces with the final boss of the game world (which inadvertently kills her character in the game), while Bakarina herself focuses mainly on reversing the reputation of his inherited character as a pussy.

It is worth noting that Aileen from the movie I am a villain, so I tame the final boss, he seems much more intelligent than Catarina from my next life as a villain: all roads lead to destruction!Which – bless her heart – is stupid like all hell.As for the programs themselves, I watched two seasons of Bakarina and I still like it so much that I think I would still watch more.Thanks to his early start, I am already a quarter of the road through Akulas.It seems fine, but I’m not particularly interested.I really don’t have any complaints about the series;It’s just not my business.But maybe Lilia stab someone’s neck later.

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